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Return to the dark ages
"What exactly is this picture of Moss-as-African-woman supposed to portray?"
society  dubious 
september 2006 by robertbrook
Madrid bans waifs from catwalks
"The Spanish Association of Fashion Designers has decided to ban models who have a BMI of less than 18."
health  society 
september 2006 by robertbrook
Mobile 'Sousveillance'
Will have to ask Southwark about this.
mobile  society  Sousveillance 
august 2005 by robertbrook
How should truancy rates be reduced?
"Why bother to reduce truancy rates? Someone has to flip burgers and clean toilets. Spend the money on those who want to put in effort to better themselves."
uk  society  truancy 
february 2005 by robertbrook

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