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Daring Fireball: Watch, Apple Watch
On Roger Moore's label-printing "secure text message" Seiko. OTP = one-time print, surely.
apple  watch  marketing  brand  jamesbond 
april 2015 by rodcorp
Shaken and stirred: what James Bond really drinks - Telegraph
"it is equally important to note that if you drink like the Bond in the books, you’ll be drinking yourself into oblivion"
jamesbond  alcohol 
december 2014 by rodcorp
23 and me: The complete James Bond — Medium
“The best drink in the day is just before the first one.”
jamesbond  film  ianfleming 
october 2014 by rodcorp
so amazingly primitive · Nick Sweeney
"what if Apple decided to signify that this product wasn’t quite there yet by recalling a previous era of not-quite-there yet technology that, even with its limitations, seemed like a pretty neat idea?"
apple  wearable  smartwatch  jamesbond  nicksweeney 
september 2014 by rodcorp
BBC News - Cambridge Five spy ring members 'hopeless drunks'
"Members of the "Cambridge Five" spy ring were seen by their Soviet handlers as hopeless drunks incapable of keeping secrets"
alcohol  spying  jamesbond 
july 2014 by rodcorp
Why James Bond's drinking is a Dr No no | Society |
"But James Bond's boozing habit is so prolific that he is at "considerable risk" of alcoholic liver disease, cirrhosis and even impotence, according to a team of researchers who have tracked the famous spy's alcohol consumption [...] "In Casino Royale, he drinks over 39 units before engaging in a high-speed car chase, losing control, and spending 14 days in hospital. We hope that this was a salutatory lesson.""
jamesbond  alcohol 
december 2013 by rodcorp
The Inner Life of James Bond - James Parker - The Atlantic
"I, Ian Fleming, give you a hero almost without psychology: a bleak circuit of appetites, sensations, and prejudices, driven by a mechanical imperative called “duty.” In Jungian-alchemical terms, 007 is like lead" -- good piece
jamesbond  ianfleming 
september 2013 by rodcorp
Letters of Note: Hitchcock for Bond?
ianfleming  jamesbond  telegram 
february 2013 by rodcorp
Revealed: 1961 Goya 'theft' from National Gallery was a family affair | Art and design | The Guardian
"The case became so famous that a copy of the picture appeared in a 1962 Bond film, with Sean Connery remarking: "So there it is," when he sees it in Dr No's Jamaican lair. It was actually in a cupboard in Kempton Bunton's council flat in Newcastle."
art  theft  8inches  jamesbond  film 
november 2012 by rodcorp
James Bond 007 Cars Evolution | Evans Halshaw
Imagine doing this for his meals. Or the cigarettes and booze.
jamesbond  cars  film 
october 2012 by rodcorp
New film sounds brilliantly twisted.
october 2012 by rodcorp
My favourite Bond film: Goldfinger | Film |
"Best of all is Bond's uselessness. He manages to get both Masterton sisters killed (one of them covered in gold paint, the best ever death of a Bond girl) and spends most of the film quaffing Dom Perignon, a "rather disappointing brandy", martini or mint julep, you name it [...] For the last hour of the film, Bond is Goldfinger's prisoner while the action occurs elsewhere, and [...] even at the climax, he's reduced to bashing cack-handedly at the atomic bomb casing with a gold brick"
film  jamesbond 
october 2012 by rodcorp
My favourite Bond film: The Man with the Golden Gun | Film |
"Bond is empty: Moore's treatment of him as a bored playboy, for whom the sex and violence are beads of sensation in a mundane world, is the only filmic reading of the character as written in the screenplays that makes any sense."
film  jamesbond 
october 2012 by rodcorp
My favourite Bond film: You Only Live Twice | Film |
"Ignoring almost all of the source novel (a bitter tale of a broken Bond seeking revenge on Blofeld for killing his wife), You Only Live Twice was assembled from ideas thought up by the production team during a long location scout in Japan."
film  books  jamesbond  roalddahl 
october 2012 by rodcorp
Ian Fleming's Commandos by Nicholas Rankin – review | Books | The Guardian
""Ian's idea of giving up smoking on doctor's orders was to cut down from sixty a day to thirty … and on instruction he reduced his intake of Vodka Martini from three lethal doses to one. He was very shaky, his normally brick-red complexion the dry mauve of a paper flower." Fleming was 56 and indifferent about living longer. He once revealingly described his own character thus: "I've always had one foot not wanting to leave the cradle and the other in a hurry to get to the grave.""
- Fleming's own death wish.
ianfleming  books  jamesbond  death 
october 2012 by rodcorp
Characters brought back from the brink | Books | The Guardian
"James Bond underwent near-death at the end of From Russia with Love, as an already weary Ian Fleming gave himself the option of terminating 007; deciding to let him survive Rosa Klebb's poisoned shoe made the movie franchise possible (the next novel, Dr No, became the first canonical film), but the consensus among buffs is that From Russia with Love is the last great Bond novel."
- and obviously nearly succumbed several times, most notably in You Only Live Twice in which his obit appeared. The cost of the survival? His permanent death wish.
jamesbond  books  death 
october 2012 by rodcorp
James Bond – a ticket to distant joys | Books | The Guardian
Yes: "But Fleming also knows that the muscles of empire are atrophying by the time Bond gets to work."
Not really: "But Bond appeals partly because he, and therefore we, dwell so rarely on his inner life (though the seventh novel, Goldfinger, introduces a more introspective 007)."
jamesbond  ianfleming  books 
october 2012 by rodcorp
BBC News - James Bond: How Dr No's Eunice Gayson made film history
Fully inhabiting the book's character: Connery was only able to say "Bond, James Bond" after he'd had a couple of drinks to calm his nerves.
jamesbond  film  booze 
october 2012 by rodcorp
"You carry a 00 number, it means you have License to kill, not GET killed!" | MetaFilter
"Oh, and like the modern, (sub)urban professional, Bourne had to mortgage his entire future to get that education. They took everything he had, and promised that if he gave himself up to the System, in return the System would take care of him. It turned out to be a lie. We're all Jason Bourne now."
jamesbond  jasonbourne  recession 
august 2012 by rodcorp
Bond James Bond
Data on Bond films. The only important data would be martinis drunk, cigarettes smoked and hangovers suffered. Via
august 2012 by rodcorp
007 - The Business of Bond
"Investigate how budgets and box office returns have varied over the 22 Bond films thus far and adjust by inflation to see the data in real terms" - wonder if the ease of making/clarity of understanding the icon identifying the film correlates to success (eg DN, G or LLD vs VTaK, LD or LTK).
august 2012 by rodcorp
New film: "The Dark Knight Rises": James Bond with a mask | The Economist
"in “The Dark Knight” he wasn’t a mysterious avenger. He was James Bond in a mask—a secret agent with a Q [...] to manufacture his gadgets, and an M [...] to send him on missions. (Meanwhile, in “The Quantum Of Solace”, Daniel Craig’s James Bond had become a brooding, brutal outsider who didn’t have time for jokes or women. He seemed to be turning into Batman.)"
film  batman  jamesbond 
july 2012 by rodcorp
London 2012: On Her Majesty's Service sets the bar high for Skyfall's Bond girls | Film |
"Plot-wise, On Her Majesty's Service wasn't one of Bond's most thrilling missions, mostly involving sitting in a cab and greeting a pensioner"
jamesbond  olympics  london2012 
july 2012 by rodcorp
Ian Fleming's Thrilling Inspiration for You Only Live Twice '67 - Ian Fleming (1953-1966) - CBn Forums
"Half of the novel is a travelogue around Japan and the customs and traditions of its evaporating culture [...] A large part of one chapter of You Only Live Twice simply listed, in botanical textbook-like fashion, no less than twenty-two different types of poisonous flowers, plants and trees" - 1. nostalgia for the other culture even while sickened by it; 2. Ballardian; 3. Bond/Blofeld mirroring Fleming's own sickness.
ianfleming  books  jamesbond 
may 2012 by rodcorp
The Bourne Infrastructure « Magical Nihilism
"Bond and his various nemeses live in the inter-zone, a bland Super-Cannes."
architecture  jamesbond  mattjones  jasonbourne  film 
april 2012 by rodcorp
James Bond's words live twice in plagiarised novel | Books |
Copied from the post-Fleming novels. (Never forget, on every possible topic, it's probable that someone on the internet cares more about it than you do.)
books  ianfleming  jamesbond  spying  plagiarism 
november 2011 by rodcorp
James Bond Collection - Faceout Books
"I wanted a look of seductive murder about them."
books  design  jamesbond 
october 2011 by rodcorp
Toilet-related injuries and deaths - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"In the 1995 James Bond film GoldenEye, James Bond attacks a Soviet Soldier on a toilet after stating the phrase, "Beg your pardon; forgot to knock" while infiltrating a chemical weapon's facility."
jamesbond  shit  death 
june 2011 by rodcorp
Letters of Note: May I suggest that Mr. Bond be armed with a revolver?
"[Bond] is inclined to favour something a little more casual and less bulky. The well-worn chamois leather pouch under his left arm has become almost a part of his clothes [...] I am most anxious to see that he lives as long as possible and I shall be most grateful for any further technical advices you might like me to pass on to him."
jamesbond  ianfleming  via:schulze 
june 2011 by rodcorp
Carte Blanche by Jeffery Deaver – review | Books | The Observer
"Bond fans should be satisfied with the rollicking pace of 007's new adventure, which barely gives our hero time to sit down for a martini" - it is rollicking (hasty perhaps?) yet somehow utterly inert.
books  jamesbond 
may 2011 by rodcorp
Carte Blanche by Jeffery Deaver – review | Books | The Guardian
Bravo Stephen Poole! "The total lack of suspense is palpable, despite the staccato paragraphing. Still, the last 80 or so pages of Carte Blanche do sputter into a kind of mindlessly diverting life. For example, Bond does something satisfyingly clever with a door. [...] the best comic effects derive from the style's fanatical commitment to elegant variation [...] if Bond scrambles some eggs, subsequent reference to the eggs cannot call them eggs again; they must be "steaming curds". That image is a poetic, almost alchemical transformation, and in a way Deaver has accomplished the same feat with his novel as a whole: taking the nutritious egg of the Bond mythos and turning it into one giant steaming curd"
books  jamesbond  stephenpoole 
may 2011 by rodcorp
"In CASINO ROYALE, James Bond is the Bond girl [...] Vesper Lynd is Bond: never not in control, never without a plan, seducing to further her goals. She has to die so Bond can become her." - see also in the books the motifs of doubles and reversals, or Bond being kissed like a woman, or Bond loving M.
jamesbond  warrenellis  from delicious
february 2011 by rodcorp
The James Bond Chronology and Genealogy
November 11, 1920 - birth of James Bond<br />
<br />
Birth of James Bond in Wattenscheid, or Vienna
jamesbond  history  books  spying  from delicious
september 2010 by rodcorp
Simon Winder
"Simon Winder was born in London in 1963, somewhat prematurely thanks to his mother's response to all the action and adventure in From Russia with Love"
jamesbond  books  simonwinder  from delicious
may 2010 by rodcorp
TATE ETC. - Europe's largest art magazine
"I was drowning, inundated by paintings [...] I thought I don’t really have to own these things, nobody’s ever going to buy them. And I had a slide record of everything… One of my first ideas – which may have come out of watching too many Bond movies – was to photograph each one and make it into a microdot. I would put them under stamps and mail them to friends, but that seemed too labour intensive [...] It was a body of work, and I said what if these works are me, and so I’ll cremate them literally as a body. I found a crematorium that would do it"
art  johnbaldessari  8inches  jamesbond  ruins 
november 2009 by rodcorp
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