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How to get hired | Derek Sivers
In my 15 years running two companies and two bands, I've employed about 100 people.

So from an employer's point of view, here's my best advice on how to get hired:
june 2010 by rmateu
EB-5 Investment - EB-5 Immigration and Visa Resource Center
The immigrant investor, or EB-5, program is a highly beneficial permanent residence option for the wealthy individual. Since there is no quota waiting list in this preference category, it enables a foreign national to obtain permanent residence status more expeditiously than with most other options.
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march 2010 by rmateu
One Page Résumé Site | CSS-Tricks
I created a really simple design. Then I replaced all her content with good ol’ C’thulu so I have a generic template I can give out to you folks.
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january 2010 by rmateu
The Digital Business Card Wordpress Theme - Human3rror
Obviously inspired by sites like Card.ly and Tim Van Damme, this theme is perfect for those that need a good “Digital Business Card” or “Digital Curriculum Vitae” or “Personal Branding Landing Page” or even if you simply need a simple website with a few bits of information and links to social networks.
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november 2009 by rmateu
Resume: A Tale of Desire, Intrigue, and Formatting
However, if you don’t want to read the book I’ll summarize some of the principles you need to know in order to make your resume look a lot better.
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november 2009 by rmateu
Mister Stevenson
He’s a web designer, but he doesn’t have a resume. 10 great designers have volunteered to do it up for him. You can read the whole account on Smashing Magazine and get a bit of advice on what makes a good one.
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august 2009 by rmateu

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