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Ellen returns to hero's welcome
"The Tourist Information Centre had been renamed the Ellen Information Centre."
ellen  sailing  sport  uk 
february 2005 by robertbrook
" Two opponents wear a boxing glove on their left hand and a lighter padded glove on their right, and attempt to knock each other into the pool."
sport  tv  uk 
october 2004 by robertbrook
Radcliffe baffled by failure
Brit starts marathon ended by Japan
olympics  sport 
august 2004 by robertbrook
Britain's golden day
Rowing, sailing, horses, bikes...
olympics  sport  uk 
august 2004 by robertbrook
'True Olympics' begin in Greece
"Anyone can take part regardless of age or talent, as long as they run barefooted and in traditional tunics."
history  sport 
july 2004 by robertbrook
Olympic bid 'up for sale'
'The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has launched an inquiry into claims of "unethical conduct" surrounding the 2012 Olympic bid.'
corruption  olympics  sport  london 
july 2004 by robertbrook
Male athletes starving themselves in race for success
"They can't understand why they keep getting injured, but it's obvious to me. Their bodies just haven't got the strength to deal with the training workloads, so they break down."
july 2004 by robertbrook

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