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BBC - Blogs - Internet blog - Draft BBC Mobile Accessibility Standards and Guidelines
"For the past eighteen months my team have been working hard to improve the accessibility of web content for mobile sites and native apps.

It’s been an interesting journey as there are no internationally accepted guidelines for mobile accessibility so as a result we thought we’d write our own"
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june 2013 by robertc
Clip your hidden content for better accessibility | Yahoo! Accessibility Library
How you hide your extra content for screen readers can make a big difference to accessibility, this post gives a run down of all the techniques and examines clipping in detail.
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june 2011 by robertc
HTML5, ARIA Roles, and Screen Readers in March 2011 | Research | Accessible Culture
With the release of Firefox 4 and IE9, how much has screenreader support for ARIA improved since last year?
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april 2011 by robertc
Keyboard Accessibility for Web Applications -
JavaScript isn't always bad for accessibility, it can be really useful in providing a consistent experience for keyboard users.
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april 2011 by robertc
Longdesc Misuse: How Prevalent? at Karl Groves
Is longdesc really universally misused? New research indicates: no.
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april 2011 by robertc
The Tink Tank » London Web Standards presentation
Although nominally about the current lack of screen reader support for HTML5 semantic improvements, this talk also includes an excellent introduction to screen readers in general.
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february 2011 by robertc
A List Apart: Articles: ARIA and Progressive Enhancement
ARIA can potentially offer great accessibility benefits in rich internet applications, but support is inconsistent and patchy - can ARIA be implemented in a way compatible with progressive enhancement?
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december 2010 by robertc
A List Apart: Articles: The Accessibility of WAI-ARIA
A look at the practical issues around testing accessibility and implementing ARIA in the sort of browsers and assistive technologies currently in use.
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december 2010 by robertc
WebAIM: Blog - The Ghosts of ARIA Present and Future
Some excellent commentary on the two ALA posts, suggesting a slightly more forward thinking approach.
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december 2010 by robertc
Web Teacher › ARIA States 101
A look at ARIA roles for describing widget state.
Web  Accessibility  Tutorial 
october 2010 by robertc
Web Teacher › ARIA Roles 101
A look at ARIA roles for describing page structure and widget types.
Web  Accessibility  Tutorial 
october 2010 by robertc
An introduction to using WAI-ARIA to enable Web 2.0 accessibility
Coverage of Presentation of document structure (landmarks), Dynamic content updates (live regions), Keyboard accessibility enhancements (tabindex), and Widget accessibility (role, name & state).
Accessibility  Web2.0  Development  JavaScript 
october 2010 by robertc
Making maps accessible - Commonwealth Conversations: Technology
Mapping applications are a great example of where accessibility is not just about adding alternative text to graphics - think about the information your users need and only then decide an approach for alternatives to the map.
BlogPost  Web  Accessibility  GIS 
august 2010 by robertc
Juicy Studio: Examining WAI-ARIA Document Landmark Roles
Gez's accessibility extension has recently been updated so now you can use it to test, discover and navigate through ARIA landmarks.
BlogPost  Accessibility  Development  Tools  FirefoxExtensions 
july 2010 by robertc
ASP.NET Labels with Associated Controls inside of User Controls - Travis Collins
Setting AssociatedControlID when the control you're setting the label for is a user control within which the target element is a child component.
BlogPost  ASP  Accessibility 
june 2010 by robertc
WebAIM: Blog - Future Web Accessibility: SVG
Unlike many other technologies coming to the fore because of HTML5, SVG has a lot of capability for accessibility built in. Unfortunately, that capability is yet to be translated into actual support in browsers and assistive technology.
BlogPost  SVG  Accessibility  HTML5 
june 2010 by robertc
Why websites shouldn't accommodate disabled users | Because it's good
Don't accommodate disabled users as some sort of afterthough, design your website to be usable by everyone from the start.
BlogPost  Accessibility  Usability 
march 2010 by robertc
Open source screen reading software for Windows.
Accessibility  Tools  Python  Windows 
february 2010 by robertc
Orca - GNOME Live!
The Gnome based open source screen reader software.
Accessibility  Tools  Linux 
february 2010 by robertc
XUL accessibility guidelines - MDC
Take advantage of the accessibility features in Firefox 3.5+ and Thunderbird 3.0+ when writing extensions.
Accessibility  FirefoxExtensions  Development  HowTo 
february 2010 by robertc
Ian Pouncey » Blog Archive » Web accessibility myths
"[A]ccessibility isn’t a target to aim for, it is a goal to aspire to."
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january 2010 by robertc
The Paciello Group Blog » High Contrast Proof CSS Sprites
Using CSS Sprites as background images is a popular technique, but it can cause accessibility issues in high contrast modes which don't display background images by default.
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january 2010 by robertc
WCAG Tutorial
While WCAG is widely used, it is not easy to find comprehensive tutorials on it. This tutorial is intended to fill this gap, and provide a useful tool for web designers, developers and testers.
Accessibility  Tutorial 
december 2009 by robertc
Developing a Web Accessibility Business Case for Your Organization: Overview
This page is the first of five web pages covering the social, technical, financial, and legal and policy factors in the business case for Web accessibility. Each page presents different aspects of Web accessibility along with guidance on developing a customized business case.
Web  Accessibility  Communication  Management 
december 2009 by robertc
Accessibility of Rich Internet Applications
Presented at the 2009 Accessing Higher Ground Conference by Jared Smith.
Accessibility  Presentation 
november 2009 by robertc
WebAIM: Screen Reader User Survey Results
In October 2009, WebAIM conducted a survey of preferences of screen reader users. We hope that these results will provide insight to developers and cause us to rethink and better analyze development choices that we make for screen reader users.
Accessibility  Statistics 
november 2009 by robertc
accessibility vs. alpha transparency | the 200ok weblog
RGBA colours introduce new ways for web designers to make sites inaccessible, sometimes in ways that are hard to detect through automated tests.
BlogPost  CSS  Accessibility 
september 2009 by robertc
Accessibility Color Wheel
Pick foreground and background colour combinations which meet the WCAG 2.0 accessibility guidelines.
Web  Accessibility  Colour  Tools 
august 2009 by robertc
A List Apart: Articles: The Inclusion Principle
Create accessible websites through the inclusion principal.
BlogPost  Accessibility  Web 
july 2009 by robertc
Guidelines -- Web Writing that Works
Guidelines for writing clear and readable web content including a section on reducing cognitive burdens which is important for communicating to readers with learning disabilities.
Web  Writing  Tips  Accessibility  Usability 
july 2009 by robertc
Interface Hall of Shame
Dated but comprehensive guide to UI usability mistakes.
Usability  Accessibility  Design  Software 
june 2009 by robertc
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