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23 and me: The complete James Bond — Medium
“The best drink in the day is just before the first one.”
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october 2014 by rodcorp
The Inner Life of James Bond - James Parker - The Atlantic
"I, Ian Fleming, give you a hero almost without psychology: a bleak circuit of appetites, sensations, and prejudices, driven by a mechanical imperative called “duty.” In Jungian-alchemical terms, 007 is like lead" -- good piece
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september 2013 by rodcorp
Letters of Note: Hitchcock for Bond?
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february 2013 by rodcorp
Ian Fleming's Commandos by Nicholas Rankin – review | Books | The Guardian
""Ian's idea of giving up smoking on doctor's orders was to cut down from sixty a day to thirty … and on instruction he reduced his intake of Vodka Martini from three lethal doses to one. He was very shaky, his normally brick-red complexion the dry mauve of a paper flower." Fleming was 56 and indifferent about living longer. He once revealingly described his own character thus: "I've always had one foot not wanting to leave the cradle and the other in a hurry to get to the grave.""
- Fleming's own death wish.
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october 2012 by rodcorp
James Bond – a ticket to distant joys | Books | The Guardian
Yes: "But Fleming also knows that the muscles of empire are atrophying by the time Bond gets to work."
Not really: "But Bond appeals partly because he, and therefore we, dwell so rarely on his inner life (though the seventh novel, Goldfinger, introduces a more introspective 007)."
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october 2012 by rodcorp
Ian Fleming's Thrilling Inspiration for You Only Live Twice '67 - Ian Fleming (1953-1966) - CBn Forums
"Half of the novel is a travelogue around Japan and the customs and traditions of its evaporating culture [...] A large part of one chapter of You Only Live Twice simply listed, in botanical textbook-like fashion, no less than twenty-two different types of poisonous flowers, plants and trees" - 1. nostalgia for the other culture even while sickened by it; 2. Ballardian; 3. Bond/Blofeld mirroring Fleming's own sickness.
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may 2012 by rodcorp
James Bond's words live twice in plagiarised novel | Books |
Copied from the post-Fleming novels. (Never forget, on every possible topic, it's probable that someone on the internet cares more about it than you do.)
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november 2011 by rodcorp
Letters of Note: May I suggest that Mr. Bond be armed with a revolver?
"[Bond] is inclined to favour something a little more casual and less bulky. The well-worn chamois leather pouch under his left arm has become almost a part of his clothes [...] I am most anxious to see that he lives as long as possible and I shall be most grateful for any further technical advices you might like me to pass on to him."
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june 2011 by rodcorp
The Bourne Infrastructure « Magical Nihilism
V.G: "Rather than Bond’s private infrastructure expensive cars and toys, Bourne uses public infrastructure as a superpower [...] But in addition, Bourne wraps cities, autobahns, ferries and train terminuses around him as the ultimate body-armour, in ways that Old Etonians could never even dream of"
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december 2008 by rodcorp
Simon Winder: The Man Who Saved Britain: A Personal Journey Into the Disturbing World of James Bond (2006)
Good and funny, convincingly argues that Bond is escapism for the UK's post-war post-empire slump, and deeply nostalgic.
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september 2008 by rodcorp
For Your Eyes Only
Irritating highlights package for the Bond/Fleming exhibition at IWM makes it unclear whether it's worth attending.
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august 2008 by rodcorp

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