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4 days ago
Stitch is a lightweight framework for adding interaction to your Framer prototypes directly from your Sketch designs.
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7 days ago
Smooch: Build better messaging
Connect with your customers
Mobile and web messaging API & SDKs for apps and businesses.
mobile  product  development 
7 days ago
We are vulnerable by choice — Medium
In the safest, most boring country, the worst lone gunman shooting happens. The worst in the world, in history. But it will not make our country worse. The safe, boring democracy will supply him with a defense lawyer as is his right. He will not get more than 21 years in prison as is the maximum extent of the law. Our democracy does not allow for enough punishment to satisfy my need for revenge, as is its intention.

We will not become worse, we will be better. We lived in a land where this is possible, even easy. And we will keep living in a land where this is possible, even easy. We are open, we are free and we are together. We are vulnerable by choice. And we will keep on like that, that’s how we want to live. We will not be worse because of the worst. We must be good because of the best.
violence  guns  society  freedom  liberty  prison 
9 days ago
A/A Testing: How I increased conversions 300% by doing absolutely nothing

In Zero to One, Peter Theil warns against “incrementalism,” or just working to improve what’s already out there. Our world needs entrepreneurs with vision, and if they’re busy second-guessing and testing everything (and often making the incorrect decisions based upon these tests), that’s a sad thing for humanity.

Even Eric Ries, one of the forefathers of the Lean Startup movement that has spawned the cult of A/B testing implicitly warns against taking testing too seriously in his book, The Lean Startup:

We cannot afford to have our success breed a new pseudoscience around pivots, MVPs, and the like. This was the fate of scientific management, and in the end, I believe, that set back its cause by decades. Science came to stand for the victory of routine work over creative work, mechanization over humanity, and plans over agility. Later movements had to be spawned to correct those deficiencies.
–Eric Ries, The Lean Startup
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11 days ago
Grid by Example
CSS Grid Layout Module
css3  grids 
13 days ago
mdcss lets you easily create and maintain style guides with CSS comments using Markdown.
markdown  styleguide  grunt  gulp 
20 days ago
Create Free Brand & Design Style Guides with Frontify Style Guide
Create your web-based style guide within minutes. It's free & easy. Start from scratch or use our style guide templates.
20 days ago
Chrome vs Safari vs Firefox web browser efficiency
Use Safari instead of Chrome and get an extra hour of battery life
web  safari  chrome  battery  macbook 
20 days ago
Fresco - A Beautiful Responsive Lightbox
Fresco is a beautiful responsive lightbox. It can be used to create stunning overlays that work great at any screen size, in all browsers on every device.
lightbox  javascript  images  jquery  js  gallery  RWD 
25 days ago
Detect when images have been loaded.
images  javascript  jquery  js  lazyload 
26 days ago
{errorception} blog: Enabling CORS on Amazon CloudFront with S3 as your Origin Server
Use instructions here to enable cross-origin requests for CloudFront, in combination with CORS policy on the S3 bucket to make sure font files get loaded from different domains
amazon  s3  hosting  cloudfront 
4 weeks ago
Simple Icons
icons  logos  svg 
5 weeks ago
Building a design-driven culture
the act of design “devises courses of action aimed at changing existing situations into preferred ones.”


All that matters is that whoever has the responsibility is the primary customer advocate. He or she must bring the customer’s point of view to business decisions, translate business goals into customer-friendly initiatives, and build a culture in which employees think about how what they do affects customers.


Our preferred approach for mitigating this is what we call a “four wall” approach: setting up a war room from day one and bringing in people from design, engineering or IT, operations, and project management who are committed to the process
userresearch  management  product  culture  design  metrics 
5 weeks ago
The Perception of Speed | High Performance Web Sites
Keeping the old page in place improves the user experience for the same reason that making airline passengers walk six times longer to get their bags reduces complaints about long waits at the baggage claim. “Occupied time (walking to baggage claim) feels shorter than unoccupied time (standing at the carousel),”
spinners  speed  performance 
5 weeks ago
Let Your Users Wait
Anderson discusses what he calls the “missed opportunity” in an app that calculates fuel usage per mile: after users enter all the required details (miles driven since last fueling, numbers of liters in current filling, price etc.) they are excited to see the results telling them how good their fuel usage was over the past few days.

This is a thrilling moment, but it’s also the sole moment during the week when the app is used. The results appear without any delay, and the “missed opportunity” is that the designers didn’t give users a chance to guess for themselves, nor did they create any build-up of tension (like reality TV shows do so horrifyingly well). The result just appears on the screen in a cold and efficient way.
spinners  speed  product  ux  time 
5 weeks ago
DSS, Documented Style Sheets is a comment guide and parser for CSS, LESS, STYLUS, SASS and SCSS code. This project does static file analysis and parsing to generate an object to be used for generating styleguides.
styleguide  css  js 
7 weeks ago
DocumentCSS - DocumentCSS
Create live style guides with interactive examples, that change as your design does.
SGDD  styleguide  css  process 
7 weeks ago
My… Definition of Agile — Medium
“Agile is a way of working that accepts we can’t know everything in advance and things we do know about might change”
8 weeks ago
Resume Builder
Enter your LinkedIn username below to build a stylish PDF resume from your public Linkedin Profile.
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8 weeks ago
Tired of keeping all your dependencies up to date? Uncomfortable with just pinning them? Yup, so are we. So we made greenkeeper: it knows when your dependencies got updated and simply sends you a pull request with the new package.json. If you've got continuous integration tests, they'll run, and you can keep your software up to date with a single click on GitHub's merge button.
npm  development  github 
8 weeks ago
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