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Create clear and fast WordPress websites.
Without coding, having fun.
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march 2018 by rmateu
HardyPress - Use WordPress as a static site generator
Blazing-fast hosting for €48/year. We handle site security by making your website static.
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august 2017 by rmateu
Sort by tags, browse by categories, find trending themes, or pick a theme from your favorite authors.
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august 2017 by rmateu
A fast, responsive and minimal theme based on the zh2 theme, inspired by our website's layout simplicity.

We made it more readable and faster through the use of system fonts rendered in bigger size.
It is only 138 Kb, and it has an archives page, a title with the tagline and includes full control of your content for easier, more straighforward blogging.
wordpress  theme  minimalist 
july 2017 by rmateu
Elegant WordPress, Ghost & Jekyll
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march 2017 by rmateu
Speed Up a WordPress Website in 8 Steps
Since nowadays, speed and performance are kings when it comes to SEO and user engagement, I decide to compile a set of steps to improve WordPress speed.
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january 2017 by rmateu
12 Tips for Hosting WordPress on OpenShift
WordPress is the most popular QuickStart on OpenShift Hub. Here are some tips to make the most of it!
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december 2016 by rmateu
Tailor · Build amazing page layouts using WordPress for free!
Tailor makes it easier than ever to create beautiful and complex websites.
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july 2016 by rmateu
Home - Artisan Themes
Handmade WordPress themes for real people who work on real projects
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june 2016 by rmateu
Tinify – Asko
Tinify is a Word­Press plu­gin pre­vi­ously known as Ex­hale (which still works, but I in­tend to shut it down in 6 months or so as this is the suc­ces­sor for it) which gives you the power of img­min and pngquant im­age com­pres­sion on any Word­Press site.
wordpress  plugin  server 
may 2016 by rmateu
Duet — A two-column WordPress theme by The Theme Foundry
Duet’s two-column layout takes inspiration from the elegance of a classic magazine. We focused on the basics — great typography, spacing, and rhythm.
theme  wordpress  design 
august 2013 by rmateu
Less Made | the Works of Jared Erickson
Super minimal, clean FREE WordPress themes... for your face!
wordpress  minimalist  theme 
august 2013 by rmateu
Introducing Required | 8BIT
In short, Required is a WordPress theme for the modern blogger because having a solid web presence these days is, well, required! It’s simple, easy-to-use, and drives readers’ focus to the content, and does so with no frills.
wordpress  theme  free 
august 2013 by rmateu
WordPress Development and Deployment With MAMP, Git and Dropbox | Wptuts+
Nowadays in order to be a freelance WordPress developer you often need to develop simultaneously several WordPress sites for different clients. Here’s how.
dev  wordpress 
july 2012 by rmateu
WordPress Super Cache | Holy Shmoly!
WP Super Cache is a static caching plugin for WordPress. It generates html files that are served directly by Apache without processing comparatively heavy PHP scripts. By using this plugin you will speed up your WordPress blog significantly.
performance  plugin  wordpress 
june 2012 by rmateu
Responsive WordPress Theme | ThemeID
Free Responsive WordPress Theme for your business or personal site, the choice is yours
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june 2012 by rmateu
Premium WordPress Themes & Plugins | ThemeZilla
We're a team of awesome dudes building awesome WordPress themes. Some of our latest creations...
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may 2012 by rmateu
Project Argo
Project Argo is collection of tools and best practices for building topic-focused sites in WordPress
wordpress  development 
january 2012 by rmateu
Social Plugin for Wordpress | MailChimp
Integrate WordPress with Twitter and Facebook, so you can collect everything people are saying about your blog in one place.
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september 2011 by rmateu
danielpunkass/QuickLogin - GitHub
The QuickLogin plugin for self-hosted WordPress sites adds Squarespace-inspired detection of Escape key to login to the site. Just install the plugin, and pressing the "Escape" key while viewing your site will present the login panel if you're not already logged in.
wordpress  plugin 
august 2011 by rmateu
eventuAlo.net » blog » EasyMail Newsletter
ALO EasyMail newsletter is a plugin for WordPress that allows to write and send newsletters, and to gather and manage the subscribers. It supports internationalization and multilanguage.
wordpress  plugin  newsletter 
august 2011 by rmateu
WordPress theme designed for artists that combines portfolio and blog. Without taking up room in the studio. Learn more
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july 2011 by rmateu
landaureece/Protean - GitHub
Protean is a Wordpress theme from Landau Reece that allows bloggers to customise their website design for individual blog posts.
wordpress  theme 
july 2011 by rmateu
Premium WordPress Themes | Elegant Themes
Each premium WordPress theme comes expertly coded in valid XHTML and CSS, and all are made compatible with the latest version of WordPress. I make sure that each template performs flawlessly in each of the most widely used browsers to ensure maximum functionality. Furthermore, all sidebars are made widget ready for your convenience.
design  templates  themes  wordpress 
july 2011 by rmateu
Tumblr2WordPress: Export Your Tumblr Blog To WordPress RSS
This tool will create a WordPress compatible XML file from your Tumblr blog, which you can then save and import into WordPress.
tumblr  wordpress 
july 2011 by rmateu
Sutra – Free WordPress Theme | maikunari.com
I’ve released my first free WordPress theme entitled Sutra.  It’s a very minimal theme meant for journal type posts with no distractions.
wordpress  theme 
july 2011 by rmateu
From Tumblr to WordPress: The Missing Guide — Ian P. Hines
I’ve made that journey twice and I can tell you that it is possible to move your site from Tumblr to WordPress without any significant front-end changes.

Let me show you how.
tumblr  wordpress  howto 
july 2011 by rmateu
The Ultimate WordPress Multi Site Network Management Guide | Onextrapixel - Showcasing Web Treats Without A Hitch
By following this guide I'll show you how best to setup and run your WordPress network making your life easier and minimising the effort of maintenance - giving you more time to do what WordPress is there for. Blog!
wordpress  backup 
july 2011 by rmateu
Minimal Guy Wordpress Theme
The Minimal Guy theme is stripped bare, to the essentials, without any distractions from the content.
wordpress  theme 
june 2011 by rmateu
Imbalance 2 WordPress Theme
Imbalance 2 turns you WordPress-based website to an attractive blog, portfolio or even online magazine. This free template designed in strict modern style with a minimalistic touch. Imbalance 2 can easily fresh up your web-magazine or blog. Due to modern flexible features and layout Imbalance 2 fits to almost any project and your visitors won’t remain indifferent.
themes  wordpress 
june 2011 by rmateu
WordPress › White Label CMS « WordPress Plugins
The White Label CMS plugin is for developers who want to give their clients a more personalised and less confusing CMS.
wordpress  plugin 
june 2011 by rmateu
WordPress › Duplicator « WordPress Plugins
The Duplicator plugin is designed to give WordPress Administrators the ability to migrate a site from one location to another location in 3 easy steps create, download, install. The plugin also serves as a simple backup utility.
wordpress  tool 
june 2011 by rmateu
mmminimal Free Wordpress Themes - mmminimal
Simply Delicious is a free blogging theme based on mmminimal. This minimalistic theme features big images, clean styles and easy browsing… perfect for modern blogs or even portfolios.
wordpress  theme 
june 2011 by rmateu
Shaken Grid (Free) | Shaken and Stirred Web: Kick-ass WordPress Themes and Templates
This was our first theme which we released to the WordPress community and one of our favorites. Shaken Grid uses jQuery Masonry which “arranges elements vertically then horizontally according to a grid.” The result is a gap-less layout even if you have varying post heights.
themes  wordpress 
june 2011 by rmateu
Free HTML5/CSS3 WordPress 3.1 Theme With Responsive Layout: Yoko - Smashing Magazine
responsive WordPress theme Yoko which was designed by talented designers Ellen and Manuel from Elmastudio and released for the Web design community. Of course, the theme is absolutely free to use in private as well as commercial projects.
wordpress  theme  free 
june 2011 by rmateu
What Blag? — From Tumblr to WordPress
Well, it ate up an entire day, but I’ve finally moved my blog from Tumblr to WordPress. For all those who wish to move their blogs, I’ve compiled a list of links that helped me along the way. Good luck!
tumblr  wordpress  reference 
june 2011 by rmateu
Mingle Forum Plugin for WordPress | Cartpauj & iComNow
Have you been looking for a Forum Plugin for WordPress that just works? Then look no further! Mingle Forum has been modified to be lightweight, solid, secure, quick to setup, easy to use, and best of all it now integrates seamlessly with or without the Mingle social networking plugin (by Blair Williams). The mission of Mingle Forum is, to “KEEP IT SIMPLE” There are a handful of Forum Plugins for WordPress available but they’re either super buggy, difficult to install, or so bloated with features and settings that it’s a nightmare setting them up. Don’t do that to yourself!!! You can be up and running with Mingle Forum fully installed and configured in as little as 5 minutes…pretty cool eh?
wordpress  socialnetworking  plugin 
may 2011 by rmateu
WPSHOWER - Free wordpress themes
Welcome to Wpshower where you can get the finest Wordpress Themes for free. What we offer are neat minimalistic themes. So clean your blog now and follow us on Twitter, Facebook or RSS!
wordpress  themes  free 
april 2011 by rmateu
WordPress › W3 Total Cache « WordPress Plugins
Easily optimize the speed and user experience of your site with caching: browser, page, object, database, minify and content delivery network support.
performance  plugin  wordpress 
april 2011 by rmateu
min. A free Wordpress minimal theme | Jared Erickson
Min is a free WordPress theme I created. No bells and whistles, just simple clean and to the point. It has two widgetized footer areas to handle navigation or anything else you feel like sticking in there. Make sure you set your media upload to 560px wide to fit snug in the post area.
wordpress  theme 
march 2011 by rmateu
Less is More | 177THEMES
Less is More is a versatile magazine template. If you want clean and highly customizable WordPress theme that requires no plugins and gives you a variety of color schemes than Less is More is perfect for you and your website. Just take a look at the screenshot or go to live demo.
wordpress  theme 
march 2011 by rmateu
MaxA/B « Max Foundry
As a way to give back to the WordPress community and its millions of users, we’re giving away this plugin for free. We feel that A/B testing is an important aspect to running any online business, especially those running on WordPress, and we want as many people using it as possible. So grab the plugin and start optimizing your WordPress site today. Enjoy.
wordpress  plugin  tools  web 
january 2011 by rmateu
MiniCard Theme for Wordpress – a cool free business card/social network theme « Blue Anvil Journal
MiniCard is a social network/business card Wordpress theme inspired by Tim Van Damme’s excellent website. The theme lets you add links to all the social networking sites you may be a member of, and post useful information such as bio’s and contact details. It also has built in hCard support and (optionally) lets you offer a vCard for visitors to download your contact information.
wordpress  themes 
november 2009 by rmateu
Ipseity Personal Branding Wordpress Theme - Human3rror
So, I set out to develop a Wordpress theme that would help do that in a creative and attractive way. I wanted something simple, elegant, and super easy to change as my brand changed. I wanted it super light weight, memorable, and had elements that mattered.
wordpress  theme  design  business 
november 2009 by rmateu
The Digital Business Card Wordpress Theme - Human3rror
Obviously inspired by sites like Card.ly and Tim Van Damme, this theme is perfect for those that need a good “Digital Business Card” or “Digital Curriculum Vitae” or “Personal Branding Landing Page” or even if you simply need a simple website with a few bits of information and links to social networks.
wordpress  themes  work 
november 2009 by rmateu
Hemingway - Warpspire
I’ve given up on releasing “versions” of Hemingway. You’ll just have to download the latest version of Hemingway for Wordpress (zip) from GitHub. It’s been tested with Wordpress 2.7
wordpress  themes 
november 2009 by rmateu
Manifest : A Wordpress Theme – Jim Barraud
My goal with Manifest was to create a clean and streamlined theme that focused on the content and not the distractions. It utilizes a single column, 500 pixel wide layout. No sidebars. No widgets.
simple  theme  wordpress 
november 2009 by rmateu
Selecta - Premium Wordpress Theme - Obox Design
With video blogging being the main influencer of this design and coupled with our experience in the vlogging world you will have a theme which allows you to make your videos the main focus of your site.
wordpress  themes  video 
november 2009 by rmateu
Best Wordpress Themes
WordPress users have thousands of themes to choose from. We hunt out the best of the best free and premium themes so you don’t have to. You can thank us later.
wordpress  themes 
november 2009 by rmateu
Quommunication - New Kind of Design Solutions
Video is a new kind of WordPress theme for all kind of videos!
video  themes  wordpress 
september 2009 by rmateu

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