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clumsy, an utility for simulating broken network for Windows Vista / Windows 7 and above
clumsy makes your network condition on Windows significantly worse, but in a managed and interactive manner
Web  Development  Tools  Testing 
november 2013 by robertc
How a programmer can discover an asteroid - Ian Webster
"Software engineers, therefore, are in a unique position. Unfortunately, most still think of browsers no differently from how they did in 2005. They’re unaware that taking advantage of new browser standards and other emerging tech can significantly transform outside industries."
BlogPost  Web  OpenTech  Science 
august 2013 by robertc
The internet was missing the ability to provide custom-sized placeholder images of Bill Murray. Now it can.
Web  Design  Tools 
june 2013 by robertc
Graham King » Credit card generator
Command line Python program, Java program, C# program, PHP script, and Javascript script to generate valid (MOD 10) credit card numbers. Useful for testing e-commerce sites.
BlogPost  Web  Development  Tools 
march 2012 by robertc
Rachel Andrew: Keep the Front in the Front
"By handing control of the front-end development to front-end developers, you allow them to do their job to the best of their ability, unhampered by things appearing in their markup that they were not expecting. You also shift responsibility for that area of the site to them. If you generate reams of markup via PHP, then any time it needs to be changed, or if there is a problem with validation or any CSS issues, the request will come back to you."
Web  Design  Templates  Tips 
december 2011 by robertc
Lost Type Co-op | Browse Fonts
The Lost Type Co-op is a collaboration between Tyler Galpin and Riley Cran. It was founded with the intention of providing unique and quality fonts based on a pay-what-you-want model.
Web  Typography  Library 
november 2011 by robertc
Tiered, Adaptive Front-end Experiences « Paul Irish
Paul Irish gives us some ammunition for the "it must look the same in all browsers" battles.
BlogPost  Web  Design  Tips 
october 2011 by robertc
A Farewell to CSS3 Gradients » HTML & CSS, Layout » Design Festival
A nice introduction to using SVG gradients as backgrounds, they're far more flexible than CSS3 gradients.
BlogPost  SVG  Web  Design  Tips 
september 2011 by robertc
The Minimum Page Project
A CSS reset which aims for cross-browser consistency rather than resetting absolutely everything only for the designer to have to re-apply common default styles.
Web  Design  CSS  Tools 
september 2011 by robertc
Website wireframes: Mockingbird
"An online tool that makes it easy for you to create, link together, preview, and share mockups of your website or application."
Web  Design  Tools 
july 2011 by robertc
Cascading Style Sheets Standard Boasts Unprecedented Interoperability
After just a single, short decade of development the CSS2.1 standard is now a W3C Recommendation.
CSS  Web  Standards 
june 2011 by robertc
Where are my rounded corners? « Boagworld
"Sometimes we see confusion among our clients when they see their new site in their browser and it looks different to the design they signed off. In this fact-sheet we explain why accepting these differences has many benefits and doing so outweighs the limited drawbacks."
BlogPost  Web  Design  Tips 
may 2011 by robertc
Font sizing with rem -
The rem unit offers an excellent alternative to relative font sizing with em an percentage units.
BlogPost  CSS  Web  Design  Tips 
may 2011 by robertc
Adactio: Journal—Content First
Don't design 'canvas in', starting with a few specific pixel widths, design 'content out'.
BlogPost  Web  Design  MobileDevices 
may 2011 by robertc
The Cicada Principle and Why It Matters to Web Designers » HTML & CSS, Layout » Design Festival
Have you been looking for a example which takes advantage of CSS3's multiple background images that isn't a re-hashing of the sliding doors technique? Here it is...
BlogPost  Web  Design  CSS3 
april 2011 by robertc
Designing For The Future Web - Smashing Magazine
"If a single consistent experience is our goal, this begs the question, should we create a mobile website that scales up or a desktop website that degrades?

The answer is neither. We should try to create a single design that can be used across all devices without alteration. But in practice, at least for the moment, we should start with the simplest website and work up."
BlogPost  Web  Design  MobileDevices 
april 2011 by robertc
David Baron's weblog: What does a blur radius mean?
You may have been hearing for several years that all browsers support box-shadow and we should just drop the vendor prefixes already. If you've been wondering why they haven't, this post indicates the level of interoperability the browser vendors have been aiming for.
BlogPost  CSS3  Web  Standards 
march 2011 by robertc
Rangnarök - HTML 5 compliance: the next step
Try out Opera's new HTML5 parser in an 11.50 alpha build, consistent cross browser parsing for bad markup.
BlogPost  Web  Standards  Opera 
february 2011 by robertc
isolani - Javascript: Breaking the Web with hash-bangs
Should websites work without JavaScript? Twitter and Gawker apparently believe that they shouldn't.
BlogPost  JavaScript  Web  Standards 
february 2011 by robertc
HTML5 vs. HTML – Jeffrey Zeldman Presents The Daily Report
Is it HTML5? Is it HTML? Does it matter? Zeldman weighs in on the debate.
BlogPost  Web  Standards  HTML5 
january 2011 by robertc
Staging Servers, Source Control & Deploy Workflows, And Other Stuff Nobody Teaches You: MicroISV on a Shoestring
If your deployment workflow generally involves a whole lot of bubble gum, duct tape, and praying then reading this is a good place to start improving things.
Web  Development  Deployment  BlogPost 
december 2010 by robertc
Troy Hunt: OWASP Top 10 for .NET developers part 6: Security Misconfiguration
Some tips on configuring ASP.Net in a more secure fashion on production environments.
BlogPost  Web  Security  Tips 
december 2010 by robertc
Pinboard - antisocial bookmarking
With the news that is getting shut down by Yahoo!, I've switched my bookmarks to
Web  Tools 
december 2010 by robertc
A List Apart: Articles: ARIA and Progressive Enhancement
ARIA can potentially offer great accessibility benefits in rich internet applications, but support is inconsistent and patchy - can ARIA be implemented in a way compatible with progressive enhancement?
BlogPost  Web  Accessibility 
december 2010 by robertc
A List Apart: Articles: The Accessibility of WAI-ARIA
A look at the practical issues around testing accessibility and implementing ARIA in the sort of browsers and assistive technologies currently in use.
BlogPost  Web  Accessibility 
december 2010 by robertc
WebAIM: Blog - The Ghosts of ARIA Present and Future
Some excellent commentary on the two ALA posts, suggesting a slightly more forward thinking approach.
BlogPost  Web  Accessibility 
december 2010 by robertc
Philosophtly: The web is not a sheet of paper
An important message for print designers seeking to transition to web design.
Web  Design 
november 2010 by robertc
CSS3 :target based interfaces - Opera Developer Community
Use the :target selector to create slideshow style interfaces.
CSS3  Web  Design  Tutorial 
november 2010 by robertc
Web Teacher › ARIA States 101
A look at ARIA roles for describing widget state.
Web  Accessibility  Tutorial 
october 2010 by robertc
Web Teacher › ARIA Roles 101
A look at ARIA roles for describing page structure and widget types.
Web  Accessibility  Tutorial 
october 2010 by robertc
Support Details | Tech Support Management
Ever been phoned up to debug a website problem and then spent hours trying to extract basic background information from the caller? This site makes it very simple for everyone.
Web  Support  Tools 
september 2010 by robertc
Notable | Easiest way for teams to provide feedback on websites.
A very nice web app which allows you to collaboratively markup a screenshot of any website.
Web  Design  Online  Communication  Tools 
september 2010 by robertc
crowbot's trials at master - GitHub
A project to analyse publically available data about clinical trials in an effort to capture information about those that have not been published.
Ruby  Medical  Database  Web  Tools  OpenTech 
september 2010 by robertc
The P2PU School of Webcraft
Collaborative higher education in web technology.
Learning  Community  Certification  Web  OpenTech 
september 2010 by robertc
Ruby on Rails Guides: Ruby On Rails Security Guide
A readable introduction to web application security issues, focussed on Rails but with some generally useful information.
Web  Development  Security  Reference  Ruby 
september 2010 by robertc
japh(r) by Chris Strom: Inkscape SVG Not Quite in Raphaël.js
A nice description of porting a shape drawn in Inkscape into a Raphaël canvas.
BlogPost  SVG  Web  Development  Linux 
august 2010 by robertc » Blog Archive » Deployment-First Development
Don't leave deployment as a last minute rush job, do it first, make it easy, and you'll be shaking the issues out all the way through development and testing.
BlogPost  Web  Deployment  Development 
august 2010 by robertc
Making maps accessible - Commonwealth Conversations: Technology
Mapping applications are a great example of where accessibility is not just about adding alternative text to graphics - think about the information your users need and only then decide an approach for alternatives to the map.
BlogPost  Web  Accessibility  GIS 
august 2010 by robertc
A Fourth of July lesson in the value of editors « Writing For Digital
Good editing, like good design, is often a difficult thing to sell to corporate decision makers so it always helps to be able to show the direct impact on the bottom line.
BlogPost  Web  Writing  Tips 
july 2010 by robertc
Downloadify: Client-Side File Generation
Neat little library which simplifies client side file generation, would be handy in offline web apps.
Flash  Web  Development  Library  JavaScript 
july 2010 by robertc
No browser supports HTML5 yet. Part 1. The rant.
The first of a great pair of posts on the dangers of claiming 'We have HTML5 support'.
BlogPost  HTML5  Web  Standards  Firefox  GoogleChrome  Safari  Opera 
july 2010 by robertc
No browser supports HTML5 yet. Part 2. Technology.
The second part with a couple of good descriptions of what supporting some of the new features, such as forms and section/article, actually means.
BlogPost  HTML5  Web  Standards  Firefox  GoogleChrome  Safari  Opera 
july 2010 by robertc
CSS Media Queries & Using Available Space | CSS-Tricks
A practical look at using media queries to make the best use of available screen space.
BlogPost  CSS3  Web  Design  Tips 
july 2010 by robertc
An InDesign for HTML and CSS? – Jeffrey Zeldman Presents The Daily Report
"Well, there is a reason they absolutely do that with HTML. PostScript is a programming language designed to describe page layouts and text shapes in a world of known, fixed dimensions (the world of print), with no underlying semantics. PostScript doesn’t care whether an element is a paragraph, a headline, or a list item. It doesn’t care if a bit of content on one page cites another bit of content on a different page. PostScript is a visual plotting language. And HTML is anything but."
BlogPost  Web  Design  Tools  Culture  Standards 
july 2010 by robertc
A List Apart: Articles: Prefix or Posthack
Vendor prefixes have come in for a lot of flak, but Eric Meyer gives us a timely reminder that the alternatives are far worse.
BlogPost  CSS3  Web  Standards 
july 2010 by robertc
Tech Tip: Really Simple HTTP Server with Python | Linux Journal
Ever wished you could quickly fire up a webserver in your working directory (perhaps to work around a browser defect with file:// addresses)? If you have Python installed it's dead easy!
Linux  Python  Web  Development  Tips 
june 2010 by robertc
SVG Tutorial - Introduction
A comprehensive look at the features of Scalable Vector Graphics.
SVG  Web  Graphics  Tutorial 
june 2010 by robertc
A non-developer’s guide to building a web/iphone app « StartupCafe
If you've ever despaired at someone saying to you "I've got this great idea for a website" only to later discover all they really had was a sentence and some handwaving, point them at this article.
BlogPost  Web  Design  Management 
june 2010 by robertc
Snap: A Haskell Web Framework: Home
Snap is a simple web development framework for unix systems, written in the Haskell programming language.
Web  Development  Framework  Haskell  FunctionalProgramming 
may 2010 by robertc
Font Preview - Google Font Directory
Similar to the AJAX Libraries API, Google does all the work of hosting a collection of custom fonts for you.
CSS3  Web  Typography  Tools 
may 2010 by robertc
Understand The Web · Ben Ward
There was a big hooha in the web standards world last week as, first, Joe Hewitt bemoaned the state of web development, then Steve Jobs took his feud with Adobe to the next level by publically disparaging the 'openness' of Flash (which some took as ironic, given the latest App Store developer agreement) and finally HP bought Palm and declared their belief in WebOS as the future. All big news for standardistas, this post does a pretty good job of summing it all up.
BlogPost  HTML5  Flash  Web  Development  Standards 
may 2010 by robertc
An essay on W3C's design principles
"Why doesn't HTML include tags for style? Why can't you put text inside SMIL? Why doesn't CSS include commands to transform a document? Why, in short, does W3C modularize its specification and why in this particular way?" - all these questions answered, and more!
Web  Standards  Essay 
april 2010 by robertc
The League of Moveable Type
Another collection of free fonts for use with @font-face.
Web  Typography  Repository 
march 2010 by robertc
Website design: Impatient versus bored: Gerry McGovern
An important reminder before you re-design your website: "The best word to describe your customers on your website is "impatient." The vast majority of them are at your website to get something done as quickly as possible. The only people who are likely to complain about your website design are website designers."
BlogPost  Web  Design  Usability 
march 2010 by robertc
10 unexpected online user behaviours to look out for
Ten of the more interesting and less well-known user behaviours that regularly occur in user testing for you to take into account during the design process.
Web  Design  Usability  Tips 
march 2010 by robertc
Dynamic Dummy Image Generator -
Utility to create blank images at a specified size to help laying out page designs.
Web  Design  Tools  Graphics  PHP 
february 2010 by robertc
Ian Pouncey » Blog Archive » Web accessibility myths
"[A]ccessibility isn’t a target to aim for, it is a goal to aspire to."
BlogPost  Web  Accessibility 
january 2010 by robertc
Font Squirrel | Create Your Own @font-face Kits
Generates EOT, SVG and WOFF versions of TTF and OTF fonts.
Web  Typography  Tools 
december 2009 by robertc
iPhone caching / Stoyan's
A detailed examination of the iPhone's idiosyncrasies when it comes to browser cache management, plus a work-around using HTML5 offline apps manifest files.
BlogPost  MobileDevices  Web  Development  Tips  HTML5 
december 2009 by robertc
Bulletproof @font-face syntax « Paul Irish
How to write your CSS so font-face embedding works reliably cross-browser, with example code and full explanation.
BlogPost  Web  Typography  Tips  CSS 
december 2009 by robertc
10 Great Free Fonts for @font-face embedding
Previews of ten nice fonts - if your browser supports font-face.
Web  Typography 
december 2009 by robertc
ttf2eot on the web!
Use this tool to convert a TrueType (TTF) font file into an OpenType (EOT) font file, for use with Internet Explorer's embedded font support.
Web  Typography  IE6  IE7  IE8  Tools 
december 2009 by robertc
A List Apart: Articles: The Survey, 2009
I took it and so should you - the survey for people who make websites, 2009.
Web  Jobs  Reference 
december 2009 by robertc
Developing a Web Accessibility Business Case for Your Organization: Overview
This page is the first of five web pages covering the social, technical, financial, and legal and policy factors in the business case for Web accessibility. Each page presents different aspects of Web accessibility along with guidance on developing a customized business case.
Web  Accessibility  Communication  Management 
december 2009 by robertc
Developer Qualification - Google Code
Designed for professionals who currently develop or want to develop applications that use Google APIs, the Google Qualified Developer program can help you become a more successful developer for free.
Web  Development  Certification 
december 2009 by robertc
An event driven, server side web app development framework using the V8 Javascript engine from Chromium.
Web  Server  Development  Framework  JavaScript 
november 2009 by robertc
Node.js is genuinely exciting
The advantages of Node.js compared to other event driven web app frameworks such as Twisted and EventMachine.
BlogPost  Web  Server  Development  JavaScript 
november 2009 by robertc
Cross-browser drop shadows using pure CSS — Nick Dunn
Supports even IE 6/7/8 but, unfortunately, not Opera.
BlogPost  CSS  Web  Design  Tips 
november 2009 by robertc
Closure Templates - Google Code
Unlike traditional templating systems, you can think of Closure Templates as small components that you compose to form your user interface, instead of having to create one big template per page. Closure Templates are implemented for both JavaScript and Java, so you can use the same templates both on the server and client side.
Java  Web  Development  Library  Templates  JavaScript 
november 2009 by robertc
Closure Library - Google Code
A broad, well-tested, modular, and cross-browser JavaScript library. Web developers can pull just what they need from a wide set of reusable UI widgets and controls, as well as lower-level utilities for the DOM, server communication, animation, data structures, unit testing, rich-text editing.
Web  Development  Library  JavaScript 
november 2009 by robertc
Closure Compiler - Google Code
A JavaScript optimizer that compiles web apps down into compact, high-performance JavaScript code. The compiler removes dead code, then rewrites and minimizes what's left so that it will run fast on browsers' JavaScript engines. The compiler also checks syntax, variable references, and types, and warns about other common JavaScript pitfalls.
Web  Development  Tools  JavaScript 
november 2009 by robertc
Opera Mobile 10 beta developer’s introduction - Opera Developer Community
New features for developers in the latest release of Opera Mobile including improved CSS support and remote JS debugging.
BlogPost  MobileDevices  Web  Development 
november 2009 by robertc
TCPDF - PHP class for PDF
TCPDF is a PHP class for generating PDF documents without requiring external extensions. TCPDF Supports UTF-8, Unicode, RTL languages and HTML.
PHP  Web  Development  Library  PDF 
november 2009 by robertc
Yii PHP Framework: Best for Web 2.0 Development
A component-based PHP framework best for developing large-scale Web applications with MVC, DAO and Ajax.
PHP  Web  Development  Framework 
october 2009 by robertc
The Great WebKit Comparison Table
Not all WebKit based mobile browsers are the same, in fact, they're all different!
Web  Development  Reference 
october 2009 by robertc
Burst Engine
The Burst Engine is an OpenSource vector animation engine for the HTML5 Canvas Element. Burst provides similar web functionality to Flash and contains a layer based animation system like After Effects.
Web  Graphics  Library  HTML5  SVG  JavaScript 
october 2009 by robertc
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