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Rooms and Mazes: A Procedural Dungeon Generator –
Today we’re going to talk about possibly the most fun and challenging part of making a roguelike: generating dungeons!
Games  Development  BlogPost 
december 2014 by robertc
Pure CSS parallax scrolling websites | Keith Clark
"This article demonstrates how to use CSS transforms, perspective and some scaling trickery to create a pure CSS parallax scrolling website."
BlogPost  CSS3  Tips 
august 2014 by robertc
kapowaz: Cargo Cult CSS
"It is generally accepted that having a methodology for writing and managing CSS is preferable to having none at all. In spite of this, some of the practices developers have adopted are having a detrimental effect on the semantic quality and longterm maintainability of what we build."
BlogPost  CSS  Tips 
may 2014 by robertc
The Battle for the Body Field · An A List Apart Article
"Using this narrative-friendly approach to structured content isn’t a cakewalk ... But the payoff can be dramatic. Richer, more flexible designs can coexist with the demands of multichannel publishing; future design changes can sidestep the laborious process of scrubbing old content blobs; and simpler, streamlined tools can help editors and authors produce better content faster. By combining the best of XML and structured web content, we can make the body field safe for future generations."
BlogPost  CMS  Tips 
february 2014 by robertc
A Great Old-Timey Game-Programming Hack - Tom Moertel’s Blog
"We replaced this subroutine with a very special manifestation of insanity that commandeered both stack pointers and used pulls and pushes, and every single available register, to draw tiles upside down and horizontally broken.

Then we pre-processed the tiles so that drawing them would actually fix them."
BlogPost  Retro  Software  Hacks 
december 2013 by robertc
Waves and Locomotion « Nina Paley’s Blog
Simple techniques to create natural looking movement.
BlogPost  Graphics  Tips 
november 2013 by robertc
How a programmer can discover an asteroid - Ian Webster
"Software engineers, therefore, are in a unique position. Unfortunately, most still think of browsers no differently from how they did in 2005. They’re unaware that taking advantage of new browser standards and other emerging tech can significantly transform outside industries."
BlogPost  Web  OpenTech  Science 
august 2013 by robertc
Understanding Letters | The Typekit Blog
Excellent article about how to experiment with letter forms in logos while maintaining readability.
BlogPost  Typography 
august 2013 by robertc
azakai: What asm.js is and what asm.js isn't
"asm.js is a subset of JavaScript, defined with the goal of being easily optimizable and used primarily as a compiler target from languages like C and C++. I've seen some recent online discussions where people appear to misunderstand what those things mean, which motivated me to write this post, where I'll give my perspective on asm.js together with some context and history."
BlogPost  JavaScript  Performance 
july 2013 by robertc
Making a 60fps Mobile App | Aerotwist
"So really, when performance issues disappear you are left not with lingering thoughts on how the app was built, but rather the user's experience, and that's ultimately what matters."
BlogPost  MobileDevices  HTML5  CSS3  Performance 
july 2013 by robertc
BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - Draft BBC Mobile Accessibility Standards and Guidelines
"For the past eighteen months my team have been working hard to improve the accessibility of web content for mobile sites and native apps.

It’s been an interesting journey as there are no internationally accepted guidelines for mobile accessibility so as a result we thought we’d write our own"
BlogPost  Accessibility  MobileDevices  Standards 
june 2013 by robertc
Advanced cross-browser flexbox - Dev.Opera
Flexbox brings with it a lot of power and some very exciting possibilities for web development, allowing us to put together complex site layouts easily and rapidly, and dispensing with some of the illogical hacks and kludges that we've traditionally used.
BlogPost  CSS3  Tips 
june 2013 by robertc
Brian Richards • IE9 Hover Bug Workaround
However, in IE9, when you hover over the elements, the container mysteriously increases in size. And for some reason it grows beneath the scrollbar.

And it keeps increasing in size for each item hovered over. This keeps pushing down all content below the container and destroys the layout of the page.
BlogPost  Tips  IE9 
may 2013 by robertc
A List Apart: Articles: Application Cache is a Douchebag
An excellent introduction to the ins and outs of offline web applications.
BlogPost  HTML5 
may 2012 by robertc
Using OpenType font features with CSS 3: Part 1 | Fontdeck Blog
"Web designers have had access to OpenType features for a year or so, through properties proposed in the CSS 3 Fonts Module. Firefox has supported this since version 4, and but until recently it was the only browser do so. Now Microsoft has joined the party by announcing OpenType support in Internet Explorer 10, along with Chrome on Windows"
BlogPost  CSS3  Typography 
may 2012 by robertc
Scrum, The Good Bits: The Backlog
How the backlog can help you and your team gain a reputation for delivering on time.
BlogPost  Agile  Tips 
april 2012 by robertc
Light Blue Touchpaper » Blog Archive » A one-line software patent – and a fix
"About 25 years ago, large IT research organizations discovered standards as a gold mine, a vehicle to force users to buy patent licenses, not because the technology is any good, but because it is required for compatibility. This is achieved by writing the standards very carefully such that there is no way to come up with a compatible implementation that does not require a patent license, an art that has been greatly perfected since."
BlogPost  OpenSource  OpenTech  IntellectualProperty 
april 2012 by robertc
Graham King » Credit card generator
Command line Python program, Java program, C# program, PHP script, and Javascript script to generate valid (MOD 10) credit card numbers. Useful for testing e-commerce sites.
BlogPost  Web  Development  Tools 
march 2012 by robertc
Bruce Lawson’s personal site  : The best of <time>s
A nice write up of the new capabilities in the <time> element.
BlogPost  HTML5  SemanticWeb 
january 2012 by robertc
The State of HTML5 Mobile in 2012 « Safari Books Online's Official Blog
"This post will focus on the topics that are of relevance for creating HTML5 mobile Web applications, which promises to be a big breakthrough trend in the coming year."
BlogPost  HTML5  MobileDevices 
january 2012 by robertc
The Reality of HTML5 Game Development and making money from it | Photon Storm
An excellent summary of all the possibilities for developing games with HTML5 and related technologies.
BlogPost  HTML5  CSS3  SVG  Games 
january 2012 by robertc
Tiered, Adaptive Front-end Experiences « Paul Irish
Paul Irish gives us some ammunition for the "it must look the same in all browsers" battles.
BlogPost  Web  Design  Tips 
october 2011 by robertc
An introduction to WebGL - Dev.Opera
To celebrate the upcoming launch of Opera 12, a series of articles on WebGL.
BlogPost  HTML5  Graphics 
october 2011 by robertc
A Farewell to CSS3 Gradients » HTML & CSS, Layout » Design Festival
A nice introduction to using SVG gradients as backgrounds, they're far more flexible than CSS3 gradients.
BlogPost  SVG  Web  Design  Tips 
september 2011 by robertc
Opera Desktop Team - Network latency improvements, Microdata and QRESYNC
A snapshot build of Opera 12 with support for the HTML5 Microdata API.
BlogPost  Opera  Microdata 
july 2011 by robertc
Second IE10 Platform Preview Available for Developers
At last, an IE release with support for HTML5 forms.
BlogPost  IE10  HTML5  CSS3 
july 2011 by robertc
CSS reflections for Firefox, with -moz-element() and SVG masks | Lea Verou
A neat reflection effect achieved with a variety of web technologies.
BlogPost  Firefox  CSS3  Tips 
july 2011 by robertc
Clip your hidden content for better accessibility | Yahoo! Accessibility Library
How you hide your extra content for screen readers can make a big difference to accessibility, this post gives a run down of all the techniques and examines clipping in detail.
BlogPost  Accessibility  Tips 
june 2011 by robertc
Google Testing Blog: Introducing DOM Snitch, our passive in-the-browser reconnaissance tool
A Chrome extension that enables developers and testers to identify insecure practices commonly found in client-side code.
BlogPost  Testing  Security  Tools  GoogleChromeExtensions 
june 2011 by robertc
How To Run A News Site And Newspaper Using WordPress And Google Docs - 10,000 Words
An interesting approach to building a newspaper, using free tools to generate and publish the content online, then feeding that same content into InDesign for the print edition.
BlogPost  Media  News  Tools 
june 2011 by robertc
The 11 JavaScript Mistakes you’re Making | Nettuts+
Well written introduction to several things you really ought to know before doing any serious JavaScript.
BlogPost  JavaScript  Tips 
june 2011 by robertc
Useful :nth-child Recipes | CSS-Tricks
Several good examples with clear illustrations.
BlogPost  CSS  Tips 
june 2011 by robertc Data, Apps and 800,000 Triples at
The Open Knowledge Foundation announce the launch of a European-wide registry of semantic web data.
BlogPost  SemanticWeb  Repository 
june 2011 by robertc
pdf.js: Rendering PDF with HTML5 and JavaScript | Andreas Gal
A JavaScript library for rendering PDFs into a canvas element without any server side support, future plans include rendering to SVG.
BlogPost  JavaScript  PDF  HTML5 
june 2011 by robertc
Where are my rounded corners? « Boagworld
"Sometimes we see confusion among our clients when they see their new site in their browser and it looks different to the design they signed off. In this fact-sheet we explain why accepting these differences has many benefits and doing so outweighs the limited drawbacks."
BlogPost  Web  Design  Tips 
may 2011 by robertc
Font sizing with rem -
The rem unit offers an excellent alternative to relative font sizing with em an percentage units.
BlogPost  CSS  Web  Design  Tips 
may 2011 by robertc
Javascript Mistakes You Must Avoid
Good list of JavaScript gotchas, the event delegation tip was particularly timely for me.
BlogPost  JavaScript  Tips 
may 2011 by robertc
Adactio: Journal—Content First
Don't design 'canvas in', starting with a few specific pixel widths, design 'content out'.
BlogPost  Web  Design  MobileDevices 
may 2011 by robertc
Thoughts on when to use Canvas and SVG - IEBlog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
Nice article summarizing the sweet spots of the two technologies with use cases.
BlogPost  SVG  HTML5  Tips 
may 2011 by robertc
The Cicada Principle and Why It Matters to Web Designers » HTML & CSS, Layout » Design Festival
Have you been looking for a example which takes advantage of CSS3's multiple background images that isn't a re-hashing of the sliding doors technique? Here it is...
BlogPost  Web  Design  CSS3 
april 2011 by robertc
HTML5, ARIA Roles, and Screen Readers in March 2011 | Research | Accessible Culture
With the release of Firefox 4 and IE9, how much has screenreader support for ARIA improved since last year?
BlogPost  Accessibility  Reference 
april 2011 by robertc
Keyboard Accessibility for Web Applications -
JavaScript isn't always bad for accessibility, it can be really useful in providing a consistent experience for keyboard users.
BlogPost  Accessibility  JavaScript 
april 2011 by robertc
Longdesc Misuse: How Prevalent? at Karl Groves
Is longdesc really universally misused? New research indicates: no.
BlogPost  Accessibility  HTML5 
april 2011 by robertc
Designing For The Future Web - Smashing Magazine
"If a single consistent experience is our goal, this begs the question, should we create a mobile website that scales up or a desktop website that degrades?

The answer is neither. We should try to create a single design that can be used across all devices without alteration. But in practice, at least for the moment, we should start with the simplest website and work up."
BlogPost  Web  Design  MobileDevices 
april 2011 by robertc
Give Floats the Flick in CSS Layouts » Web Tech » SitePoint Blogs
Andrew Tetlaw discusses several CSS layout techniques which are far more reliable than floats (if you don't have to support IE6/7).
BlogPost  CSS  Tips 
march 2011 by robertc
HTML5 does NOT allow “self-closing” tags … • Tiffany B. Brown
Just because you can use opening tags without closing tags in HTML5 doesn't mean you should.
BlogPost  HTML5  Tips 
march 2011 by robertc
Can Hated Design Elements Be Made to Work? (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox)
Once a design element becomes universally hated (eg. flashing banner ads, popups) then if you implement a similar looking design element, even if you implement your feature in a usable and intuitive manner, most people will dismiss it immediately based on their past experiences. There are signs this is starting to happen with lightboxes.
BlogPost  Usability  Design  Tips 
march 2011 by robertc
David Baron's weblog: What does a blur radius mean?
You may have been hearing for several years that all browsers support box-shadow and we should just drop the vendor prefixes already. If you've been wondering why they haven't, this post indicates the level of interoperability the browser vendors have been aiming for.
BlogPost  CSS3  Web  Standards 
march 2011 by robertc
Rangnarök - HTML 5 compliance: the next step
Try out Opera's new HTML5 parser in an 11.50 alpha build, consistent cross browser parsing for bad markup.
BlogPost  Web  Standards  Opera 
february 2011 by robertc
The Tink Tank » London Web Standards presentation
Although nominally about the current lack of screen reader support for HTML5 semantic improvements, this talk also includes an excellent introduction to screen readers in general.
BlogPost  Accessibility  Presentation 
february 2011 by robertc
Cross Platform Scalable Vector Graphics with svgweb
"Despite all the attention being paid to canvas, there’s still a place for good ole SVG, particularly for developers looking to replace plug-ins like Flash for data visualization."
BlogPost  SVG  Tutorial 
february 2011 by robertc
isolani - Javascript: Breaking the Web with hash-bangs
Should websites work without JavaScript? Twitter and Gawker apparently believe that they shouldn't.
BlogPost  JavaScript  Web  Standards 
february 2011 by robertc
jQuery: » jQuery 1.5 Released
JQuery 1.5 boasts significant performance improvements and an all new wrapper for AJAX requests.
BlogPost  jQuery  News 
february 2011 by robertc
HTML5 vs. HTML – Jeffrey Zeldman Presents The Daily Report
Is it HTML5? Is it HTML? Does it matter? Zeldman weighs in on the debate.
BlogPost  Web  Standards  HTML5 
january 2011 by robertc
What the Heck is Shadow DOM? « Dimitri Glazkov
If you're building a library of rich UI widgets out of HTML components you might want to encapsulate all that complexity so that users of your widgets only have to deal with a single element, this is called shadow DOM and the public-webapps group is currently discussing how to make this available to scripts.
BlogPost  JavaScript  RIA 
january 2011 by robertc
Adactio: Journal—The design of datalist
How to use datalist in browsers that support it, but fallback to a regular select in older browsers.
BlogPost  HTML5  Tips 
january 2011 by robertc
Staging Servers, Source Control & Deploy Workflows, And Other Stuff Nobody Teaches You: MicroISV on a Shoestring
If your deployment workflow generally involves a whole lot of bubble gum, duct tape, and praying then reading this is a good place to start improving things.
Web  Development  Deployment  BlogPost 
december 2010 by robertc
Troy Hunt: OWASP Top 10 for .NET developers part 6: Security Misconfiguration
Some tips on configuring ASP.Net in a more secure fashion on production environments.
BlogPost  Web  Security  Tips 
december 2010 by robertc
A List Apart: Articles: ARIA and Progressive Enhancement
ARIA can potentially offer great accessibility benefits in rich internet applications, but support is inconsistent and patchy - can ARIA be implemented in a way compatible with progressive enhancement?
BlogPost  Web  Accessibility 
december 2010 by robertc
A List Apart: Articles: The Accessibility of WAI-ARIA
A look at the practical issues around testing accessibility and implementing ARIA in the sort of browsers and assistive technologies currently in use.
BlogPost  Web  Accessibility 
december 2010 by robertc
WebAIM: Blog - The Ghosts of ARIA Present and Future
Some excellent commentary on the two ALA posts, suggesting a slightly more forward thinking approach.
BlogPost  Web  Accessibility 
december 2010 by robertc
Inline-Block whitespace workaround | Life @ High Road Communications
If you've switched from floats to inline-block for your layouts then this article has some useful tips.
BlogPost  CSS  Layout  Tips 
november 2010 by robertc
A List Apart: Articles: CSS Positioning 101
An excellent introduction to the often misunderstood position property.
BlogPost  CSS  Layout  Tutorial 
november 2010 by robertc
Learning to Love HTML5 - Smashing Magazine
Great introduction to some of the new features in HTML5.
BlogPost  HTML5  Tips 
november 2010 by robertc
Things Worth Noting About CSS Attribute Selectors
A good introduction to the various possibilities available to you with attribute selectors.
BlogPost  CSS3  Tips 
november 2010 by robertc
Wealthfront Engineering: jQuery the Right Way
An easy to follow summary of things you should learn as you move from novice towards jQuery master.
BlogPost  jQuery  Performance  Tips 
october 2010 by robertc
video + canvas = magic | HTML5 Doctor
Combine the video element with the canvas element for fun and profit.
BlogPost  HTML5  Media  JavaScript 
october 2010 by robertc
rem @ > 140 characters - Hold off on deploying HTML5 in websites?
What would it really mean for 'HTML5' to be 'ready'? An entertaining rant by Remy Sharp.
BlogPost  HTML5  Standards 
october 2010 by robertc
jQuery Events: Stop (Mis)Using Return False | Fuel Your Coding
Many of us, when we were learning JavaScript, saw example code which stopped an event's default action by issuing a return false - it's quick, easy and works cross browser, however it may not be what you really want to do.
Tips  BlogPost  JavaScript 
september 2010 by robertc
A List Apart: Articles: Forward Thinking Form Validation
A nice introduction to HTML5 Forms and a JavaScript library to add support in older browsers.
BlogPost  HTML5  CSS3  Tips 
september 2010 by robertc
Microdata: HTML5’s Best-Kept Secret | Webmonkey |
I've noticed that Microdata has been receiving increasing attention from bloggers in the last few weeks, it's still only in the WHATWG version of the HTML5 spec, however.
BlogPost  HTML5  Microdata  SemanticWeb 
september 2010 by robertc
Extending HTML5 — Microformats | HTML5 Doctor
It is possible to continue using Microformats, with a few exceptions in HTML5.
BlogPost  HTML5  Microformats 
september 2010 by robertc
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