Reactive Components for Modern Web Interfaces
js  prototyping 
10 days ago
Free The Law | Projects | Library Innovation Lab
Free The Law is making all U.S. case law freely accessible online
law  usa  amiqus 
20 days ago
CAD files of any area in the world
CAD Mapper transforms data from public sources such as OpenStreetMap and NASA into neatly organized CAD files.
drawing  CAD  maps  architecture 
21 days ago
Welcome to Bedrock. Bedrock is a powerful static site generator to create advanced HTML prototypes.
prototyping  ssg 
26 days ago - Free Temp Email
With Email on Deck you can quickly generate an email address that's valid for less than a day and then deletes itself automatically.
26 days ago
Your Mac's mobile data savior
TripMode automatically reduces your mobile data consumption when you use a mobile hotspot
data  mobile 
26 days ago
SameDiff compares two or more text files and tells you how similar or different they are.
SameDiff compares one corpus of text to another corpus of text to show you similarities and differences. It uses a cosine similarity algorithm to rate whether the documents are really similar or totally different.
diffing  data 
4 weeks ago
WTFcsv tells you WTF is going on with your .csv file.
Data arrives at your doorstep in the form of a spreadsheet but how do you find a story in rows and columns? WTFcsv provides the first step by characterizing each column's data type and contents so that you can ask more questions.
data  csv  spreadsheets 
4 weeks ago
WordCounter analyzes your text and tells you the most common words and phrases.
writing  data  grammar 
4 weeks ago
DataBasic is a suite of easy-to-use web tools for beginners that introduce concepts of working with data.
data  tools 
4 weeks ago
BrooklynJS is a monthly JavaScript event that takes place in Brooklyn, New York. From its start in November 2013 until this was written in December 2015, BrooklynJS had showcased 102 speakers and 15 musical guests for thousands of attendees, who along with 45 sponsors helped raise over $36,000. It grew alongside a new community of JavaScripters that has become one of the most vibrant in the world.

This is my story of how BrooklynJS came to be.
events  talks  javascript  brooklyn  newyork 
7 weeks ago
Solutions ☼ CoeLux
he light of Northern Europe, the Mediterranean and
The Tropics are the three types of settings that CoeLux offers for you to experience, anywhere, anytime.
architecture  lighting  home 
7 weeks ago
Curiosity by Tamper
Curiosity is a context-aware Wikipedia reader for iPhone. Using your location, trending topics, and other curated sections, Curiosity brings you the most interesting and relevant articles using Wikipedia’s extensive and reliable collection.
wikipedia  apps  ios  iphone 
7 weeks ago
Why scale?
Why scale?
Why add new products, hire new people, increase distribution?

Is it to please the shareholders?

The board?

Or your customers?

Investment costs money and it wants a return. But your customers don't care about that.

Use capital wisely, because sooner or later, you work for it, not the people you set out to serve or the market you sought to change.
scaling  product  scale 
9 weeks ago
Create a culture of continuous improvement with the lightweight alternative to traditional performance reviews
management  mobile  peerreviews 
11 weeks ago
Curated creative design and development resources | oozled
Curated resources for everything creative
Find resources that inspire you and create your own feed based on your favourites.
design  resources  tools  documentation 
12 weeks ago
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