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may 2015 by robertbrook
Web Archiving Integration Layer (WAIL)
What Is It?
Web Archiving Integration Layer (WAIL) is a graphical user interface (GUI) atop multiple web archiving tools intended to be used as an easy way for anyone to preserve and replay web pages.

Tools included and accessible through the GUI are Heritrix 3.1.2, Wayback 1.7, and warc-proxy. Support packages include Apache Tomcat, phantomjs and pyinstaller.

WAIL is written mostly in Python and a small amount of JavaScript.
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march 2015 by robertbrook - Feedalizer
"Feedalizer is a small Ruby library that glues together the standard library’s RSS library with Hpricot in order to make it easy to transform web pages into RSS feeds. If you ask me, it makes it too easy."
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august 2006 by robertbrook
"LFTP is sophisticated ftp/http client, file transfer program."
"Like BASH, it has job control and uses readline library for input. It has bookmarks, built-in mirror, can transfer several files in parallel."
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september 2004 by robertbrook
R2 org uk UNIX Shell Tutorial
Welcome to Richard's UNIX Shell Scripting Universe.
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september 2004 by robertbrook
OmniOutliner: competition at last?
Big talk from a "fresh face in the tired throng of outlining applications"
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august 2004 by robertbrook KaBlam
"KaBlam is a non-linear text editor that breaks down text into nodes in a tree."
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august 2004 by robertbrook
Home of nuhi - Projects - nLite
"a GUI for permanent Windows component removal"
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july 2004 by robertbrook
Among Other Things » Like Tinderbox only better
OmniOutliner better than Tinderbox. Now there's a surprise.
july 2004 by robertbrook

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