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Procedural Content Generation in Games | A textbook and an overview of current research
"This book will contain quite a lot of algorithms and other technical content, and plenty of discussion of game design. But before we get to the meat of the book, let us start with something a bit more dry: definitions. In particular, let us define Procedural Content Generation, which we will frequently abbreviate as PCG. The definition we will use is that PCG as the algorithmical creation of game content with limited or indirect user input. In other words, PCG refers to computer software that can create game content on its own, or together with one or many human players or designers."
Games  Development  Reference  Books 
july 2014 by robertc
Game Mechanic Explorer
"A collection of concrete examples for various game mechanics, algorithms, and effects. The examples are all implemented in JavaScript using the Phaser game framework, but the concepts and methods are general and can be adapted to any engine."
JavaScript  Games  Development  Reference 
april 2014 by robertc
PHP: The Right Way
"There’s a lot of outdated information on the Web that leads new PHP users astray, propagating bad practices and insecure code. PHP: The Right Way is an easy-to-read, quick reference for PHP popular coding standards, links to authoritative tutorials around the Web and what the contributors consider to be best practices at the present time."
PHP  Reference 
december 2013 by robertc
HTML5 Semantic Element Flowchart
Decide which element to use for your content.
HTML5  Reference 
july 2013 by robertc
HTML5, ARIA Roles, and Screen Readers in March 2011 | Research | Accessible Culture
With the release of Firefox 4 and IE9, how much has screenreader support for ARIA improved since last year?
BlogPost  Accessibility  Reference 
april 2011 by robertc
The Current State of HTML5 Forms · Wufoo
A comprehensive guide to HTML5 forms support in current browsers, consisting of a nice summary and a collection of detailed pages.
HTML5  Reference 
march 2011 by robertc
Internet Explorer UA Style Sheets
Details of the default styles for different versions of IE.
CSS  Reference  IE6  IE7  IE8  IE9 
january 2011 by robertc
Ruby on Rails Guides: Ruby On Rails Security Guide
A readable introduction to web application security issues, focussed on Rails but with some generally useful information.
Web  Development  Security  Reference  Ruby 
september 2010 by robertc
Periodic Table of the Elements - Josh Duck
A nice visualization tool which lets you see what elements are in use on any given website.
HTML5  Reference  Tools 
august 2010 by robertc
HTML5 Peeks, Pokes and Pointers
A handy guide but compact to detecting support for various HTML5 features.
HTML5  Reference 
august 2010 by robertc
CSS Properties Index – Jens O. Meiert
A list of all CSS properties and which version of CSS they're valid for.
CSS  CSS3  Reference 
april 2010 by robertc
Web Designer's Checklist, Web Designers' Browser Support Checklist : FindMeByIP
Chart showing the HTML5 and CSS3 capabilities of all the major browsers.
HTML5  CSS3  Reference 
april 2010 by robertc
HTML: The Markup Language
The content creator's version of the HTML5 specification.
HTML5  Standards  Reference 
march 2010 by robertc
A List Apart: Articles: The Survey, 2009
I took it and so should you - the survey for people who make websites, 2009.
Web  Jobs  Reference 
december 2009 by robertc
The Great WebKit Comparison Table
Not all WebKit based mobile browsers are the same, in fact, they're all different!
Web  Development  Reference 
october 2009 by robertc
CSS 3 selectors explained | 456 Berea Street
Comprehensive guide to CSS3 selectors, including substring matching attribute selectors, element states pseudo-classes and structural pseudo-classes.
BlogPost  Web  Design  CSS  Reference 
september 2009 by robertc
A complete programme of tutorials on Git which is itself a Git repository.
Development  Tools  Learning  Reference 
september 2009 by robertc
Activating Browser Modes with Doctype
A complete reference to compatibility modes and doctype declarations across all the major browsers.
HTML  XML  Browser  Standards  Reference 
july 2009 by robertc
Category:OWASP Guide Project - OWASP
Comprehensive advice for building secure websites with J2EE, ASP.NET, and PHP code samples.
Web  Security  Reference 
july 2009 by robertc
Keryx (X)HTML Elements Best Practice Sheet
An exhaustive reference of elements by HTML version along with usage notes
HTML  Standards  Reference 
june 2009 by robertc
Entity Code - A Clear and Quick Reference to HTML Entities Codes
Clear and well laid out, though not as complete as the W3Schools one I normally use.
HTML  Reference 
june 2009 by robertc

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