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When to Sell Your Company
When to Sell Your Company by Ev Williams
business  startups 
february 2013 by rowansimpson
The Startup Genome Report
The Patterns Of Successful Internet Startups
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may 2011 by rowansimpson
The Importance of Frugal Engineering
Providing new goods and services to “bottom of the pyramid” customers requires a radical rethinking of product development.
business  product  development  less 
august 2010 by rowansimpson
Taking the Mystery out of Scaling a Company
The process of scaling a company is not unlike the process of scaling a product. Different sizes of company impose different requirements on the company’s architecture. If you address those requirements too early, your company will seem heavy and sluggish. If you address those requirements too late, your company may melt down under the pressure. Be mindful of your company’s true growth rate as you add architectural components. It’s good to anticipate growth, but it’s bad to over-anticipate growth.
scaling  startup  business  advice 
august 2010 by rowansimpson
Idea Shaping
Awful ideas are usually imagined by someone who has been flailing around for some time looking for an "I'm in Love Idea" and doesn't have the patience to wait any longer.
startups  execution  creativity  inspiration  ideas  business 
august 2010 by rowansimpson
Pivoting – Chris Dixon
Ask yourself: if you started over today, would you build the same product?  If not, consider significant changes to what you are building.
technology  startups  business 
june 2010 by rowansimpson
You are NOT the CEO |
Titles are for insecure people that need to have their egos re-inforced or they are for people that have reached a stage in the life of their startup where it starts to make sense to divide the work in to fixed roles, where you have well defined territories and people as a rule will avoid crossing over in to each others territories.
business  startup  roles  jobtitle  management 
may 2010 by rowansimpson
Jason Putorti - How Acquired 1.5M+ Users - How Acquired 1.5M+ Users
How did Mint acquire 1.5m+ users without a high viral coefficient, scalable SEO strategy, or paid customer acquisition channel?
mint  strategy  startup  marketing  pr  business 
april 2010 by rowansimpson
Cash Flow
Cash flow is the amount of cash your business either produces or consumes in a given period, typically a month, quarter, or year. You might think that is the same as the profit of the business, but that is not correct for a bunch of reasons.

The profit of a business is the difference between revenues and expenses. If revenues are greater than expenses, your business is producing a profit. If expenses are greater than revenues, your business is producing a loss.

But there are many examples of profitable businesses that consume cash. And there are also examples of unprofitable businesses that produce cash, at least for a period of time.
business  accounting  mba  investing  basics 
april 2010 by rowansimpson
Shoes and software - (37signals)
The industry is obsessed with touting features while the public is obsessed an entirely different set of criteria: Does it solve my basic problems and is it easy to use? Does it make sense? Do I understand it?
software  marketing  business  37signals 
april 2010 by rowansimpson
The Great to Good Manifesto - Umair Haque
"... today's great challenge isn't making the same old toxic junk, whether CDOs, Hummers, or soda, more efficiently — it's making stuff that's not toxic junk in the first place."
marketing  management  culture  business  strategy 
february 2010 by rowansimpson
My Friend Who Hates Tech « Five Years Too Late
Opinion: "Tech companies never pay out their earnings as dividends. ... there is no way to be a truly long-term investor in tech companies because management never allows companies to transition from growth companies to mature, income-oriented ones. The only way to win is to get in and trade out when you think the cycle is peaking."
investing  business  technology 
february 2010 by rowansimpson
don’t worry if you don’t know “absolutely everything” before starting out | Gapingvoid
I’ve been in a few busi nes ses in my time: adver ti sing, mar ke ting, fine art prints, gree ting cards, phone sales, ani ma tion, maga zi nes, wine, cor po rate con sul ting, English tai lo ring, and now, book wri ting. Take it from me– if I had known ONE HALF about these busi nes­ses that I know now, I doubt I would’ve bothe red in the first place. Ins tead, I would’ve just got ten an MBA or law degree somewhere and lan ded a mid-level posi tion in a bank, law firm, cor po ra tion or wha te ver. Maybe joi ned the local country club while I was at it. Lucky Me.
planning  risk  business  startup 
december 2009 by rowansimpson
Startup Therapy: Ten questions to ask yourself every month
"Therapists don't tell you what to do. Rather, they ask probing questions that get you to discover for yourself what is true for you, your situation, and what you want.
You're smart. You'll make good decisions. But you also get bogged down in daily minutiae and putting out fires, meanwhile missing the big picture.

That's where this article comes in: To splash cold water on your face, forcing you to face reality and continue to defend or change the important choices inside your business."
strategy  management  startup  business  advice  planning  questions 
december 2009 by rowansimpson
Reversible business models | Derek Sivers
"In China, some doctors are paid monthly when you are healthy. If you are sick, it's their fault, so you don't have to pay that month. It's their goal to get you healthy and keep you healthy so they can get paid."
culture  business  incentives  pricing 
december 2009 by rowansimpson
Rands In Repose: Gaming the System
"Geeks are system thinkers. We see the world as a very complex but knowable flowchart where there are a finite number of inputs, which cause a similarly finite set of outputs. This impossible flowchart gives us a comfortable illusion of control and an understanding of a chaotic word, but its existence is a handy side effect of a life staring at, deducing, and building systems. It’s also why we love games — they’re just dolled up systems — and the more you understand this fascination with games, the better you’ll be at managing us."
management  psychology  productivity  games  rands  business 
december 2009 by rowansimpson
Smart People should do Stupid Stuff - david wurtz
"Although I endorse those who attempt to spend their time defying gravity (the world needs these people), I simply think students simply forget that the real world is not graded by professors with untamed beards. Students are largely unaware that they could realize just as much success, or perhaps even more success, if they point their incisive intellect at simpler, "stupider" problems. So why don't they? Because these problems are typically unsexy, considered to lack academic rigor. "
advice  business  innovation 
december 2009 by rowansimpson
Ideal first round funding terms – chris dixon's blog
Having been part of or observed about 50 early stage deals, I have come to believe there is a clearly dominant set of deal terms. Here they are...
termsheet  legal  startup  business  investing 
december 2009 by rowansimpson
Making money takes practice like playing the piano takes practice - (37signals)
"Bootstrapping puts you in the right mindset as an entrepreneur. You think of money more as something you make than something you spend."
bootstrapping  finance  money  business  37signals 
november 2009 by rowansimpson
Op-Ed Columnist - The New Untouchables -
"We’re not going back to the good old days without fixing our schools as well as our banks."
education  nytimes  friedman  technology  economy  business 
october 2009 by rowansimpson
Why Craigslist Is Such a Mess
"By eliminating marketing, sales, and business development, craigslist's programmers have cut out all the cushioning layers that separate them from the users they serve, and any right they have to teach lessons in public service comes from the odd situation of running a company that is directly subservient only to the public. Here's the lesson: The public is a motherfucker."
internet  web  management  design  community  technology  craigslist  wired  business 
october 2009 by rowansimpson
Paul Buchheit: Evaluating risk and opportunity (as a human)
"When advising on startups, I often tell people that they should start with the assumption that the startup will fail and all of their equity will become worthless. Many people have a hard time accepting that fact, and say that they would be unable to stay motivated if they believed such a thing. It seems unfortunate that these people feel the need to lie to themselves in order to stay motivated, but recently I realized that I'm just using a different method of evaluating risks and opportunities.

Instead of asking, "What's the most likely outcome?", I like to ask "What's the worst that could happen?" and "Could it be awesome?".
risk  business  investing 
october 2009 by rowansimpson
The bar for success in our industry is too low - (37signals)
"This pattern — “success” based on forecasted future success instead of current success — shows up all over the tech-business press. Instead of metrics like “they make more money than they spend” we see stuff like “user count growth” and “followers” and “impressions” and “friends” and “visits” qualify success. Whenever you see someone piling big numbers into made up metrics, it’s a diversion."
37signals  technology  startup  business  free 
september 2009 by rowansimpson
What Should I Do With My Life?
Perhaps the reason why I don't like it when people ask me what I do is because I don't like the answer.
work  life  philosophy  psychology  motivation  inspiration  career  business  advice 
august 2009 by rowansimpson
Milestone Based Investing
"Early stage venture capital is by definition milestone based investing. The entrepreneur raises enough capital to get to a significantly different place with his or her business and both the entrepreneur and the investor hope that the next round will be done at a significantly higher price that reflects the progress made."
investing  venturecapital  business  fredwilson 
august 2009 by rowansimpson
Too much customer satisfaction can hurt profits - Management Today
"There’s a widely held view that the better you are at customer service, the more money your company will end up making. But it turns out this may be misguided: new research has shown that delighting customers to the greatest extent possible can actually be detrimental to your business... "
customer  optimization  business 
august 2009 by rowansimpson
NetFlix Culture
What gives NetFlix the best chance of continuous success for many generations of technology and people?
netflix  manifesto  business  culture  career  leadership  management  productivity  hiring 
august 2009 by rowansimpson
Transitioning from Developer to Software Entrepreneur | Software by Rob
Software development is a tiny subset of the skills an entrepreneur needs to launch and operate a successful software or web startup.
business  software  advice 
august 2009 by rowansimpson
Seth's Blog: Winning on the uphills
"it's very difficult to improve your performance on the downhills."
sethgodin  business  cycling 
august 2009 by rowansimpson
The Nichepaper Manifesto - Umair Haque -
"Journalists didn't make 20th century newspapers profitable — readers did. 20th century newspapers were never supernormally profitable because of what they wrote: it was the natural monopoly dynamics of classifieds that fueled massive margins."
internet  news  media  newspapers  economics  journalism  business  publishing 
july 2009 by rowansimpson
Meeting Ticker
How much has this meeting cost so far?
calculator  productivity  tools  business  funny  meeting  cost 
july 2009 by rowansimpson
Wired Disruptive Business Conference
I recommend the interviews with Jeff Bezos and Shai Agassi especially.
business  video  economics  innovation  jeffbezos  shaiagassi 
june 2009 by rowansimpson
AdSense: The (Weak) Elephant in the Room
AdSense was a runaway success because it met the needs of online publishers, advertisers, and users all at once ...
google  advertising  adsense  business 
june 2009 by rowansimpson
Lessons Learned: Datablindness
"Most of us are swimming in a sea of data about our products, companies, and teams. Too much of this data is non-actionable. That’s because many of our reports feed us vanity metrics: numbers that make us look good but don’t really help make decisions.

Yet even among those who have access to good actionable metrics, I’ve noticed a phenomenon that prevents taking maximum advantage of data. It’s a condition I call datablindness, and it's a painful affliction."
business  data  metrics  measurement 
june 2009 by rowansimpson
En Avant » Blog Archive » The importance of knowing how you make money
"If you’ve thought much about why your business exists, you’ve probably come up with some worthy statement of business purpose. Good; but what about making money? I’m not denigrating high ideals of business purpose, but a business that doesn’t make money can’t achieve those ideals. Some business leaders seem ashamed to explain this fact of life to their staff. Indeed, in many companies, most staff do not understand how the company makes money or their responsibility and role in that. That’s madness. If your people don’t understand your business model and its key metrics, any targets you set may seem capricious or arbitrary. That can mean wrong operating decisions and a high probability of staff not taking responsibility for their own contribution (or lack of it) to the viability of the business."
business  metrics  staff  motivation  profit 
may 2009 by rowansimpson
Vanity Metrics vs. Actionable Metrics - Guest Post by Eric Ries
"The only metrics that entrepreneurs should invest energy in collecting are those that help them make decisions."
metrics  analytics  business  testing 
may 2009 by rowansimpson
First-Mover Advantage Is About Compound Interest, Not Market Share - ReadWriteStart
"There is a fallacy that startups need to be super-secretive and then, when they launch, move very fast to capture the market. This is rarely true. Most startups would do well to study compound interest rather than market share."
startup  strategy  business  learning  launch 
may 2009 by rowansimpson
Rands In Repose: The Pond
"When I think of communication in a large group of people, I imagine a pond. Small, round, slightly green water. You can see the edges of this pond and there’s a willow tree over there looking both informed and sad. Metaphorically, all the people in the organization are standing somewhere on this pond. Our positions are based on whom we know and where we are in the organization chart. When something happens in the company, when something noteworthy is said, a drop falls in the pond and creates a ripple."
management  remote  work  business  productivity  culture  people 
april 2009 by rowansimpson
Sell it before you build it - Venture Hacks
Idea: "minimum viable product" = the smallest thing you can build that somebody wants and will pay for
business  product  strategy  freemium 
april 2009 by rowansimpson
The Three Terms You Must Have In A Venture Investmemt
They are:

1) The liquidation preference
2) The right to participate pro-rata in future rounds
3) The right to a board seat
vc  investing  business 
april 2009 by rowansimpson - The Web and the World of Business: What I've Learned in Angel Investing, March 2009
"Let your intuition be your first guide, and then verify the rest: integrity/intelligence/energy of entrepreneurs, market idea, etc. If something feels wrong, don't invest."
startup  business  investing  angel 
march 2009 by rowansimpson
How to be a program manager - Joel on Software
Mostly, becoming a program manager is about learning: learning about technology, learning about people, and learning how to be effective in a political organization. A good program manager combines an engineer’s approach to designing technology with a politician’s ability to build consensus and bring people together.
business  design  programming  development  software  management  joelonsoftware 
march 2009 by rowansimpson
How did the web lose faith in charging for stuff? - (37signals)
I’ve been approached by a great many entrepreneurs since the Startup School talk who all tell a similar story. They found a niche, made a product for it, and then thought “what the hell, let’s do something crazy!” and decided to charge money for it. To their surprise, it worked and they’re paying the bills and growing.
business  free  37signals 
march 2009 by rowansimpson
Be Relentlessly Resourceful
A couple days ago I finally got being a good startup founder down to two words: relentlessly resourceful.
startup  business  paulgraham  advice 
march 2009 by rowansimpson
How to Be an Angel Investor
When you hear people talking about a successful angel investor, they're not saying "He got a 4x liquidation preference." They're saying "He invested in Google."
startup  business  investing  paulgraham 
march 2009 by rowansimpson
Amazon's Wheel of Growth -- Seeking Alpha
"Why would you as a retailer, not only allow, but encourage competitors? I'm told this diagram is how Jeff Bezos got everyone at Amazon on board. Internally at Amazon it's called the Bezos napkin diagram"
strategy  business  amazon  analysis  ecommerce 
february 2009 by rowansimpson
Joel Spolsky's Secret to Start-up Success? Careful Morale Management
"It was as if, after months of static, we picked up an Australian radio station that got stronger and clearer each day. We still keep playing with the dials and moving the antenna."
startup  business  joelonsoftware  motivation  endurance 
february 2009 by rowansimpson
maetl . sinking entrepreneurship
"Announcing yourself as an entrepreneur in order to look cool is lame."
"... tell your story through your actions"
startup  business  entrepreneurship 
january 2009 by rowansimpson
Seth's Blog: Do ads work?
"So, why, precisely, do you have an ad budget?
If your ads work, if you can measure them and they return more profit than they cost, why not keep buying them until they stop working?
And if they don't work, why are you running them?"
business  advertising  marketing  sethgodin 
january 2009 by rowansimpson
Seth's Blog: Building an albatross
"If you intend to build an albatross, you'll want to design a business where each customer brings you new customers, where the more it gets used, the better it works."
strategy  business  management  marketing  sethgodin 
december 2008 by rowansimpson
The High-Res Society
"For the future, the trend to bet on seems to be networks of small, autonomous groups whose performance is measured individually. And the societies that win will be the ones with the least impedance."
technology  startup  paulgraham  business 
december 2008 by rowansimpson
OPEN Forum by American Express OPEN | The Art of Laying People Off
"I hope that you never have to lay off or fire people, but the reality is that you will as you advance in your career."
management  leadership  business  redundancy 
november 2008 by rowansimpson
OPEN Forum by American Express OPEN » Blog Archive Plan B for Fund Raising
"...if you’re bootstrapping, there’s more time for the miracle to happen, and a smaller miracle suffices."
startup  strategy  funding  business 
september 2008 by rowansimpson
Driving Adobe: Co-founder Charles Geschke on Challenges, Change and Values - Knowledge@Wharton
"Bring it out before anyone else has the idea of the concept, get the platform established, and then shame on us if we can't make money off it."
leadership  history  business  adobe 
september 2008 by rowansimpson
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