How Duterte Turned Facebook Into a Weapon—With Help From Facebook - Bloomberg
Repressive governments originally treated Facebook, and all social media, with suspicion—they saw how it could serve as a locus for dissidents, as it had in the Arab Spring in 2011. But authoritarian regimes are now embracing social media, shaping the platforms into a tool to wage war against a wide range of opponents—opposition parties, human-rights activists, minority populations, journalists.
politics  social_media 
3 days ago
Dan McCarthy
posters and prints
5 days ago
Home : Inform
interactive fiction similar to twine
13 days ago
text only web browser for terminal
14 days ago
No, Sarah Sanders Didn't Steal a Thanksgiving Pie Photo From PBS
people confusing twitter image host,, with actual PBS
18 days ago
It Happened Here - The New Yorker Festival
With Jelani Cobb, Arlie Hochschild, Mindy Finn and Rick Wilson. Moderated by Dorothy Wickenden.
9 weeks ago
Alternative Histories - The New Yorker Festival
Reinventing the past. With Jennifer Egan, George Saunders, and Colson Whitehead. Moderated by Deborah Treisman.
9 weeks ago
interruption junction game - made with tracery
11 weeks ago
twine - miriam posner
12 weeks ago
Broad City - Posters
anti trump protest posters for download
august 2017
Scott and Ben — Signs of the Times (2017)
'people who liked this also liked' signs outdoors
internet  art  algorithms 
august 2017
Reasonable arguments and free speech – Catt Small – Medium
The first amendment also does not refer to U.S. citizens. Someone can speak, but no one has to listen. This means U.S. citizens can tell bigoted people to stop talking when they present unreasonable and/or dangerous ideas. However, the argument that we must listen to and rationally consider hate speech has recently spread like wildfire. This is false.
august 2017
goodbooks-10k | Kaggle
This dataset contains ratings for ten thousand popular books.
august 2017
Lexos An Integrated Lexomics Workflow
data  nlp 
july 2017
Transcript | This American Life
somali refugees in kenya after trump's immigration ban
essay  politics 
july 2017
student writing analysis
july 2017
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