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Hazards of the Cloud: Data-Storage Service’s Crash Sets Back Researchers – Wired Campus - Blogs - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Dedoose, a cloud-based application for managing research data, suffered a “devastating” technical failure last week that caused academics across the country to lose large amounts of research work, some of which may be gone for good.
december 2017 by robincamille
"Preparing to Accept Research Data" by Laura B. Palumbo, Ron Jantz et al.
This paper will discuss the issues addressed by the Task Force; acknowledging ownership of data through an institutional data policy, preventing exposure of confidential or sensitive data, establishing a reconfigured data team, requirements for storage capacity and funding, creating a workflow which includes collaboration with research offices, and offering guidance for both researchers and librarians working with research data.
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november 2015 by robincamille
Simple Open Data
So you want to publish some open data? Cheers! - you’re awesome. Here are some helpful hints to make it simple and effective.
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february 2014 by robincamille

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