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A Q&A with “Godfather of MOOCs” Sebastian Thrun after he disavowed his godchild | PandoDaily
But how can that “pay-to-play” mentorship format democratize education for those who can’t afford it?

All our material is still available for free. If you’re a student who can’t afford the service layer you can take the MOOC, on demand, at your own pace. If you’re affluent, we can do a much better job with you, we can make magic happen. Mentors give code feedback if students get stuck, you click a box and have your answer. It’s trying to build a modern version of education.
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The Audacity: Thrun Learns A Lesson and Students Pay | tressiemc
"To prove that teachers don’t matter and Stanford knows best what the world needs, a public university gave a for-profit company unfettered authority to experiment on its students without informed student consent or consideration of an ethical threshold. We may need more experimentation in higher education but it should be as explicit and ethical as any other we conduct in the name of science and progress."
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