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Rachel Andrew: Keep the Front in the Front
"By handing control of the front-end development to front-end developers, you allow them to do their job to the best of their ability, unhampered by things appearing in their markup that they were not expecting. You also shift responsibility for that area of the site to them. If you generate reams of markup via PHP, then any time it needs to be changed, or if there is a problem with validation or any CSS issues, the request will come back to you."
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december 2011 by robertc
SVG Boilerplate — a kick-arse default to put the wow back into the web
A simple, straightforward, and functional template to embed or inline SVG content (including in text/html) that works with browsers all the way down to IE6.
SVG  HTML5  Development  Tools  Templates 
september 2010 by robertc
HTML5 Boilerplate - A rock-solid default for HTML5 awesome.
The second starter template for HTML5/CSS3 projects I've seen this week, this one includes some (Apache) server configuration files too.
HTML5  CSS3  Development  Tools  Templates 
august 2010 by robertc
HTML5 Reset
A starter template for HTML5/CSS3 web projects, probably the first of many.
HTML5  CSS3  Development  Tools  Templates 
august 2010 by robertc
Closure Templates - Google Code
Unlike traditional templating systems, you can think of Closure Templates as small components that you compose to form your user interface, instead of having to create one big template per page. Closure Templates are implemented for both JavaScript and Java, so you can use the same templates both on the server and client side.
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november 2009 by robertc

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