Lightweight sales focussed CRM
crm  saas  sales  tools 
march 2015
Product Mockups
Add screen shots to stock photos of common products (phones, laptops etc)
february 2015
Flat UI Color Picker
Best Flat Colors For UI Design
design  ui  colour 
november 2014
New Zealand technology journalism
Summary of people working in IT journalism in NZ, circa Nov 2014
media  newzealand  technology 
november 2014
Standard Time - Screensaver
24hour video, showing physical clock updating in real-time
art  design  time  video 
october 2014
Magic Number for SaaS Companies
A measure of the efficiency of money spent on sales and marketing
saas  metrics  startup 
may 2014
Stream any movie file from your Mac to Apple TV using AirPlay
apple  mac  streaming  airplay 
may 2014
Airbnb Pitch Deck
Screen shots of the original Airbnb pitch deck
startups  pitch  investing 
may 2014
New Zealand Property Owners Database
property  database  newzealand 
may 2014
HTTP client to test web services
api  chrome  testing 
april 2014
SaaS metrics calculated automatically from Strip account data
metrics  saas  stripe 
january 2014
fast, free, domain name search, short URLs, international domain registration
domains  urls  search 
december 2013
Humane Symbolic Calculator for OS X and iOS

Text Editor vs Spreadsheet
app  calculator 
august 2013
a people-centric view of your email life
analytics  email  gmail  visualization 
july 2013
Adjust the colour temperature of your monitor based on the time of the day.
osx  colour  utility 
june 2013
A Polyglot Database Client For Mac OS X
database  app  mysql  postgresql  tools 
june 2013
the easiest way to run PostgreSQL on the Mac
database  mac  tools  postgresql 
june 2013
Translate an MP3 or YouTube music video into a chord chart
audio  music  chords 
may 2013
FullContact - Name API Documentation
Extract formated name data from messy input or email values
names  api  data 
may 2013
Create beautiful Javascript charts with one line of Ruby
charts  javascript  ruby  rails  graphs 
may 2013
By David Foster Wallace on Vimeo
life  inspiration 
may 2013
Tokens for Mac
Tokens makes it remarkably easy to generate, share, and track promo codes for your iOS and Mac apps.
appstore  tools  promotion  iphone  apps 
april 2013
The Pond
NZ's best freelance Writers, Art directors, Copywriters, Graphic Designers, Digital Creatives and Mac Operators
designer  recruitment 
march 2013
Getting rid of Open With duplicates
Terminal command to remove duplicates from the "Open With..." command in OSX
mac  osx  tips  terminal 
march 2013
When to Sell Your Company
When to Sell Your Company by Ev Williams
business  startups 
february 2013
Colours for data scientists. Generate and refine palettes of optimally distinct colours.
colors  data  graphics  javascript 
february 2013
Elusive icons
An icons font designed for use with Bootstrap
bootstrap  fonts  icons 
december 2012
Get live preview of Photoshop designs on an iPhone or iPad
design  iOS  photoshop 
december 2012
iPhone App Review Sites
50+ iPhone App Review sites to email when you’re about to launch
iphone  app  reviews  marketing 
december 2012
JavaScript library for building beautiful charts using HTML, CSS and SVG.
chart  javascript  development 
december 2012
300 Icons for Web & User Interface Design
design  free  icons 
november 2012
Steroids for web developers
web  development  tools 
november 2012
Dashboard framework, by Shopify
dashboard  design  ruby 
october 2012
Go placidly amidst the noise and haste..
advice  happiness  poetry 
october 2012
Advice, like youth, probably just wasted on the young
The source for the lyrics of the song "Wear Sunscreen"
advice  inspiration  lyrics 
october 2012
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