robertc + html5   140 - Realtime HTML5 Framework
A backbone-style JS framework which uses WebSockets as a transport instead of AJAX.
HTML5  JavaScript  Framework 
august 2013 by robertc
HTML5 Semantic Element Flowchart
Decide which element to use for your content.
HTML5  Reference 
july 2013 by robertc
Making a 60fps Mobile App | Aerotwist
"So really, when performance issues disappear you are left not with lingering thoughts on how the app was built, but rather the user's experience, and that's ultimately what matters."
BlogPost  MobileDevices  HTML5  CSS3  Performance 
july 2013 by robertc
X-Tag - Web Components Custom Element Polylib
X-Tag is a small JavaScript library, created and supported by Mozilla, that brings Web Components Custom Element capabilities to all modern browsers.
HTML5  JavaScript  Library 
july 2013 by robertc
Sketch.js - Simple Canvas-based Drawing for jQuery
Sketch.js is an easy-to-use jQuery plugin that allows you to create canvases upon which visitors can draw.
HTML5  Graphics  Library 
june 2013 by robertc
Code School - Discover DevTools
Paul Irish teaches you mastery of the Chrome Developer Tools
HTML5  CSS3  JavaScript  Development  Tools  Tutorial 
march 2013 by robertc
"This is a simple library that emulates memcache functions using HTML5 localStorage, so that you can cache data on the client and associate an expiration time with each piece of data."
HTML5  JavaScript  Library 
november 2012 by robertc
Webcam -> ASCII video with getUserMedia()
HTML5  Media  Example 
november 2012 by robertc
wysihtml5 - A better approach to rich text editing
wysihtml5 is an open source rich text editor based on HTML5 technology and the progressive-enhancement approach. It uses a sophisticated security concept and aims to generate fully valid HTML5 markup by preventing unmaintainable tag soups and inline styles.
HTML5  Tools 
june 2012 by robertc
A List Apart: Articles: Application Cache is a Douchebag
An excellent introduction to the ins and outs of offline web applications.
BlogPost  HTML5 
may 2012 by robertc
Bruce Lawson’s personal site  : The best of <time>s
A nice write up of the new capabilities in the <time> element.
BlogPost  HTML5  SemanticWeb 
january 2012 by robertc
The State of HTML5 Mobile in 2012 « Safari Books Online's Official Blog
"This post will focus on the topics that are of relevance for creating HTML5 mobile Web applications, which promises to be a big breakthrough trend in the coming year."
BlogPost  HTML5  MobileDevices 
january 2012 by robertc
The Reality of HTML5 Game Development and making money from it | Photon Storm
An excellent summary of all the possibilities for developing games with HTML5 and related technologies.
BlogPost  HTML5  CSS3  SVG  Games 
january 2012 by robertc
jQuery Validator @ jQuery TOOLS - HTML5 form validation for humans
Takes the best parts of HTML 5 and Web Forms 2.0 standards and turns them into something pure amazing. All in 1.75 Kb of code.
JavaScript  jQuery  HTML5  Library 
november 2011 by robertc
Popcorn.js | The HTML5 Media Framework
"Popcorn.js is an event framework for HTML5 media. Popcorn.js utilizes the native HTMLMediaElement properties, methods and events, normalizes them into an easy to learn API, and provides a plugin system for community contributed interactions."
HTML5  JavaScript  Media  Library 
october 2011 by robertc
An introduction to WebGL - Dev.Opera
To celebrate the upcoming launch of Opera 12, a series of articles on WebGL.
BlogPost  HTML5  Graphics 
october 2011 by robertc
Animatable | Create HTML5 / CSS3 animations and advertising
Create, serve and track HTML5/CSS3 animations for desktop, Android, Blackberry QNX, iOS and WebOS mobile devices.
HTML5  CSS3  Tools 
july 2011 by robertc
h5ai ·
h5ai tries to make browsing directories on Apache servers more pleasant by styling it in a modern way as well as speeding up browsing through different views, a breadcrumb and a tree overview.
HTML5  Apache  Tools 
july 2011 by robertc
Second IE10 Platform Preview Available for Developers
At last, an IE release with support for HTML5 forms.
BlogPost  IE10  HTML5  CSS3 
july 2011 by robertc
Paper.js — Paper.js
An open source vector graphics scripting framework that runs on top of the HTML5 Canvas. It's based on and largely compatible with Scriptographer, a scripting environment for Adobe Illustrator.
JavaScript  Graphics  Library  HTML5 
june 2011 by robertc
pdf.js: Rendering PDF with HTML5 and JavaScript | Andreas Gal
A JavaScript library for rendering PDFs into a canvas element without any server side support, future plans include rendering to SVG.
BlogPost  JavaScript  PDF  HTML5 
june 2011 by robertc
Thoughts on when to use Canvas and SVG - IEBlog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
Nice article summarizing the sweet spots of the two technologies with use cases.
BlogPost  SVG  HTML5  Tips 
may 2011 by robertc
"Maqetta is an open source project that provides WYSIWYG visual authoring of HTML5 user interfaces. The Maqetta application itself is authored in HTML, and therefore runs in the browser without requiring additional plugins or downloads."
HTML5  Design  Tools 
april 2011 by robertc
Longdesc Misuse: How Prevalent? at Karl Groves
Is longdesc really universally misused? New research indicates: no.
BlogPost  Accessibility  HTML5 
april 2011 by robertc
HTML5 does NOT allow “self-closing” tags … • Tiffany B. Brown
Just because you can use opening tags without closing tags in HTML5 doesn't mean you should.
BlogPost  HTML5  Tips 
march 2011 by robertc
The Current State of HTML5 Forms · Wufoo
A comprehensive guide to HTML5 forms support in current browsers, consisting of a nice summary and a collection of detailed pages.
HTML5  Reference 
march 2011 by robertc
Wallaby | Adobe Flash FLA to HTML - Adobe Labs
Convert Flash animations to HTML5 with this AIR app.
HTML5  AdobeFlash  Tools 
march 2011 by robertc
Using Microformats and HTML5 drag and drop to build a new, user friendly model for data exchange between websites.
Microformats  SemanticWeb  Tools  HTML5 
february 2011 by robertc
Julia Map
A nice Mandelbrot/Julia renderer in a Google Maps style interface where canvas elements are used as the map tiles.
HTML5  Mathematics  Example 
february 2011 by robertc
HTML5 vs. HTML – Jeffrey Zeldman Presents The Daily Report
Is it HTML5? Is it HTML? Does it matter? Zeldman weighs in on the debate.
BlogPost  Web  Standards  HTML5 
january 2011 by robertc
Adactio: Journal—The design of datalist
How to use datalist in browsers that support it, but fallback to a regular select in older browsers.
BlogPost  HTML5  Tips 
january 2011 by robertc
Your code may validate, but in the HTML5 world that doesn't mean as much as it used to. This tool lets you check HTML5 to similar levels of conformance as XHTML validation.
HTML5  Tools 
january 2011 by robertc
HTML 5 Outliner
See the results of running the HTML5 outlining algorithm on your pages.
HTML5  Tools 
december 2010 by robertc
Getting to work with new web technologies
An excellent introduction to HTML5 and CSS3 and lots of practical advice on implementing it in today's browsers.
HTML5  CSS3  Presentation 
december 2010 by robertc
Imran Nazar: GameBoy Emulation in JavaScript: Interrupts
The latest in a series of posts as Imran builds a GameBoy emulator in HTML5.
HTML5  Games  Hacks  JavaScript 
november 2010 by robertc
h5Validate | jQuery Plugins
A jQuery plugin that understands HTML5 forms and knows how to validate them based on new input attributes such as "required" and "pattern", even in browsers that don't yet support HTML5.
jQuery  HTML5  Utility 
november 2010 by robertc
Styling Form Controls – WebKit
The new HTML5 meter and progress elements can be styled through CSS in Chrome and Safari.
HTML5  GoogleChrome  Safari  CSS3 
november 2010 by robertc
Learning to Love HTML5 - Smashing Magazine
Great introduction to some of the new features in HTML5.
BlogPost  HTML5  Tips 
november 2010 by robertc
video + canvas = magic | HTML5 Doctor
Combine the video element with the canvas element for fun and profit.
BlogPost  HTML5  Media  JavaScript 
october 2010 by robertc
MIX Online:Ai to Canvas Plug-In
Export your Illustrator drawings directly to HTML5 Canvas, including support for animations and hooking into scripts.
HTML5  Tools  AdobeIllustrator  JavaScript 
october 2010 by robertc
rem @ > 140 characters - Hold off on deploying HTML5 in websites?
What would it really mean for 'HTML5' to be 'ready'? An entertaining rant by Remy Sharp.
BlogPost  HTML5  Standards 
october 2010 by robertc
HTML 5 innerShiv
If you add content to an element with innerHTML before it's appended to the document, the html5shiv won't work and the element will be unstyled.
HTML5  IE6  IE7  IE8  Tips  JavaScript 
september 2010 by robertc
A List Apart: Articles: Forward Thinking Form Validation
A nice introduction to HTML5 Forms and a JavaScript library to add support in older browsers.
BlogPost  HTML5  CSS3  Tips 
september 2010 by robertc
SVG Boilerplate — a kick-arse default to put the wow back into the web
A simple, straightforward, and functional template to embed or inline SVG content (including in text/html) that works with browsers all the way down to IE6.
SVG  HTML5  Development  Tools  Templates 
september 2010 by robertc
Microdata: HTML5’s Best-Kept Secret | Webmonkey |
I've noticed that Microdata has been receiving increasing attention from bloggers in the last few weeks, it's still only in the WHATWG version of the HTML5 spec, however.
BlogPost  HTML5  Microdata  SemanticWeb 
september 2010 by robertc
mezzoblue's PaintbrushJS at master - GitHub
Apply effects such as Gaussian Blur, Sepia and Posterize to images on the fly in the browser.
HTML5  Image  Library  JavaScript 
september 2010 by robertc
Extending HTML5 — Microformats | HTML5 Doctor
It is possible to continue using Microformats, with a few exceptions in HTML5.
BlogPost  HTML5  Microformats 
september 2010 by robertc
Periodic Table of the Elements - Josh Duck
A nice visualization tool which lets you see what elements are in use on any given website.
HTML5  Reference  Tools 
august 2010 by robertc
HTML5 Peeks, Pokes and Pointers
A handy guide but compact to detecting support for various HTML5 features.
HTML5  Reference 
august 2010 by robertc
HTML5 Boilerplate - A rock-solid default for HTML5 awesome.
The second starter template for HTML5/CSS3 projects I've seen this week, this one includes some (Apache) server configuration files too.
HTML5  CSS3  Development  Tools  Templates 
august 2010 by robertc
HTML5 Reset
A starter template for HTML5/CSS3 web projects, probably the first of many.
HTML5  CSS3  Development  Tools  Templates 
august 2010 by robertc
Surfin’ Safari - Blog Archive » The HTML5 Parsing Algorithm
WebKit unveils it's HTML5 parsing engine, opening the way for inline SVG and MathML.
BlogPost  Safari  GoogleChrome  HTML5  SVG 
august 2010 by robertc
Start Using HTML5 WebSockets Today | Nettuts+
Nice introduction to the WebSocket API, which you can probably start using just as soon as the protocol stabilises.
HTML5  Communication  Tutorial 
august 2010 by robertc
HTML5 Fuzzies – Jeffrey Zeldman Presents The Daily Report
HTML5 has already been more widely abused than the term AJAX before it, but do we need to educate everybody on exactly what is HTML5 and what isn't before it's too late or can we accept a useful compromise and get on with giving clients what they need?
BlogPost  Standards  Commentary  HTML5  Marketing 
august 2010 by robertc
Thrust - canvas game
Another Commodore 64 game is brought back to life by the HTML5 Canvas element.
HTML5  Example  Games 
july 2010 by robertc
No browser supports HTML5 yet. Part 1. The rant.
The first of a great pair of posts on the dangers of claiming 'We have HTML5 support'.
BlogPost  HTML5  Web  Standards  Firefox  GoogleChrome  Safari  Opera 
july 2010 by robertc
No browser supports HTML5 yet. Part 2. Technology.
The second part with a couple of good descriptions of what supporting some of the new features, such as forms and section/article, actually means.
BlogPost  HTML5  Web  Standards  Firefox  GoogleChrome  Safari  Opera 
july 2010 by robertc
Font Dragr: A drag and drop font tester | The CSS Ninja
Only just came across this neat combination of the drag and drop API and offline storage with @font-face.
BlogPost  Firefox  HTML5  CSS3  Typography  Hacks 
july 2010 by robertc
HTML5 vs Flash Drawing (JavaScript vs ActionScript 3) { William Malone }
Side by side and line by line code comparison of drawing an image.
BlogPost  HTML5  Flash  JavaScript 
july 2010 by robertc
kanaka's noVNC - GitHub
A VNC client implemented with Web Sockets and the Canvas element, real world desktop equivalents with HTML5 technologies.
HTML5  OpenSource  Software  Tools  JavaScript 
june 2010 by robertc
Taking Advantage of HTML5 and CSS3 with Modernizr
Make your designs sensitive to the capabilities of the browser (eg. if drop shadows aren't supported, maybe you want a thicker border).
BlogPost  CSS3  HTML5  Library  Tutorial  JavaScript 
june 2010 by robertc
Adding HTML5 placeholder attribute support through progressive enhancement - Robert's talk
HTML5 adds lots of new form features but they're not yet widely supported, this post explains how you can make use of the placeholder attribute while providing fallback functionality for older browsers.
BlogPost  HTML5  jQuery  Tips 
june 2010 by robertc
Coding In Paradise: HTML5 Defined! It's Not Just a Marketing Term
So, what do you mean by 'HTML5'?  A discussion of the various different meanings the term can have.
BlogPost  HTML5 
june 2010 by robertc
WebAIM: Blog - Future Web Accessibility: SVG
Unlike many other technologies coming to the fore because of HTML5, SVG has a lot of capability for accessibility built in. Unfortunately, that capability is yet to be translated into actual support in browsers and assistive technology.
BlogPost  SVG  Accessibility  HTML5 
june 2010 by robertc
HTML5 Globals and You | Nettuts+
A look at the role of attributes in HTML and some of the new attribute based features in HTML5.
BlogPost  HTML5  Tips 
june 2010 by robertc
Christopher Blizzard · intellectual honesty and html5
"The most important aspect of HTML5 isn’t the new stuff like video and canvas (which Safari and Firefox have both been shipping for years) it’s actually the honest-to-god promise of interoperability."
BlogPost  HTML5  Standards 
june 2010 by robertc
Firefox 4: An early walk-through of IndexedDB ✩ Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog
Mozilla announce IndexedDB support in the upcoming Firefox 4, a 'NoSQL style' alternative the the SQLite based Web Database API already implemented in WebKit (and in Firefox, for extensions).
BlogPost  Firefox  HTML5  Database 
june 2010 by robertc
Microformats & Microdata ❧ (@boblet)
A presentation describing the two alternatives for embedding extended semantic information in HTML5.
Presentation  HTML5  Microformats  Microdata  SemanticWeb 
may 2010 by robertc
Introducing WebM, an open web media project - The WebM project blog
Google short circuits the entire Ogg vs MP4 debate for the HTML5 video element by releasing it's own codec on royalty free license terms.
BlogPost  HTML5  Media 
may 2010 by robertc
Adactio: Journal—The format of The Long Now
What format should we be storing our (textual) cultural artefacts in so that they can be understood in 10000 years time? Jeremy Keith makes the case for HTML.
BlogPost  Standards  HTML5  Culture 
may 2010 by robertc
IEBlog : DOM Range and HTML5 Selection
A short tutorial on using the HTML5 text selection utilities in IE9 developer preview.
BlogPost  IE9  HTML5  Tips 
may 2010 by robertc
Firefox 4: the HTML5 parser – inline SVG, speed and more ✩ Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog
The HTML5 parser is now enabled by default in Firefox nightly builds, this enables inline SVG and MathML and fixes a large number of long standing defects.
BlogPost  Firefox  HTML5 
may 2010 by robertc
Understand The Web · Ben Ward
There was a big hooha in the web standards world last week as, first, Joe Hewitt bemoaned the state of web development, then Steve Jobs took his feud with Adobe to the next level by publically disparaging the 'openness' of Flash (which some took as ironic, given the latest App Store developer agreement) and finally HP bought Palm and declared their belief in WebOS as the future. All big news for standardistas, this post does a pretty good job of summing it all up.
BlogPost  HTML5  Flash  Web  Development  Standards 
may 2010 by robertc
IEBlog : HTML5 and Same Markup: Second IE9 Platform Preview Available for Developers
The second IE9 platform preview is released, features improved standards support and performance, support for CSS3 media queries and new DOM methods like DOMContentLoaded and getElementsByClassName.
BlogPost  IE9  HTML5  CSS3 
may 2010 by robertc
Daniel Davis - The HTML5 <ruby> element in words of one syllable or less
If you've been wondering what the ruby element is for, here's a simple explanation.
BlogPost  HTML5  Tips 
april 2010 by robertc
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