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Meat de la Virgen de la Mercedes on Flickr - "Spot the intestines."
"For those who aren't used to religious icons being associated extremely closely with roast pork, then it can be surprising. Particularly when you see worshippers dancing with half a split pig strapped to their shoulders, atop of which is a wee, fat dribb
religion  intestines 
september 2006 by robertbrook
"When asked about my religion I usually just say that I am an Athiest"
'...but on the other hand I spent five days exploring "The Many Faces of the Goddess" at a gathering in Wales last year and it was a very positive experience'
religion  wales  goddess 
january 2005 by robertbrook
Punch-up at tomb of Jesus
"Fistfights broke out yesterday between Christians gathered on the site of the crucifixion and burial of Jesus Christ."
september 2004 by robertbrook
RoleModel Software
Wow. Christianity meets XP!
religion  xp 
july 2004 by robertbrook

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