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Can Hated Design Elements Be Made to Work? (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox)
Once a design element becomes universally hated (eg. flashing banner ads, popups) then if you implement a similar looking design element, even if you implement your feature in a usable and intuitive manner, most people will dismiss it immediately based on their past experiences. There are signs this is starting to happen with lightboxes.
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march 2011 by robertc
HashMask | Arc90 Lab
"HashMask is an attempt to find a more secure middle ground between clear and masked passwords. It does this by visualizing a hashed representation of the password as a sparkline with color – the intent being that the user would become familiar with this image and be able to easily confirm that they typed the right (or wrong) password."
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october 2010 by robertc
Using the Goldilocks Principle to get design "just right"
A useful approach to use while iterating through the design process.
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august 2010 by robertc
Perception and the design of forms – Part 1: Shape - Formulate Information Design
If your form controls don't look like form controls then you'll confuse a lot of users.
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june 2010 by robertc
Particletree » Visualizing Fitts’s Law
A nice introduction to one of the basic HCI tenets, with diagrams.
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march 2010 by robertc
Why websites shouldn't accommodate disabled users | Because it's good
Don't accommodate disabled users as some sort of afterthough, design your website to be usable by everyone from the start.
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march 2010 by robertc
Website design: Impatient versus bored: Gerry McGovern
An important reminder before you re-design your website: "The best word to describe your customers on your website is "impatient." The vast majority of them are at your website to get something done as quickly as possible. The only people who are likely to complain about your website design are website designers."
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march 2010 by robertc
10 unexpected online user behaviours to look out for
Ten of the more interesting and less well-known user behaviours that regularly occur in user testing for you to take into account during the design process.
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march 2010 by robertc
adaptive path » blog » Peter Merholz » Analytics – The Usability Lab of the new decade
If you're not using analytics for usability studies, why not? Also contains links to a number of other useful tools.
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february 2010 by robertc
Rocket Surgery Made Easy
Resources and downloads for "The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Finding and Fixing Usability Problems" book.
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january 2010 by robertc
A List Apart: Articles: The Myth of Usability Testing
Simple mistakes in designing or analysis can make the results of UAT useless.
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october 2009 by robertc
The Value of Web Site Usability Evaluations — Cre8pc Cre8pc Usability & Holistic SEO
Get the most out of your usability consultant by being aware of the options available.
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august 2009 by robertc
Guidelines -- Web Writing that Works
Guidelines for writing clear and readable web content including a section on reducing cognitive burdens which is important for communicating to readers with learning disabilities.
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july 2009 by robertc
Interface Hall of Shame
Dated but comprehensive guide to UI usability mistakes.
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june 2009 by robertc
Readability - An Arc90 Lab Experiment
A neat bookmarklet to make reading long articles on bad websites easier.
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june 2009 by robertc

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