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Using Microformats and HTML5 drag and drop to build a new, user friendly model for data exchange between websites.
Microformats  SemanticWeb  Tools  HTML5 
february 2011 by robertc
Microformat Shiv
"The microformat shiv is based on the microformat API for Mozilla's extensions. This is the same code base as the popular Operator plug-in."
Microformats  Library  SemanticWeb  JavaScript 
december 2010 by robertc
Extending HTML5 — Microformats | HTML5 Doctor
It is possible to continue using Microformats, with a few exceptions in HTML5.
BlogPost  HTML5  Microformats 
september 2010 by robertc
JSON-LD - Linked Data Expression in JSON
This specification outlines a common JSON representation format for Linked Data that can be used to represent objects specified via RDFa, Microformats and Microdata.
Microdata  Microformats  RDFa  RDF  SemanticWeb  JavaScript 
june 2010 by robertc
Microformats & Microdata ❧ (@boblet)
A presentation describing the two alternatives for embedding extended semantic information in HTML5.
Presentation  HTML5  Microformats  Microdata  SemanticWeb 
may 2010 by robertc
TransFormr - Microformats Transformer Toolkit
Extract semantic information from web pages by URL and by URL and fragment identifier.
Microformats  RDFa  SemanticWeb  Tools 
may 2010 by robertc
The time element (and microformats) | HTML5 Doctor
The (current lack of) role of the time element within Microformats and, within the comments, a discussion of why the current generation of uF tools don't support HTML5.
BlogPost  HTML5  Microformats 
february 2010 by robertc
hResume API | Madgex Lab
Automatically convert a CV marked up with hResume to Word or PDF.
Microformats  Career  Tools 
december 2009 by robertc
Online conversion of hCard and hCalendar to VCF and iCal respectively.
Microformats  Tools 
november 2009 by robertc
DERI Pipes: Open Source, Extendable, Embeddable Web Data Mashups
Inspired by Yahoo's Pipes, DERI Pipes is an engine and graphical environment for general Web Data transformations and mashups.
SemanticWeb  RDF  Microformats  Tools 
september 2009 by robertc
microsyntax / FrontPage
Like microformats, except for plain text messaging.
Microformats  Communication  Standards 
june 2009 by robertc

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