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kapowaz: Cargo Cult CSS
"It is generally accepted that having a methodology for writing and managing CSS is preferable to having none at all. In spite of this, some of the practices developers have adopted are having a detrimental effect on the semantic quality and longterm maintainability of what we build."
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may 2014 by robertc
Useful :nth-child Recipes | CSS-Tricks
Several good examples with clear illustrations.
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june 2011 by robertc
Font sizing with rem -
The rem unit offers an excellent alternative to relative font sizing with em an percentage units.
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may 2011 by robertc
Give Floats the Flick in CSS Layouts » Web Tech » SitePoint Blogs
Andrew Tetlaw discusses several CSS layout techniques which are far more reliable than floats (if you don't have to support IE6/7).
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march 2011 by robertc
Inline-Block whitespace workaround | Life @ High Road Communications
If you've switched from floats to inline-block for your layouts then this article has some useful tips.
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november 2010 by robertc
common css mistakes - work blog -
Some common CSS mistakes and how to avoid them.
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june 2010 by robertc
Efficiently Rendering CSS | CSS-Tricks
CSS selector performance can be surprisingly non-intuitive.
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may 2010 by robertc
A Simple CSS Drop-Cap
Using selectors to target the first character and first line of your text.
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april 2010 by robertc
Forget About Photoshop: 5 More Ways to Stop Using Images in Your Designs - Cherrysave
Some cross browser strategies for achieving in CSS effects which are commonly implemented with images.
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february 2010 by robertc
Bulletproof @font-face syntax « Paul Irish
How to write your CSS so font-face embedding works reliably cross-browser, with example code and full explanation.
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december 2009 by robertc
Cross-browser drop shadows using pure CSS — Nick Dunn
Supports even IE 6/7/8 but, unfortunately, not Opera.
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november 2009 by robertc :: Pullquotes and Multiple Background Images with CSS
Backwards compatibility with multiple CSS background images.
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october 2009 by robertc
Perfect Full Page Background Image | CSS-Tricks
Make an image scale across the entire page as a background to the rest of your content.
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october 2009 by robertc
11 Classic CSS Techniques Made Simple with CSS3 - Nettuts+
A look at the additional markup and scripting we can do without once we have web-wide support for CSS3.
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september 2009 by robertc
Understanding vertical-align, or "How (Not) To Vertically Center Content"
A good explanation of the sometimes confusing vertical-align property.
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september 2009 by robertc
Mark Finkle’s Weblog » Fennec – Of Screens and Orientation
Practical examples of CSS media queries, in this case for controlling an XUL UI.
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september 2009 by robertc
Text Rotation with CSS
Perform element rotation using CSS even with IE6
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august 2009 by robertc
CSS Creator Playing with CSS3
Demo page of several CSS rules which are candidates for inclusion in CSS 3.0
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june 2009 by robertc

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