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kapowaz: Cargo Cult CSS
"It is generally accepted that having a methodology for writing and managing CSS is preferable to having none at all. In spite of this, some of the practices developers have adopted are having a detrimental effect on the semantic quality and longterm maintainability of what we build."
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may 2014 by robertc
The Minimum Page Project
A CSS reset which aims for cross-browser consistency rather than resetting absolutely everything only for the designer to have to re-apply common default styles.
Web  Design  CSS  Tools 
september 2011 by robertc
Useful :nth-child Recipes | CSS-Tricks
Several good examples with clear illustrations.
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june 2011 by robertc
Cascading Style Sheets Standard Boasts Unprecedented Interoperability
After just a single, short decade of development the CSS2.1 standard is now a W3C Recommendation.
CSS  Web  Standards 
june 2011 by robertc
Font sizing with rem -
The rem unit offers an excellent alternative to relative font sizing with em an percentage units.
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may 2011 by robertc
Give Floats the Flick in CSS Layouts » Web Tech » SitePoint Blogs
Andrew Tetlaw discusses several CSS layout techniques which are far more reliable than floats (if you don't have to support IE6/7).
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march 2011 by robertc
Internet Explorer UA Style Sheets
Details of the default styles for different versions of IE.
CSS  Reference  IE6  IE7  IE8  IE9 
january 2011 by robertc
Inline-Block whitespace workaround | Life @ High Road Communications
If you've switched from floats to inline-block for your layouts then this article has some useful tips.
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november 2010 by robertc
A List Apart: Articles: CSS Positioning 101
An excellent introduction to the often misunderstood position property.
BlogPost  CSS  Layout  Tutorial 
november 2010 by robertc
Using SVG in background-image | Broken Links
A quick introduction to using SVG as a CSS background image.
BlogPost  SVG  CSS  Firefox  GoogleChrome 
july 2010 by robertc
common css mistakes - work blog -
Some common CSS mistakes and how to avoid them.
CSS  Tips 
june 2010 by robertc
Efficiently Rendering CSS | CSS-Tricks
CSS selector performance can be surprisingly non-intuitive.
BlogPost  CSS  Performance  Tips 
may 2010 by robertc
tapper[ware] » Perspective texture with 6 lines of SVG
Neat demo of what can be accomplished with a little SVG, only works in Firefox (which allows you to apply SVG filters with CSS).
BlogPost  SVG  CSS  Firefox  Hacks 
april 2010 by robertc
CSS Properties Index – Jens O. Meiert
A list of all CSS properties and which version of CSS they're valid for.
CSS  CSS3  Reference 
april 2010 by robertc
A Simple CSS Drop-Cap
Using selectors to target the first character and first line of your text.
CSS  Typography  Tips 
april 2010 by robertc
Cool Tools and Toys for Web Developers
Some tools to optimise your CSS and a CSS3 sandbox for you to test some of the new features interactively.
CSS  Tools 
march 2010 by robertc
Cross Browser CSS Transforms – even in IE
A library to implement cross browser rotation, shadows and gradients.
BlogPost  CSS  Library  JavaScript 
march 2010 by robertc
Eric's Archived Thoughts: Fixed Monospace Sizing
A detailed examination of the non-intuitive way browsers size monospaced fonts.
BlogPost  CSS  Typography 
february 2010 by robertc
universal-ie6-css - Project Hosting on Google Code
Remove all the bother of making your flashy site work in IE6, instead just display the content in a standard, readable manner.
IE6  CSS  Standards 
february 2010 by robertc
Forget About Photoshop: 5 More Ways to Stop Using Images in Your Designs - Cherrysave
Some cross browser strategies for achieving in CSS effects which are commonly implemented with images.
BlogPost  CSS  Tips 
february 2010 by robertc
Safari and Transparent Borders -
Some strange bugs in WebKit's handling of RGBa border colours.
BlogPost  CSS  Safari  GoogleChrome 
january 2010 by robertc
The Paciello Group Blog » High Contrast Proof CSS Sprites
Using CSS Sprites as background images is a popular technique, but it can cause accessibility issues in high contrast modes which don't display background images by default.
BlogPost  CSS  Accessibility 
january 2010 by robertc
CSS background transparency without affecting child elements, through RGBa and filters - Robert's talk
Cross browser alpha transparent background colours thanks to the gradient filter.
BlogPost  CSS  Colour  IE6  IE7  IE8 
january 2010 by robertc
Bulletproof @font-face syntax « Paul Irish
How to write your CSS so font-face embedding works reliably cross-browser, with example code and full explanation.
BlogPost  Web  Typography  Tips  CSS 
december 2009 by robertc
css gradients in Firefox 3.6 at
Several examples of CSS3 gradients using the new syntax.
BlogPost  Firefox  CSS  Example 
december 2009 by robertc
Cross-browser drop shadows using pure CSS — Nick Dunn
Supports even IE 6/7/8 but, unfortunately, not Opera.
BlogPost  CSS  Web  Design  Tips 
november 2009 by robertc
after Firefox 3.6 – new font control features for designers at
Glimpses of the future in web typography, discretionary ligatures, stylistic alternates and contextual form all available through CSS.
BlogPost  CSS  Typography  Firefox 
october 2009 by robertc :: Pullquotes and Multiple Background Images with CSS
Backwards compatibility with multiple CSS background images.
CSS  Tips 
october 2009 by robertc
Becoming a Font Embedding Master -
Examples of cross browser use of font-face, including fonts in SVG format.
BlogPost  CSS  Typography  SVG  Tutorial 
october 2009 by robertc
@font-face in Depth
Detailed explanation with examples of how to use the CSS font downloading rules cross browser.
BlogPost  CSS  Typography  Tutorial 
october 2009 by robertc
Detects browser support for several different HTML5 and CSS3 features, currently works better for Safari/Chrome than Firefox due to differences in gradient syntax.
Library  HTML5  CSS  JavaScript 
october 2009 by robertc
Perfect Full Page Background Image | CSS-Tricks
Make an image scale across the entire page as a background to the rest of your content.
BlogPost  CSS  Graphics  Tips 
october 2009 by robertc
Titanium Mobile | Appcelerator
Develop cross platform mobiles apps with web technologies.
MobileDevices  Development  HTML  CSS  JavaScript 
october 2009 by robertc
Dust-Me Selectors
A utility which compares your stylesheets with the pages on your site and tells you which selectors aren't being used.
CSS  Web  Development  Tools  FirefoxExtensions 
october 2009 by robertc
CSS 3 selectors explained | 456 Berea Street
Comprehensive guide to CSS3 selectors, including substring matching attribute selectors, element states pseudo-classes and structural pseudo-classes.
BlogPost  Web  Design  CSS  Reference 
september 2009 by robertc
11 Classic CSS Techniques Made Simple with CSS3 - Nettuts+
A look at the additional markup and scripting we can do without once we have web-wide support for CSS3.
BlogPost  CSS  Tips 
september 2009 by robertc
accessibility vs. alpha transparency | the 200ok weblog
RGBA colours introduce new ways for web designers to make sites inaccessible, sometimes in ways that are hard to detect through automated tests.
BlogPost  CSS  Accessibility 
september 2009 by robertc
Nice Web Type – RGBa, text-shadow in Safari, Firefox
Experiments with alpha transparency and text-shadow on WebKit and Gecko.
Web  Design  CSS  Typography  BlogPost 
september 2009 by robertc
Understanding vertical-align, or "How (Not) To Vertically Center Content"
A good explanation of the sometimes confusing vertical-align property.
CSS  Layout  Tips  HowTo 
september 2009 by robertc
Mark Finkle’s Weblog » Fennec – Of Screens and Orientation
Practical examples of CSS media queries, in this case for controlling an XUL UI.
BlogPost  CSS  FirefoxExtensions  Tips 
september 2009 by robertc
CSS Layout - 100% height
Single column layout that is always at least 100% of the viewport height but will push the gooter down as the content gets longer.
CSS  Layout  Example 
august 2009 by robertc
css-template-layout - Project Hosting on Google Code
An implementation, using Javascript, of the CSS3 Template Layout module.
CSS  Web  Design  Library  jQuery 
august 2009 by robertc
Text Rotation with CSS
Perform element rotation using CSS even with IE6
BlogPost  CSS  Web  Design  Tips 
august 2009 by robertc
CSS Colors: Take Control Using PHP
Use PHP to generate your CSS, which allows a number of refinements - variable names for colour schemes and automatic generation of palettes from base colours.
PHP  CSS  Colour  Tools 
july 2009 by robertc
Baseline Rhythm Calculator
Calculates font sizes and line heights for all main elements from a base font size that can be copied into your stylesheet.
CSS  Web  Tools  Typography 
july 2009 by robertc
HTML 5 and CSS 3: The Techniques You’ll Soon Be Using - Nettuts+
Tutorial describing how to style a blog using new features in HTML5 and CSS3.
Web  Design  CSS  HTML5  Tutorial 
july 2009 by robertc
CSS Creator Playing with CSS3
Demo page of several CSS rules which are candidates for inclusion in CSS 3.0
BlogPost  CSS  Tips 
june 2009 by robertc
emastic - Google Code
CSS grid framework for elastic and fluid layouts using em units
CSS  Web  Design  Framework 
june 2009 by robertc
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