Visualize your Kubernetes workloads
kubernetes  tools 
5 days ago
(14) TGI Kubernetes - YouTube
Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
kubernetes  tutorials 
5 days ago
Graphile | Powerful, Extensible and Performant GraphQL APIs Rapidly
Utilities to build powerful, performant and extensible GraphQL APIs rapidly
postgres  graphql  tools 
5 days ago
Sharable, distraction free Markdown Editor.
markdown  tools 
5 days ago
GitBook - Document Everything!
Share knowledge, boost your team's productivity and make your users happy.
documentation  tools  git 
6 days ago
Improving Developer Happiness on Kubernetes, But First: Who Does Configuration? by The New Stack Analysts
Stream Improving Developer Happiness on Kubernetes, But First: Who Does Configuration? by The New Stack Analysts from desktop or your mobile device
kubernetes  configurator 
6 days ago
Reactive Resume
A one-of-a-kind resume builder that's not out to get your data. Completely secure, customizable, portable, open-source and free forever. Try it out today!
resume  tools  jobs  career 
6 days ago
The reusability fallacy - Part 3
Aiming for reusability in a distributed system compromises system availability and response times by design.
softwaremanagement  architecture  distributed 
6 days ago
K-Phoen/dark: (grafana) Dashboards As Resources in Kubernetes
(grafana) Dashboards As Resources in Kubernetes. Contribute to K-Phoen/dark development by creating an account on GitHub.
grafana  kubernetes  tools  monitoring  prometheus 
7 days ago
alexellis/k3sup: from Zero to KUBECONFIG in < 1 min 🚀
from Zero to KUBECONFIG in < 1 min 🚀. Contribute to alexellis/k3sup development by creating an account on GitHub.
kubernetes  tools  k3s 
7 days ago
Serverless Service Mesh with Knative and Linkerd | Linkerd
Overview Two of the most popular serverless platforms for Kubernetes are Knative and OpenFaaS, and there's a lot of existing content on using Linkerd and OpenFaaS together. In this blog post, we'll take a look at how to use Linkerd with Knative. While the first version of Knative required Istio, in recent Knative releases they have removed this requirement. We'll show you how to add Linkerd to your Knative installation to automatically provide both mTLS (mutual TLS) and comprehensive...
kubernetes  linkerd  ambassador  knative 
7 days ago
Instant realtime GraphQL APIs on PostgreSQL | Hasura GraphQL
Instant realtime GraphQL APIs on PostgreSQL | Hasura GraphQL
tools  graphql  postgres  api 
7 days ago
Kubernetes: part 5 — RBAC authorization with a Role and RoleBinding example
The next task is to add a new user who will have access to check pods state and watch logs — any other operations must be prohibited. AWS EKS uses AWS IAM for authentification in a Kubernetes…
kubernetes  rbac  eks  aws  security  authorization 
8 days ago
weaveworks/wksctl: Open Source Weaveworks Kubernetes System
Open Source Weaveworks Kubernetes System. Contribute to weaveworks/wksctl development by creating an account on GitHub.
kubernetes  tools  cluster 
8 days ago
Myths about /dev/urandom
The most-recommended explanation about Linux random number generation, the differences between /dev/random and /dev/urandom, and practical advice for several Linux versions
random  security  cryptography 
9 days ago
MVP.css - Minimalist stylesheet for HTML elements
MVP.css - No classes, no framework. Just semantic HTML and you're done.
css  design 
9 days ago
Learn D3 / D3 / Observable
A guided tour of your first steps using D3. / An Observable collection by D3
d3  tutorials  visualization 
9 days ago
7 node Kubernetes cluster on your desk
Turing Pi is a 7 node cluster Kubernetes cluster ITX form factor. Learn microservices and serverles. Run Kubernetes, Dockers, Kubeflow on a desktop bare metal cluster.
cool  raspberrypi  kubernetes  hardware 
9 days ago
Email authentication: SPF, DKIM and DMARC out in the wild - JonLuca's Blog
JonLuca’s Blog - A blog about tech, programming, and information
smtp  email  security 
13 days ago
Compensation in 2019 new grad tech offers - JonLuca's Blog
I have quite a few friends going through the new grad Software Engineering hiring process and thought I’d write up a “State of Tech Offers” for 2019 - it’s meant to help shine light on how an offer is structured, how the big players are constructing their offers, and how to make sure you’re not being taken advantage of or being deceived.
salary  negotiation  jobs  career  stock  equity 
13 days ago
The hidden value of automation in programming comes from saving mental context switches - JonLuca's Blog
It’s a pretty common joke in the programming community that you’ll spend a lot more time writing a tool to improve productivity than the amount of time that that tool actually saves you. So much so, in fact that there’s actually two xkcd’s on the subject.
13 days ago
Online LDAP Test Server - Forum Systems
Online LDAP test server available for identity testing. Avoid download, install, config effort for LDAP server and just focus on building your application.
ldap  testing 
13 days ago
LDAP Server Setup · concourse/concourse Wiki
Concourse is a container-based continuous thing-doer written in Go and Elm. - concourse/concourse
ldap  testing  concourse 
13 days ago
checkr/openmock: Mock all the services. Intuitive YAML DSL for HTTP, Kafka, and AMQP mocks.
Mock all the services. Intuitive YAML DSL for HTTP, Kafka, and AMQP mocks. - checkr/openmock
tools  kafka  http  rabbitmq  testing  mock 
13 days ago
Firefox Send
Encrypt and send files with a link that automatically expires to ensure your important documents don’t stay online forever.
tools  security  fileupload  sharing  encryption 
13 days ago
RudderStack: Open-Source Segment Alternative
RudderStack is an open-source customer data routing and processing platform to simplify data management in a secure and extensible way.
tools  analytics  segment  kubernetes 
14 days ago
Tutorial: Install and Configure OpenEBS on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service - The New Stack
In this part, we will install and configure OpenEBS on the Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS),  with a focus on the cStor Storage Engine.
aws  kubernetes  eks  openebs  ebs  storage  tools 
14 days ago
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