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The Semantic Web, Linked Data and Drupal, Part 1: Expose your data using RDF
"Drupal 7 is the first mainstream content management system to support Semantic Web technology in its core. Readily usable, Semantic Web technology lets you push the web from a web of documents to a web of data. In this article, learn to make your web data more interoperable and your data sharing more efficient."
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april 2011 by robertc
Drupal May Be The First Mainstream Semantic Web Winner - Semantic Web
An overview of the RDFa features of Drupal 7 and how they may kickstart the semantic web.
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april 2010 by robertc
Status of RDF in Drupal (November 09) and wrap up of ISWC2009 | OpenSpring
Summary of the current status of efforts to add native RDF/RDFa support to the upcoming Drupal 7 release.
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november 2009 by robertc

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