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database searching card game - meant for Primo
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january 2018 by robincamille
COMPASS: A Student's Guide to Houghton Library Collections
The guide takes all 48 Harvard undergraduate concentrations and makes suggestions for interesting and engaging collection materials for that area of study.
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january 2018 by robincamille
Manage Your Research: EndNote, Zotero and More
twine walkthrough of yes/no Qs leading to suggested research tools
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march 2017 by robincamille
Arizona State U library reorganization plan moves ahead
“We want it to be a place that says libraries are important because libraries have the good stuff,” O’Donnell said. “Libraries have and manage access to the best-quality learning and research resources, and we have the wizards to help you find what you need. We can take you to lots and lots of places that the open internet just can’t plain take you, and we can show you how to get there.”
march 2017 by robincamille
Public In/Formation
Now more than ever, we need to create and defend vital spaces of information exchange. Librarians, step up.

Shannon Mattern

November 2016
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november 2016 by robincamille
When Librarians Are Silenced | by Francine Prose | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books
During the question-and-answer session after Ross’s address, a local writer and activist named Jeremy Rothe-Kushel asked about US support for what he called Israel’s “state-sponsored terrorism.” Ross answered, and when Rothe-Kushel followed up with a more aggressive question, Hawkins and one of the other guards approached him and immediately tried to eject him from the building—despite the fact that Rothe-Kushel posed no danger to the speaker or audience members. One of the guards, Brent Parsons, shouted—incorrectly—that Rothe-Kushel was at a private event. Later Parsons added, “This is private property.” It is revealing that a policeman should have imagined, even in a heated moment, that a public library was private property.
october 2016 by robincamille
Turning inward
On the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education

by Emily Drabinski
september 2016 by robincamille
Passkey | Cornell University Library Labs
The off-campus Passkey bookmarklet helps you connect to databases and journals without going through the library web site.
march 2016 by robincamille
How to hijack a journal | Science
John Bohannon
Science 20 Nov 2015

According to a tip sent to Science, fraudsters are snatching entire Web addresses [URLs], known as Internet domains, right out from under academic publishers, erecting fake versions of their sites, and hijacking their journals, along with their Web traffic.
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february 2016 by robincamille
"Preparing to Accept Research Data" by Laura B. Palumbo, Ron Jantz et al.
This paper will discuss the issues addressed by the Task Force; acknowledging ownership of data through an institutional data policy, preventing exposure of confidential or sensitive data, establishing a reconfigured data team, requirements for storage capacity and funding, creating a workflow which includes collaboration with research offices, and offering guidance for both researchers and librarians working with research data.
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november 2015 by robincamille
No reservations
Why the time has come to kill print textbook reserves
july 2015 by robincamille
Know Your Sources
tweets vs tumblr vs youtube vs ... academic journal. compares sources by education level, years to prepare, reviewers, &c. gorgeous.
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march 2015 by robincamille
A Librarian's Work (1876) — The Atlantic Monthly - Google Books
via John Overholt. "We are always making a catalogue, and it will never be finished."
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december 2014 by robincamille
Informational Update on a Possible UC Systemwide Boycott of the Nature Publishing Group (2010)
UC Libraries are confronting an impending crisis in providing access to journals from the Nature Publishing Group (NPG). NPG has insisted on increasing the price of our license for Nature and its affiliated journals by 400 percent beginning in 2011, which would raise our cost for their 67 journals by well over $1 million dollars per year.
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march 2014 by robincamille
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