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Sous Vide Toolbox™ iPhone/iPad App – PolyScience Culinary
The PolyScience Sous Vide Toolbox iPhone/iPad application provides the information you need to make your Sous vide cooking experiences safe and successful. Available through the Apple App Store for download, the Sous Vide Toolbox helps you determine the optimal Sous Vide cooking and reheating time for a variety of foods at different temperatures.
cooking  app  tk 
june 2016 by rmateu
Dog Breed Identifier
Snap a picture of a dog and automatically discover its breed!
AI  app  ios  tk 
june 2016 by rmateu
Nope for Safari – Content Blocking Extension
Nope is a 3rd party resource blocker that makes use of the new Safari 9 content blocking capabilities to remove ads, tracking scripts, and social widgets in the websites you visit.
extension  Safari  AdBlock  tk 
june 2016 by rmateu
A Safari browser extension that blocks an artisanal selection of advertisements and trackers for a faster web.
twitter  app  ios  AdBlock  tk 
june 2016 by rmateu
The Brief by Stanley
Here’s a free template for a one-page brief. Being just one page makes it easy to stay aligned on what matters. We’ve been using this at Spotify for product managers and designers to make sure every project has a Why, What and How.
template  design  productivity  tk 
june 2016 by rmateu
Short - The reading list for busy people
Short is a reading app that filters only Short articles for you. So when you have time, don't waste it. Better read on Short to keep up with your ever growing reading list.
app  apps  news  reading  tk 
june 2016 by rmateu
Boards by Todoist – Windows Apps on Microsoft Store
Boards is an experimental first-party Todoist app that allows you to visualize your Todoist tasks with Kanban boards. Easily track the progress of large projects by dragging tasks into different states: "To-Do", "In Progress", and "Done".
windows  scrum  app  tk 
june 2016 by rmateu
Soft Wallpaper by Alex Muench - Dribbble
A new addition to the minimalistic wallpapers series. This time “Soft”. A calming gradient.
wallpaper  tk 
june 2016 by rmateu
Amazon.com: equinux tizi Tankstation 4x MEGA Toploader - Multiple USB charger for installation in desks, conference tables, and counter tops (incl. installation kit): Cell Phones & Accessories
equinux tizi Tankstation 4x MEGA Toploader - Multiple USB charger for installation in desks, conference tables, and counter tops (incl. installation kit)
usb  hardware  wishlist  tk 
june 2016 by rmateu
Radio Silence - Firewall and Network Monitor for Mac
Radio Silence is a firewall and network monitor for Mac
app  firewall  internet  osx  mac  tk 
june 2016 by rmateu
MarkDrop: The MarkDown editor for Droplr
MarkDrop is a gorgeous, powerful Markdown editor built with sharing in mind. With full Droplr integration MarkDrop is the easiest way to compose, preview, and share your markdown documents.
markdown  mac  app  tk 
june 2016 by rmateu
Opener allows you to open links from the web in apps instead! Simply copy a link and launch Opener to view opening options.
app  apps  ios  tk  win 
june 2016 by rmateu
Flatpak - the future of application distribution
The days of chasing multiple Linux distributions are over. Standalone apps for Linux are here!
opensource  linux  app  tk 
june 2016 by rmateu
Exify is a collection of tools for people who take their iPhone photography seriously.
photography  iphone  tk  app 
june 2016 by rmateu
All the movie content,
all the streaming platforms,
in just one app.
movies  review  app  tk 
june 2016 by rmateu
On the surface taskcode is an elegant space for all your tasks, subtasks and notes. But what makes it truly unique are the masterfully designed entry mechanism that converts simple codes into reminders.
ios  productivity  text  tk 
june 2016 by rmateu
Entry for Google Hangouts
Entry allows you to easily join a Google Hangout attached to an event created with Google Calendar. No need to open each meeting in the Google Calendar web interface to use the Hangout link anymore! The iOS app shows all upcoming Hangouts as well as quick access to your Next Hangout in the included Today extension and the Mac app makes Hangouts quickly available from the Mac menu bar. Joining a scheduled Hangout becomes easy.
tools  collaboration  calendar  mac  tk 
june 2016 by rmateu
My First 5 Minutes On A Server; Or, Essential Security for Linux Servers
Note: I’m not advocating this as the most secure approach - just that it balances security and management simplicity for our small team. From my experience, most security breaches are caused either by insufficient security procedures or sufficient procedures poorly maintained.
tutorial  ubuntu  linux  security  reference  tk 
june 2016 by rmateu
UnDistracted App for Mac
Turn off everything that distracts you on your Mac,

and increase your productivity
productivity  mac  focus  tk 
june 2016 by rmateu
Morning Mill
Morning Mill is a Mac app that sits in your menubar,
helping you focus on writing 1000 words per day.
writing  tool  mac  tk 
june 2016 by rmateu
diago is a clean, easy to read watch face.

- Big, visible time - easy to see in low light
- Date with optional week number
- Weather from openweathermap.org (requires free API key)
- Wind direction and strength
- Step counter
- Battery level
pebble  theme  tk 
june 2016 by rmateu
Swap file – Beginners guide to Digital Ocean
Before creating a swap file, we need to figure out it's size. The proper size of the swap file should be the amount of memory your droplet has. If you created a 1 core 1 gigs of ram droplet, you should create a swap file of 1 gigabytes. To do that, use the following command:
terminal  hosting  reference  tk 
june 2016 by rmateu
1Blocker for Mac
Safari Content Blocker for OS X El Capitan
tool  mac  Safari  tk 
june 2016 by rmateu
BitCam : The World's Most Advanced Camera For Your Mini Pocket Computer
super-res technology - forget lo-res or hi-res graphics, bitcam takes it to a new level with super-res! pixels so small you can't even see them!
photography  app  ios  tk 
june 2016 by rmateu
Sikuli Script - Home
Sikuli automates anything you see on the screen. It uses image recognition to identify and control GUI components. It is useful when there is no easy access to a GUI's internal or source code.
development  gui  programming  testing  tk 
june 2016 by rmateu
A better way to get things done. On your own, or with your team.
productivity  tool  tk 
june 2016 by rmateu
Packet Peeper | A network protocol analyzer for Mac OS X
Packet Peeper is a free network protocol analyzer (or ‘packet sniffer’) for Mac OS X
networking  osx  tools  mac  tk 
june 2016 by rmateu
Learn what your Trello boards aren't telling you.
Connect to Get Started
trello  analytics  tk 
june 2016 by rmateu
Have a local phone number in any country from $0.89
international  tool  tk 
june 2016 by rmateu
The Mac App for Homebrew.
app  mac  osx  software  tk 
june 2016 by rmateu
Pomodrone iPhone APP
Perfectly crafted pomodoro timer app.
Stay focused, achieve more.
ios  app  pomodoro  tk 
june 2016 by rmateu
Better is a content blocker for iPhone and iPad that protects you from tracking and other malicious web content by enforcing the principles of Ethical Design.
ios  app  AdBlock  tool  tk 
june 2016 by rmateu
HyperDev is the developer playground for building real web apps, fast
tk  web  development  tool 
june 2016 by rmateu
How to set up Trello board for Scrum
In this post, I’d like to walk you through the process of how to configure a Trello board to run a Scrum-like process.
trello  reference  tk 
june 2016 by rmateu
WhatsApp Magic Cleaner
Imagine your phone, free of trash, light as a bubble.
photography  tool  ios  tk 
june 2016 by rmateu
Chick-fil-A One - Endless Awesome
Skip the Line. Easier Ordering. Surprising treats.
A restaurant experience personalized to you.
food  app  tk 
june 2016 by rmateu
Write on Par
Become a powerful writer—without tedious grammar lessons.
writing  tool  learning  tk 
june 2016 by rmateu
White Label
White Label lets anyone launch their own curated music app.
design  music  tools  tk 
june 2016 by rmateu
duplicati/duplicati: Store securely encrypted backups on cloud storage services!
Duplicati is a free, open source, backup client that securely stores encrypted, incremental, compressed backups on cloud storage services and remote file servers. I
backup  web  tool  tk 
june 2016 by rmateu
2016 Internet Trends — Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers
Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) partners with the brightest entrepreneurs to turn disruptive ideas into world-changing businesses. The firm has helped build and accelerate growth at pioneering companies like Amazon, Google, Nest, Twitter, Uber, and Mandiant. KPCB offers entrepreneurs years of operating experience, puts them at the center of an influential network, and accelerates their companies from success to significance.
reference  internet  tk 
june 2016 by rmateu
The Secret History of Mac Gaming by Richard Moss: Unbound
The untold story of a creative, innovative, fiercely-independent gaming scene that was serially ignored by the outside world by Richard Moss
mac  gaming  tk 
june 2016 by rmateu
Vanguard – Baron Fig
Designed to be used and abused, it's the perfect counterpart to the Confidant. The name honors the very community whose feedback inspired its creation. Vanguard—adventurer and leader. The tool for pioneers of the mind.
notes  tool  writing  tk 
june 2016 by rmateu
inShort has abundant opportunities for diagramming related tasks. In a diagram, you can specify the processes themselves, the resources they use, and goals to be achieved as a result of execution of tasks. Several types of representation of processes and resources allow you to visually display the specifics of any problem, and the use of the decision-making objects enables you to provide for different ways of development of the situation.
productivity  osx  mac  ios  app  tk 
june 2016 by rmateu
Prepaid International Tourist Plan | T-Mobile
For only $30 USD, the T-Mobile Tourist Plan connects you like a local for 3 weeks
tk  travel 
june 2016 by rmateu
A real time whiteboard for Trello and GitHub
productivity  tool  collaboration  tk 
may 2016 by rmateu
(4) cardsync (cardsync) | Trello
Hello, my name is cardsync and I am a bot designed to keep cards in sync, which means I update the content of one Trello card to reflect changes made on other card.
trello  productivity  bot  tk 
may 2016 by rmateu
Where's Neil When You Need Him?: Neil Gaiman's Playlist for The View from the Cheap Seats
My new book is a collection of essays, speeches, and other nonfiction of all kinds, called‎ The View from the Cheap Seats. I wrote about everything from reading to music. Here's a playlist loosely inspired by essays and subjects I talk about in the book. It is either willfully eclectic or simply a bit all over the place. Just like the book.
playlist  tk  music 
may 2016 by rmateu
ZenHub - Project Management for Agile Teams in GitHub
ZenHub is the only project management workflow integrated natively in GitHub.
collaboration  tool  tk  productivity 
may 2016 by rmateu
Highly Reco
Book recommendations by awesome people.
books  tk  recommended 
may 2016 by rmateu
Listomatic - The Intelligent List Maker
Quickly convert any block of text into a formatted list. Export your list as Plain Text, HTML, or as items in iOS Reminders App.
ios  lists  text  tk 
may 2016 by rmateu
Internet Speed Test | Fast.com
Fast.com estimates your current download speed. You will generally be able to get this speed from leading internet services, which use globally distributed servers.
internet  test  tool  tk 
may 2016 by rmateu
TermHere · HASHBANG Productions
“Open Terminal Here” shortcut for Finder
tool  terminal  mac  free  tk 
may 2016 by rmateu
Everything is a Remix: The Force Awakens - YouTube
The remix method of copying, transforming and combining is definitely used in The Force Awakens, as well as the other works of JJ Abrams. Is remixing a weak point in The Force Awakens? Is the remix method growing stale? Have we reached the limits of remixing?
video  movies  cool  tk 
may 2016 by rmateu
Exporting Apple Notes to Text with Note2Txt — MacSparky
If you're on the Apple Notes bandwagon but want the ability to easily export your Apple Notes to text files, check out Note2Txt.
tools  tips  mac  app  tk 
may 2016 by rmateu
The New Digital Economy: Shared, Collaborative and On Demand | Pew Research Center
The sharing economy and on-demand services are weaving their way into the lives of (some) Americans, raising difficult issues around jobs, regulation and the potential emergence of a new digital divide
research  news  appletv  tk 
may 2016 by rmateu
Introducing JIRA Software for iPhone | Atlassian Blogs
With our new mobile offering for JIRA Software, great software development doesn’t have to stop when you’re not at your desk. Let’s see how
productivity  app  mobile  tk 
may 2016 by rmateu
White Noise (Free Downloads)
The audios below are free to play and download for PERSONAL USE. They're excellent for sleeping, studying, meditating, etc.
baby  audio  tk 
may 2016 by rmateu
A modern, electron and nodejs based image viewer for Mac, Windows and Linux.
image  mac  app  tk 
may 2016 by rmateu
SELECT v.2 Shave Soap
SELECT shaving soaps are 4 inches in diameter and have ample head room for efficient loading of the shaving brush.
shaving  wishlist  tk 
may 2016 by rmateu
A simple & beautiful desktop client for WhatsApp Web.
Chat without distractions on OS X, Windows and Linux.
app  chat  free  tk  from twitter
may 2016 by rmateu
Moleskine Luggage Tags
Second try for *pinboard*. When they say first line, they mean first line.
tk  from iphone
january 2012 by rmateu

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