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Book of Lamentations – The New Inquiry
review of DSM-5 as a dystopian novel with unreliable narrator
literature  essay  funny 
december 2017 by robincamille
We put a chip in it!
' “World’s Smartest Belt” is not that hard of a title to win. '
tech  funny 
april 2015 by robincamille
An ongoing project attempting to explain our highly intangible, deeply disruptive, data-driven, venture-backed, gluten-free economic meritocracy to the uninitiated. With apologies to Richard Scarry.
january 2015 by robincamille
Notes From A Boner | Captain Awkward
I quickly change the topic to “What did you think ABOUT THE LIGHTING” while delivering my best over-the glasses disapproving mom look. The one that says “It is I, Queen Femicunt¹, First of her Name, Khaleesi of the Bitchrealms and the Isles of No Funnington.” I want that boner to slink away and think about what it did.
gender  funny  feminism 
october 2014 by robincamille
Why I Am Leaving New York City
Sure, the apartment’s rent-controlled, but the rent is controlled by another damn wizard.
november 2013 by robincamille
Bjork TV - YouTube
"So all that's on TV, it just goes directly into your brain and you stop judging it's right or not. You just swallow and swallow. This is what an Icelandic poet told me. And I became so scared to television that I always got headaches when I watched it. Then, later on, when I got my Danish book on television, I stopped being afraid because I read the truth, the scientifical truth and it was much better. You shouldn't let poets lie to you."
digital_literacy  gorgeous  funny 
november 2013 by robincamille

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