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Book Traces | Find unique copies of old library books
Thousands of old library books bear fascinating traces of the past. Readers wrote in their books, and left pictures, letters, flowers, locks of hair, and other things between their pages. We need your help identifying them because many are in danger of being discarded as libraries go digital. Books printed between 1820 and 1923 are at particular risk. Help us prove the value of maintaining rich print collections in our libraries.
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may 2015 by robincamille
Starbooks and the Death of the Work |
the internet is the greatest work of literature I’ve ever read. It’s my favourite book. A combinatory literature, the literature of the digital dérive, the literature of the wikihole.
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december 2014 by robincamille
Ulises Carrión, The New Art of Making Books
A writer, contrary to the popular opinion, does not write books.
A writer writes texts.
The fact, that a text is contained in a book, comes only from the dimensions of such a text; or, in the
case of a series of short texts (poems, for instance), from their number.
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may 2014 by robincamille
Ben West - Google (2012)
"If the internet goes off, you may need this reference book Felix and I made. It contains the first Google Image for every word in the dictionary."
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november 2013 by robincamille

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