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Culture Change - Peak Oil is History
"...the oil industry comes to resemble an obese but famished wet-nurse ravenously sucking her own breast at the crib of a starving infant"
oil  history  energy 
september 2010 by rowansimpson
Why the Microgrid Could Be the Answer to Our Energy Crisis
The microgrid is all about consumer control -- aligning monetary incentives, with the help of information technology, to make renewables and efficiency pay off for the average homeowner, commercial developer, or even a town.
energy  electricity  renewables  generation  power  microgrid  efficiency  wind  solar 
july 2009 by rowansimpson
Why the Smart Grid Won’t Have the Innovations of the Internet Any Time Soon
A killer app will likely emerge after the networks are already built and we can study their effects. If those networks aren’t built to provide granular information then there’s less of a chance it will foster the innovation we need to reduce energy use.
energy  technology  green  smartgrid 
june 2009 by rowansimpson
The Clothesline Paradox - Tools Ideas Environment - Whole Earth Catalog
"If you take down your clothes line and buy an electric clothes dryer the electric consumption of the nation rises slightly. If you go in the other direction and remove the electric clothes dryer and install a clothesline the consumption of electricity drops slightly, but there is no credit given anywhere on the charts and graphs to solar energy which is now drying the clothes."
energy  solar  economics  environment  efficiency 
may 2009 by rowansimpson
Being a dick about Earth Hour | Keith Ng | Public Address | OnPoint
"If they really believed in [the right to any activity as long as it does not impinge on the rights of other citizens], then they'd also champion the right of private individuals to make and sell consensual man-donkey-love videos. How dare the nanny-state come between a man and his right to document and commercialise his love for his donkey?"

Keith - how do you tell the consenting donkeys from the non-consenting donkeys?
politics  publicaddress  energy  keithng  environment  earthhour  efficiency 
march 2009 by rowansimpson
Welcome to PlayMade Energy
PlayMade Energy’s mission is to bring renewable electricity to schools in the developing
world through the fun of play.

The Energee-Saw is a simple and fun see-saw which generates renewable electricity as a by-product of play.
energy  aid  play 
december 2008 by rowansimpson
The Dilbert Blog: Why Your House Isn’t Energy Efficient
The next time you go to buy an existing home, ask the real estate agent about the energy costs over the prior year. The agent will look at you like you have a giant turd on your head.
green  energy  economics 
may 2008 by rowansimpson
Data Center heating the Town Pool - O'Reilly Radar
A public swimming pool in Zurich will soon be heated for the comfort of local residents, thanks to an innovative solution: heat generated by a data center that would otherwise be classified as waste.
green  energy 
april 2008 by rowansimpson

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