NPR Website To Get Rid Of Comments : NPR Ombudsman : NPR 2016
I did find the numbers quite startling. In July, recorded nearly 33 million unique users, and 491,000 comments. But those comments came from just 19,400 commenters, Montgomery said. That's 0.06 percent of users who are commenting, a number that has stayed steady through 2016.

When NPR analyzed the number of people who left at least one comment in both June and July, the numbers showed an even more interesting pattern: Just 4,300 users posted about 145 comments apiece, or 67 percent of all comments for the two months. More than half of all comments in May, June and July combined came from a mere 2,600 users. The conclusion: NPR's commenting system — which gets more expensive the more comments that are posted, and in some months has cost NPR twice what was budgeted — is serving a very, very small slice of its overall audience.
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Syracuse University Libraries
skip to main content button appears visually when focused; search box has a focus border
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2 days ago
Runestone Interactive Titles
other interactive, instructional coding books, all open source
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8 days ago
Sentiment Analysis in NLTK
from nltk.sentiment.vader import SentimentIntensityAnalyzer
13 days ago
Tracery is a super-simple tool and language to generate text, by GalaxyKate. It's been used by middle school students, humanities professors, indie game developers, professional bot makers, and lots of regular people, too. Give it a try today!
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14 days ago
"Information Literacy and Institutional Effectiveness: A Longitudinal A" by Miriam Laskin and Lucinda Zoe
This article reports on an analysis of data that tracks close to 2000 students in an urban public community college over a five year period to gather baseline data on the potential impact of information literacy instruction on standard indicators of student success—retention, graduation rates, pass rates on required proficiency exams in math, reading, and writing, GPA and credits earned. The data show a statistically significant trend that favors the students who have taken information literacy workshops, showing a higher rate of success in every category than students who did not participate in our information literacy program.
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22 days ago
Falvey Memorial Library :: Home
bento box search; search bar on every page
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23 days ago
Alun Williams | Wall Street International Magazine
Taking inspiration from an iconoclast like Francis Picabia, who in 1920 univocally declared a Rorschach-like inkblot to be La Sainte Vierge (The Blessed Virgin), Williams roams the lanes and byways of major cities and minor towns resolutely declaring random paint marks on buildings to represent major historical personages.

Like the French Dadaist, Williams banks on the sheer irrationality attached to painterly illusionism to give history painting a final conceptual turn of the screw. If a naturalistic arrangement of color on a piece of cloth can represent world historical figures, he argues, then a few especially suggestive abstract splotches can be made to stand for disparate characters that have animated this or that place on the globe.
5 weeks ago
Alun Williams
Le retour de Garibaldi ... Alun Williams, 2008
The blobs!!

Musee d'Art moderne et d'Art comtemporain (MAMAC), Nice, Spring 2011
5 weeks ago
Wes Anderson's Offbeat Debut as a Curator Drove a Storied Museum's Staff Crazy. The Results Are Enchanting
“Spitzmaus Mummy in a Coffin and Other Treasures from the Kunsthistorisches Museum” curated by Wes Anderson and Juman Malouf is on view at the Kunsthistorisches Museum until April 28, 2019.
5 weeks ago
Miseducation | ProPublica
Based on civil rights data released by the U.S. Department of Education, ProPublica has built an interactive database to examine racial disparities in educational opportunities and school discipline. Look up more than 96,000 individual public and charter schools and 17,000 districts to see how they compare with their counterparts.
8 weeks ago
State Agency Databases Project
useful listing of agencies by state
8 weeks ago
Multi-modal decision fusion for continuous authentication - ScienceDirect
Fridman, L., Stolerman, A., Acharya, S., Brennan, P., Juola, P., Greenstadt, R., & Kam, M. (2015). Multi-modal decision fusion for continuous authentication. Computers & Electrical Engineering, 41, 142–156.
10 weeks ago
Anonymouth github repo (last touched 2013)
11 weeks ago
A linguist examines the anonymous NY Times OpEd - YouTube
"linguistic camouflage"
transmitting lots of information about ourselves unconsciously
engineered document
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12 weeks ago
The Dark Net: De-Anonymization, Classification and Analysis - JJ
Dissertation - The Internet facilitates interactions among human beings all over the world, with greater scope and ease than we could have ever imagined. However, it does this for both well-intentioned and malicious actors alike. This dissertation focuses on these malicious persons and the spaces online that they inhabit and use for profit and pleasure. Specifically, we focus on three main domains of criminal activity on the clear web and the Dark Net: classified ads advertising trafficked humans for sexual services, cyber black-market forums, and Tor onion sites hosting forums dedicated to child sexual abuse material (CSAM).
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august 2018
Catalog Press
Artist books, clever
august 2018
How to Read a Social Science Journal Article
"Don't waste time! Very few articles in a field are so important that every word needs to be read carefully. It's okay to skim and move on :)"
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august 2018
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