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JonBenet suspect heads to U.S. in style
"Karr started with a pate, then had a green salad with walnut dressing. The main course was fried king prawn with steamed rice and broccoli, followed by a slice of Valrhona chocolate cake for dessertKarr drank a beer, crushing the can with his hands..."
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august 2006 by robertbrook
" impression of this society is that it's a place where the idea of being in public doesn't really work"
More wonderful readable commentary from Mr. Currie. Is this a 'book'? Whatever it is, it's great read.
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february 2006 by robertbrook
Opposition Research
"Holy crap! We must henceforth engage in ELABORATE, SUPERFICIAL RITUALS so that this will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!"
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august 2004 by robertbrook
Will and Grace
So much better than Friends.
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august 2004 by robertbrook

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