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Missed connections: what search engines say about women -- S. Noble -- 2012
how should search engines display results for racial, gendered, and sexual identity queries? how can they avoid replaying the same old bigotry? -- the results i now get when searching for terms like 'black women' and 'latina' seem vastly improved since 2012.
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april 2015 by robincamille
The Police Are America's Terrorists
The killings of minorities by police are instructive in this regard, not because all policemen are violent racists or murderers (the vast majority are neither) or because they are personally responsible for killing large numbers of black and brown people (they aren't), but because they are agents of the state, and so their actions, and the consequences they face, serve as a sort of index of the public will. ... Police do lots of things, much and maybe most of it laudable. One thing they do consistently and consistently well is engage in what amounts to state-sanctioned terrorism against American citizens, paid for by American tax dollars.
april 2015 by robincamille

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