Decision tree examples
MDG can, if they wish, pay £750,000 for the right to conduct a three-day test exploration before deciding whether to purchase the parcel of land or not. Such three-day test explorations can only give a preliminary indication of whether significant metal deposits are present or not and past experience indicates that three-day test explorations cost £250,000 and indicate that significant metal deposits are present 50% of the time.
october 2018
Activation Functions | Code Odysseys
This is an attempt to fix the dying ReLU problem as the gradient becomes a small value, -a, instead of 0. Some report that it does help fix this problem but this is not consistent. ReLU is still used by default.
september 2018
Optimizing Build Times in Swift 4 – Rocket Fuel – Medium
To enable the new build system, go to File → Project Settings (or Workspace Settings).
june 2018
SSL Error on pip installations Win7 x64
python -m pip install --trusted-host --trusted-host --trusted-host --upgrade pip
python  windows 
june 2018
sudo certbot renew
april 2018
swift - iOS 11 Floating TableView Header - Stack Overflow
possible solution to floating header while updating
april 2018
19 Essential Snippets in Pandas
or maybe you want to see the count of a certain value
python  pandas 
february 2018
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