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Drop-in Share Features for all iOS Apps
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april 2011 by rowansimpson
Web Services as Governments
One thing is for sure - none of these platforms are democracies.
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june 2010 by rowansimpson
Goodreads vs Twitter: The Benefits of Asymmetric Follow - O'Reilly Radar
"A request to all social networks out there: even if you have your own ideas about how to organize social networks, have an option for users to turn on “Twitter-mode.” I think you’d be surprised how well it works."
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may 2009 by rowansimpson
A New Approach To Facebook
"So I started visiting Facebook every day and I found it way too busy. I was having a hard time finding the information I cared about inside all the other information there, most of which I was already seeing on Twitter.

So I decided to do something pretty radical. I deleted about 300 "friends" on Facebook yesterday and took my total friend count down to 56. I've limited my Facebook friends to family and close friends."
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march 2009 by rowansimpson
"Search Is A Pencil" - John Battelle's Searchblog
Twitter is a pencil. Facebook, on the other hand, is Photoshop. There's so much you can do with it, the pencil function gets lost. It's not a primary use case. (Yet.)

Back in 1997, Yahoo was a pencil to Netscape's Photoshop. In 2000, Google was a pencil to Yahoo's Photoshop. Today, Twitter is a pencil as well.
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march 2009 by rowansimpson
AddressBookSync | Facebook Picture Synchronization with OS X Address Book
AddressBookSync is a free Mac OS X application to download profile pictures and other Facebook data to Address Book cards.
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march 2009 by rowansimpson
The Atlantic Online | January 2009 Unbound | Reblock Yourself the Polly Frost Way! | Polly Frost
"In the last five years, I’ve helped literally thousands of people withdraw from excessive writing—and I can help you too."
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january 2009 by rowansimpson

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