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Bruce Lawson’s personal site  : The best of <time>s
A nice write up of the new capabilities in the <time> element.
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january 2012 by robertc Data, Apps and 800,000 Triples at
The Open Knowledge Foundation announce the launch of a European-wide registry of semantic web data.
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june 2011 by robertc
The Semantic Web, Linked Data and Drupal, Part 1: Expose your data using RDF
"Drupal 7 is the first mainstream content management system to support Semantic Web technology in its core. Readily usable, Semantic Web technology lets you push the web from a web of documents to a web of data. In this article, learn to make your web data more interoperable and your data sharing more efficient."
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april 2011 by robertc
Using Microformats and HTML5 drag and drop to build a new, user friendly model for data exchange between websites.
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february 2011 by robertc
Microformat Shiv
"The microformat shiv is based on the microformat API for Mozilla's extensions. This is the same code base as the popular Operator plug-in."
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december 2010 by robertc
Microdata: HTML5’s Best-Kept Secret | Webmonkey |
I've noticed that Microdata has been receiving increasing attention from bloggers in the last few weeks, it's still only in the WHATWG version of the HTML5 spec, however.
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september 2010 by robertc
Although the project has succeeded in making a load of data available in electronic format a lot of that data contains various budget codes, cost centre codes, and other quirky terminology that doesn't make sense to people outside the department that created it. This project aims to provide tools to make it easy for the people to understand the data to let the people who want to use the data know what it all means.
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september 2010 by robertc
Dynamic Semantic Publishing for any Blog (Part 1) - benjamin nowack's blog
A look at the dynamic creation of 'portal' type pages for linked data entities on your blog or CMS.
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august 2010 by robertc
Style Your Site According to the Weather with jQuery
Cool jQuery hack, leveraging YQL and the Yahoo! weather APIs to apply different styles to your site depending on the current weather.
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july 2010 by robertc
JSON-LD - Linked Data Expression in JSON
This specification outlines a common JSON representation format for Linked Data that can be used to represent objects specified via RDFa, Microformats and Microdata.
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june 2010 by robertc
Microformats & Microdata ❧ (@boblet)
A presentation describing the two alternatives for embedding extended semantic information in HTML5.
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may 2010 by robertc
TransFormr - Microformats Transformer Toolkit
Extract semantic information from web pages by URL and by URL and fragment identifier.
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may 2010 by robertc
Drupal May Be The First Mainstream Semantic Web Winner - Semantic Web
An overview of the RDFa features of Drupal 7 and how they may kickstart the semantic web.
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april 2010 by robertc
Linked Data Patterns
A 'design patterns' book for the semantic web.
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april 2010 by robertc
W3C RDFa Working Group
"W3C launched today the RDFa Working Group, whose mission is to support the use of RDFa, a format for embedding structured data in Web documents. The Working Group's goals include making it easier to author RDFa, promoting continued adoption of the technology in HTML, XHTML, and XML, and helping developers create RDFa applications."
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february 2010 by robertc
Status of RDF in Drupal (November 09) and wrap up of ISWC2009 | OpenSpring
Summary of the current status of efforts to add native RDF/RDFa support to the upcoming Drupal 7 release.
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november 2009 by robertc
ubiquity-rdfa - Project Hosting on Google Code
The Ubiquity RDFa project provides a JavaScript RDFa parser that can be used either on its own, or with other parts of the Ubiquity library.
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october 2009 by robertc
10 Ways to Use OpenCalais Today | OpenCalais
Some examples of how the semantic data mining tool might be put to use in real applications.
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september 2009 by robertc
DERI Pipes: Open Source, Extendable, Embeddable Web Data Mashups
Inspired by Yahoo's Pipes, DERI Pipes is an engine and graphical environment for general Web Data transformations and mashups.
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september 2009 by robertc
HTML5 Microdata JavaScript - Gitorious
A Javascript implementation of the HTML5 Microdata DOM API.
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august 2009 by robertc
A List Apart: Articles: Introduction to RDFa II
Second in an introductory series on RDFa from Mark Birkbeck.
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july 2009 by robertc
Home - Common Tag
I'd disabled the ZigTag plugin because it insists on adding a menu to Firefox, this makes it seem worthwhile re-enabling it though.
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june 2009 by robertc
rdfquery - Google Code
rdfQuery is an easy-to-use Javascript library for RDF-related processing. You can use it to parse RDFa embedded within your page, query over the facts it contains, and reason to produce more facts.
SemanticWeb  RDFa  Library  jQuery  JavaScript 
november 2008 by robertc
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