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Will Self's reading room: post-it hell?
Last I saw Will Self he was running around Battersea Park adventure playground. Fun times.
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august 2006 by robertbrook
Get Real: Print This
"Wilson pointed out that he is an author, and for each $35 sale of his book at Amazon, he receives like $1.50 in royalties. However, as an Amazon affiliate he receives $3.50 per sale coming through his website."
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november 2004 by robertbrook -- Online Catalog: Mind Hacks
Some of it looks laughable, other bits fantastic...
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november 2004 by robertbrook
Philip Greenspun
"A woman gets rich after her casino-owning parents are killed in a Gulfstream that crashes while transporting a performing bear. Her biologist husband subsequently tosses her off the back of a cruise ship in an attempted murder..."
july 2004 by robertbrook

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