Roosevelt Student and Singer Taylor Trentham: From Dollywood to Laramie
Every artist has a first gig. Taylor Trentham's was at Dollywood.
The 22-year-old opera singer recently played the titular role in Roosevelt University's production of Considering Matthew Shepard—a classical music tribute to the gay college student who was kidnapped and slain in Laramie, Wyoming in 1998. Trentham, a vocal performance major at Roosevelt University's Chicago College of Performing Arts ( CCPA ), described the experience as "an uncomfortable yet powerful journey." But years before he took on this historical figure, Trentham encountered another gay icon.
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april 2019
New Philharmonic Concert Features Pianist and Roosevelt Chicago College of Performing Arts Head, Winston Choi
Winston Choi started playing the piano when he was 6 years old growing up in Toronto. It was an extracurricular activity that most kids did, he said.

Choi is currently head of the piano program at Roosevelt University's Chicago College of Performing Arts. He will perform two concerts with New Philharmonic under the direction of Kirk Muspratt at 7:30 p.m. April 13 and 3 p.m. April 14 at the McAninch Arts Center in Glen Ellyn.
rooseveltu;  roosevelt  university;  chicago  college  of  performing  arts;  ccpa;  music  performance  at  chicago; 
april 2019
Al Golin Fellowship Grooms Future Diverse Talent
Golin has partnered with Al Golin’s alma mater, Roosevelt University in Chicago, to create a new Al Golin Fellowship Program benefiting the future diverse pipeline of talent in the PR and marketing industries. Through the fellowship, each recipient will be poised to bring communications expertise and diversify perspectives to the industry.

The Spring 2019 Al Golin Fellows are:
Abisola Ajayi, international student from Lagos, Nigeria, MS Integrated Marketing Communications
Karina Herrera from Glen Ellyn, IL, BA Integrated Marketing Communications
Alondra Ibarra from Chicago, IL, BA Integrated Marketing Communications & Philosophy
Darryl Langston Jr. from Chicago, IL, MS Integrated Marketing Communications

The 2018-2019 Al Golin Scholarship Recipient is: Roberto Rosas from Richton Park, IL, BA Integrated Marketing Communications Degree
roosevelt;  rooseveltu;  roosevelt  university;  integrated  marketing  communications;  IMC;  program;  golin; 
march 2019
Impact Of Chicago Race Riots Of 1919 Still Felt 100 Years Later
One hundred years ago this summer, one of the most tragic chapters in Chicago history started on a beach and spread three miles. Race riots killed nearly 40 Chicagoans and destroyed thousands of homes and businesses.

Roosevelt University emeritus professor Christopher Reed spoke to CBS Local about the impact of the race riots of 1919.
roosevelt;  roosevelt  university;  rooseveltu;  christopher  reed;  race  riots;  Chicago; 
march 2019
Professor David Faris on WTTW: What to Make of This Extraordinary Chicago Election
It’s been an unprecedented election with more mayoral candidates than ever before. But one thing seems certain: unless all the polls have been wrong, there will be no outright winner Tuesday.

So who is likely to make the April runoff? And has having so many candidates on the ballot fired up voters or simply turned them off?

David Faris expects a low turnout. He’s the program director of political science at Roosevelt University and author of the forthcoming book, “It’s Time to Fight Dirty: How Democrats Can Build a Lasting Majority in American Politics.”
roosevelt;  roosevelt  university;  david  faris;  politics;  voter  turnout;  rooseveltu;  chicago;  chicago  elections; 
february 2019
5 ways to get over the 'Sunday Scaries'
Psychologists like Roosevelt University's professor and clinical psychologist Steven Meyers, and mindfulness experts weigh in on the anxiety people feel on Sundays about going back to work on Mondays.
steven  meyers;  roosevelt  university;  psychology; 
january 2019
The Loneliest Man in Washington
The combination of sudden, impulsive foreign policy shifts, Mattis' almost poignant resignation letter, and a capital city already in Christmas chaos from the president's decision to shut down the government has created fresh jitters in the markets and new fears of an unmoored, out-of-control presidency.
david  faris;  faculty;  roosevelt;  politics; 
january 2019
Roosevelt University Rolls Out New Video Learning Initiative Designed to Support Student Engagement
Roosevelt University College of Pharmacy partners with Echo360, leader in academic video and active learning, to create more interactive classroom experiences and track learner progress with advanced analytics.
roosevelt;  Pharmacy;  interactive  learning;  echo360; 
december 2018
Pension Plan: How Mayor Emanuel Hopes to Confront Pension Obligations
Roosevelt's Arthur Rubloff Professor Ralph Martire weighs in on Mayor Rahm Emanuel's presentation to City Council of a road map to confront Chicago’s pension obligations.
ralph  martire;  public  policy;  roosevelt  university;  rahm  emmanuel;  Chicago; 
december 2018
Chicago Power Women: 5 Questions With Roosevelt University's Collete English Dixon
This limited series profiles Chicago Power Women who have helped shape cities, neighborhoods, businesses and lifestyles in the region. These women will be honored at Bisnow's Chicago Power Women event Dec. 4, 2018
collete  english-dixon;  real  estate;  roosevelt;  MBIRE;  marshall  bennett  institute  of  chicago  power  women; 
december 2018
What the Mueller memo says — and doesn't say
One thing has been very predictable about American politics over the last two years: When President Trump wakes up and misplaces his mind on Twitter like some street-corner LaRouchie, it's often because something very, very bad for him is about to be made public. So when Trump started in with his drunk-getting-ejected-from-a-bar routine on Twitter Friday morning, it was a surefire sign that Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation was about to ruin the president's evening.
david  faris;  faculty;  roosevelt;  politics;  US 
december 2018
Wednesday is the best day to take a day off: Experts
Long weekends are considered a gift to many people, especially among office workers, however, experts said taking a Friday off could actually be detrimental to your health in the long run.
steven  meyers;  roosevelt;  psychology; 
december 2018
Hospitality industry struggles to find and keep workers
Manufacturing and truck driving jobs have been tough to fill over the past several years, and now you can add hospitality jobs to that list. A tight labor market and an explosion of new restaurants and hotels have made finding and keeping help ever more difficult across the suburbs.
hospitality;  roosevelt;  carol  brown;  faculty; 
november 2018
With Pelosi's Future Uncertain, Is Now The Time For The Democrats To Change Tactics?
It's a key moment for Democrats. With a new majority in the House, the Democratic Party needs to decide how they are going to govern in the final two years of President Trump's first term. Professor David Faris recommends fighting dirty.
faculty;  david  faris;  roosevelt;  elections;  politics; 
november 2018
If Dems Need to Fight Dirty, Should They Take a Cue from Madigan?
Author David Faris says that, to win at the national level in 2018 and 2020, the left needs to quit bringing pistols to the nuclear war.
faculty;  roosevelt;  elections;  david  faris;  politics; 
november 2018
Roosevelt University Announces Successful Debt Restructuring with Preston Hollow Capital
Roosevelt University announced today that it has completed a successful debt restructuring with Preston Hollow Capital that provides significant relief from debt service obligations and allows the University to reallocate funds towards completion of its turnaround plan.
october 2018
Chicago's Roosevelt University gets breathing room with debt restructuring
Roosevelt bought more time for its turnaround plans as it restructured most of its debt in a private placement refunding deal that eases debt service demands in the near and long term.
october 2018
Democrats must consider court-packing when they regain power.
Saving the court's legitimacy requires breaking some norms, says Professor David Faris. It’s the only way to save democracy.
faculty;  roosevelt 
july 2018
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