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We're beloved for our simple issue workflow and our unique
approach to merging issue tracking with customer support.
No more complex software or messy spreadsheets to
track issues and support tickets. Just one
uncomplicated, central hub.
software  tools 
august 2018 by rmateu
Descript - Transcription and Audio Editing
Get transcripts in under five minutes
Edit recordings by editing text
Share to the web & collaborate
software  osx 
july 2018 by rmateu
Meet Farrago, Our Great New Soundboard App!
Today, we’re delighted to unveil a brand-new product! Our new soundboard app Farrago offers the best way to quickly play sound bites, audio effects, and music clips on your Mac. Podcasters ca…
mac  software 
january 2018 by rmateu
Stream any audio you want to your Sonos speakers from your iPhone/iPad, MacBook, or any AirPlay-compatible device.
software  sonos 
december 2017 by rmateu
A little bit of scratch paper 📝 that lives on your Mac menu bar.
software  notes  mac 
november 2017 by rmateu
The world's #1 product roadmap software
We help you build products customers love and be happy doing it
projectmanagement  software  management 
september 2017 by rmateu
The Mac app that helps anyone with writing deadlines
quickly and easily produce drafts using mind maps.
tools  mac  software  productivity  writing 
august 2017 by rmateu
For the research, thinking and planning behind your next great piece of work.
software  mac  service 
june 2017 by rmateu
Convert to Title Case - JavaScript
I wrote some Javascript to convert text to title case in response to John Gruber's public call. Smart, properly-cased titles are now yours for the taking.
tools  mac  reference  colophon  productivity  software  code 
june 2017 by rmateu
TagSpaces - Your offline data manager
TagSpaces is an offline, open source, personal data manager.
It helps you organize files on your Windows, Linux, Android or Mac.
organization  software 
may 2017 by rmateu
Flarum – Forums Made Simple
Flarum is the next-generation forum software that makes online discussion fun. It's simple, fast, and free.
app  opensource  software 
february 2017 by rmateu
Marp - Markdown Presentation Writer
Marp is the simplest presentation writer with Markdown.
markdown  presentation  software 
august 2016 by rmateu
The Mac App for Homebrew.
app  mac  osx  software  tk 
june 2016 by rmateu
Screenshot program for OS X. Skitch replacement.
software  mac  productivity  create  app  installed  MAS  via:stumax 
march 2016 by rmateu
everyday software : show desktop
Show Desktop is a small OS X application that will hide all applications and shows the desktop when clicked. It can run in the menu bar or the dock depending on your preference. Furthermore, shift-clicking on the icon will show all applications for quick access. Show Desktop can also be configured with an exclusion list for more precise user control.
desktop  freeware  mac  software 
february 2016 by rmateu
Run Windows-based Programs on a Mac
mac  software  windows  osx 
february 2016 by rmateu
Stream any Torrent to your AppleTV via AirPlay
mac  software  video 
july 2014 by rmateu
Simple fast backup
Select a pair of folders and Bvckup 2 will make sure that one stays an exact copy of the other. It is light, uncomplicated and really well designed. It is also incredibly fast.
backup  software  windows 
july 2014 by rmateu
QuickRes is the best way to switch between screen resolutions on your Mac. With the 15 inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display, you can set your resolution all the way up to an extreme 3840 x 2400! With other Macs, you can set your resolutions to things you've never seen before, including a HiDPI mode, which is as close as you can get to a Retina Display on a standard display.
mac  osx  software 
january 2014 by rmateu
How To Download The Canon EOS Utility If You Lose Your Installation CD [Mac]
Such is the case with Canon cameras, and if you have a Mac, you’ll know that you’ll need the Canon EOS Utility if you ever want to use your DSLR camera via USB. Fortunately for you, I found a quick trick to download that little app from the Canon website. It’s really easy to do, and so easy, in fact, that I wonder “why don’t they just make the app available directly from the site?”
camera  photography  software  reference 
january 2014 by rmateu
KeyRemap4MacBook - Software for OS X
A powerful and stable keyboard customizer for OS X.
You can easily customize from prepared settings.
You can also add your own settings by XML.
hacks  keyboard  mac  software 
december 2013 by rmateu
[no title]
See Hush in action and then download the app. Hush is FREE to a good home, and your donations help keep him that way.
productivity  software  mac 
november 2013 by rmateu
CharlesSoft — software you always wished someone would write
Pacifist is a shareware application that opens Mac OS X .pkg package files, .dmg disk images, and .zip, .tar, .tar.gz, .tar.bz2, and .xar archives and allows you to extract individual files and folders out of them. This is useful, for instance, if an application which is installed by the operating system becomes damaged and needs to be reinstalled without the hassle of reinstalling all of Mac OS X, or if you want to inspect a downloaded package to see what it will install before installing it. Pacifist is also able to verify existing installations and find missing or altered files*, and Pacifist can also examine the kernel extensions installed in your system to let you see what installer installed them, and whether the installer was made by Apple or a third-party.
software  utilities  apple 
october 2013 by rmateu
Dash Board was a popular interface enhancement for Newton OS 2.1 in the late 1990s.
software  newton  history 
august 2013 by rmateu
Yet another keyboard window switcher for your Mac
app  apps  mac  software 
august 2013 by rmateu
Sublime Packages
A searchable index of Sublime Text packages hosted on Github & installable with Package Control.
sublimetext  software  mac  tools  development 
july 2013 by rmateu
Make JPEG droplet – Simon Heys – Freelance iPad / iPhone / iOS app developer in London
The droplet accepts PhotoShop files and in fact anything with one of the following extensions: tif, tiff, png, pict, pct, pdf, bmp, eps, psd
apple  mac  software 
july 2013 by rmateu
Infuse - The Beautiful Way to Watch Videos | FireCore
Ignite your video content with Infuse – the beautiful way to watch videos in as many as 14 formats on your iPhone or iPad. No need to convert files! Infuse is retina display-ready, with trakt.tv integration and unmatched subtitle support.
apps  movies  osx  software 
june 2013 by rmateu
Get Started - Hotkey EVE - Learn Your Mac Shortcuts
EVE helps you to learn shortcuts, in order to increase your productivity with MAC OS X. Every time you execute an action using the mouse, EVE will teach you the matching shortcut.
mac  productivity  software  keyboard  ddf 
june 2013 by rmateu
fikovnik/ShiftIt · GitHub
Managing window size and position in OSX
mac  software  osx  management 
march 2013 by rmateu
robrix/Grid · GitHub
Grid is a window manager designed to make it effortless for you to resize the active window to some fraction of your screen.
software  mac  d2df 
february 2013 by rmateu
SpeedOf.Me, HTML5 Speed Test
SpeedOf.Me is a HTML5 Internet speed test. NO FLASH and NO JAVA needed! It is the smartest and most accurate bandwidth test on the net. It works well on iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and other mobile devices.
networking  software  bandwidth  web 
december 2012 by rmateu
SelfControl is a free and open-source application for Mac OS X (10.5 or above) that lets you block your own access to distracting websites, your mail servers, or anything else on the Internet. Just set a period of time to block for, add sites to your blacklist, and click "Start." Until that timer expires, you will be unable to access those sites--even if you restart your computer or delete the application.
software  productivity  app 
november 2012 by rmateu
DropboxIndex - kosciak-misc - dropbox-index usage information - Miscellaneous pieces of code - Google Project Hosting
Creates index.html for directory contents shared publicly on Dropbox. That way you can easily share whole content of the directory without the need to send separate links for all the shared files.
software  python 
september 2012 by rmateu
Gow - The lightweight alternative to Cygwin · bmatzelle/gow Wiki
Gow (Gnu On Windows) is the lightweight alternative to Cygwin. It uses a convenient Windows installer that installs about 130 extremely useful open source UNIX applications compiled as native win32 binaries. It is designed to be as small as possible, about 10 MB, as opposed to Cygwin which can run well over 100 MB depending upon options.
unix  windows  software 
june 2012 by rmateu
Sybrex Systems | Products | Mac Applications | PDFProtect
PDFProtect is a stand-alone, fully automatic software application that can change, add, or remove security level standards in the PDF documents. To change current document encryption settings, simply select the PDF file or folder with PDF files, set new protection options and push the "Start" button. That’s all. The encryption level and security settings are changed automatically.
software  utilities  mac 
may 2012 by rmateu
sweetcron - The Free & Open Source Lifestream Blog Software - Google Project Hosting
Sweetcron is a self-hosted lifestreaming application that supports themes & plugins. It is based on the CodeIgniter php framework, from EllisLab.
blog  software 
march 2012 by rmateu
mac-dictionary-kit - Mac Dictionary Kit - Google Project Hosting
Mac Dictionary Kit is a collection of tools to help convert and build dictionaries on Mac OS X platform. The source dictionary could be in any format, but we only support stardict format at present. The target dictionary must be Dictionary 2.0 format defined in Mac OS X 10.5.
language  software  osx 
february 2012 by rmateu
docerator - Automatically creates document icons for OS X apps - Google Project Hosting
docerator automatically creates Mac OS X document icons given an application icon and one or several file extensions. It is a tool for application authors that don't have the time or the money to create a docicon, but already have an application icon. It's also useful if you need to create many document icons.
icons  mac  software  tools 
february 2012 by rmateu
epubcheck - Validation tool for EPUB - Google Project Hosting
EpubCheck is a tool to validate IDPF EPUB files, version 2.0 and later. It can detect many types of errors in EPUB. OCF container structure, OPF and OPS mark-up, and internal reference consistency are checked. EpubCheck can be run as a standalone command-line tool, installed as a Java server-side web application or used as a Java library.
ebook  software 
february 2012 by rmateu
joaomoreno/thyme @ GitHub
Thyme is a timer for OS X.
It's as simple as that.
software  osx  productivity 
february 2012 by rmateu
Permute Converting media made easy again
mac  software  video 
january 2012 by rmateu
vilcans/screenplain - GitHub
Screenplain allows you to write a screenplay as a plain text file. Text files are simple and supported by all text manipulation software. It's not just for hackers, too. The simplicity of plain text allows you to easily view and edit them on devices such as tablets and phones. No need for specific screenwriting software.
writing  software 
august 2011 by rmateu
Hex Color Picker
Hex Color Picker puts an extra tab in the system-wide color panel. Instantly see the hex color code for any color, and edit it just the same with a number of shorthands.
design  mac  software 
july 2011 by rmateu
GNOME blog : Simple blog posting
GNOME blog is a desktop blogging application for Linux and Unix. Easy and quick to use to help you writing your great blog posts.
blog  ubuntu  software 
june 2011 by rmateu
What is BetterTouchTool?
BetterTouchTool lets you define tons of gestures for your Macbooks Trackpad, your MagicMouse and your MagicTrackpad. In addition to that it brings lots of new stuff to MacOS like Windows 7 like window snapping, window switchers etc......
mac  software 
may 2011 by rmateu
Password Safe
Whether the answer is one or hundreds, Password Safe allows you to safely and easily create a secured and encrypted user name/password list. With Password Safe all you have to do is create and remember a single "Master Password" of your choice in order to unlock and access your entire user name/password list.
security  software  windows 
march 2011 by rmateu
Malwarebytes is a site dedicated to fighting malware. Malwarebytes has developed a variety of tools that can identify and remove malicious software from your computer. When your computer becomes infected, Malwarebytes can provide the needed assistance to remove the infection and restore the machine back to optimum performance.
security  software  windows 
march 2011 by rmateu
AVG - Rescue CD | PC Rescue and Repair Toolkit
You’ve installed AVG protection to help ensure you don’t get infected servers or workstations. However, if the unthinkable has already occurred, you need the AVG Rescue CD; a powerful must-have toolkit to assist with the rescue and repair of infected machines. This software provides essential utilities for system administrators and other IT professionals and includes the following features:
security  software  windows  tools 
march 2011 by rmateu
MsgFiler quickly files email messages into mailboxes in Apple Mail. Open MsgFiler, type a few characters, and MsgFiler will display a list of mailboxes. Hit return and your emails will be filed away. Navigate, select, move and copy messages without ever lifting your hands off the keyboard.
software  productivity  mac 
february 2011 by rmateu
eosgarden - Freeware - PropEdit - Overview
PropEdit is Mac OS X application which allows you to easily manage the permissions of your computer's files.
It allows you to change the owner, group, permissions and specific system flags for any file or directory on your hard disk.
system  software  mac  osx 
february 2011 by rmateu
Notational Velocity ALT - Brett Terpstra
Notational Velocity ALT is a fork of the original Notational Velocity with some additional features and some interface modifications. It is a work in progress. I’m not listing it as a beta, as that would imply that it was on its way to being its own product. It’s an experiment, and I hope you enjoy it!
macosx  software 
december 2010 by rmateu
CleanHaven is a program designed to make the cleaning of text much easier. The cleaned text can be reset as the main text with additional cleaning performed. Once finished the cleaned text is available from the global cleaned text window. You may want CleanHaven to make changes to thousands of lines of contact details before importing into CRMHaven. For example you can turn all company names to Sentence Case, all UK postcodes to Uppercase or remove any trailing spaces, tabs or punctuation. Copy a column of data from Excel, clean it, then paste it back into Excel.
mac  software  windows 
september 2010 by rmateu
I Love Stars | Potion Factory
"I Love Stars" is my new freebie application that shows the rating of iTunes' currently playing song in the menu bar. Before I say anything else, here's the download link.
mac  music  software 
may 2010 by rmateu
CatPig Studios | ... bringing simplicity to the desktop.
Say hello to our internet radio player. It sits in your menu bar and stays out of your way. No browser necessary. And it just works.
may 2010 by rmateu
CoRD: Remote Desktop for Mac OS X
CoRD is a Mac OS X remote desktop client for Microsoft Windows computers using the RDP protocol. It's easy to use, fast, and free for anyone to use or modify.
mac  windows  software 
march 2010 by rmateu
Downloads for panicsteve's nv - GitHub
Notational Velocity 2.0b3 with Markdown.zip v2.0b3 with Markdown pane
software  mac 
february 2010 by rmateu
tvrename.com - Automatically rename and organise your TV shows, and more.
Rename files, using data from thetvdb.com
Check if you're missing episodes in your collection
Tell you how long until the next time a show airs
Monitor your library of folders for new shows and seasons
Copy files from where you download them to, to fill in gaps in your main collection
Un-name files, using names in a .torrent file
tv  software  windows 
february 2010 by rmateu
The Omni Group - OmniFocus
OmniFocus is designed to quickly capture your thoughts and allow you to store, manage, and process them into actionable to-do items. Perfect for the Getting Things Done® system, but flexible enough for any task management style, OmniFocus helps you work smarter by giving you powerful tools for staying on top of all the things you need to do.
mac  software  productivity 
february 2010 by rmateu
Jumpcut: Minimalist Clipboard Buffering for OS X
Jumpcut is an application that provides "clipboard buffering" — that is, access to text that you've cut or copied, even if you've subsequently cut or copied something else. The goal of Jumpcut's interface is to provide quick, natural, intuitive access to your clipboard's history.
mac  software 
january 2010 by rmateu
Syncode - Apps - Syncopy
Seamless information transfer has never been more efficient. Syncopy takes the basic clipboard function to a whole new level by putting it in sync. Syncopy for Mac & iPhone/iPod touch is a beautifully designed, content centralised and carefully crafted solution for getting information from one place to another.
software  mac  iphone  productivity 
january 2010 by rmateu
Central Atomics | Rocketbox - Powerful e-mail search for Apple Mail
Rocketbox is a powerful, new way of searching your e-mail in Apple Mail.app. It's never been faster or easier to find what you need.
mail  software  mac 
january 2010 by rmateu
Snippets — Stop Reinventing the Code
The main idea is to make the process of re-using as easy as possible to avoid wasting your valuable time to write the same code again.
app  mac  software 
january 2010 by rmateu
Growl for Windows
Growl for Windows is a Windows-compatible version of Growl, a notification system for Mac OS X.
software  windows 
january 2010 by rmateu
µGrowl | iPhone World
A Growl enabled application for receiving notifications from µTorrent
windows  notes  software  iphone 
january 2010 by rmateu
shootShifter 2.0 ... redate and rename folders of images on a Mac.
Now you can move this active folder in time: Either by modifying the changes-interface in the right-hand drawer, or by simply dragging around one of its thumbnails.
photography  software  mac 
january 2010 by rmateu
rsms's gitblog at master - GitHub
A git-based blog/cms platform for PHP, meant as a replacement for Wordpress.

Post-action hooks in git are used to manage an intermediate cache which consist only of structured data (no formatting), allowing dynamic presentation. This is one of the biggest differences tech-wise in comparison to Jekyll and similar tools.
blog  cms  software 
january 2010 by rmateu
Spark 3 Bêta9
Spark is a powerful, and easy Shortcuts manager. With Spark you can create Hot Keys to launch applications and documents, execute AppleScript, control iTunes, and more...
You can also export and import your Hot Keys library, or save it in HTML format to print it.
Spark is free, so use it without moderation!
mac  osx  software 
january 2010 by rmateu
Skype API Plugin for Pidgin/libpurple/Adium
This is the Skype API Plugin for Pidgin/libpurple/Adium. If you're already running Skype, you can have your Skype contacts displayed with your Pidgin/libpurple/Adium contacts. It is intended as a complete replacement for the Skype user interface, hopefully everything you can do in Skype you can do with this plugin.
mac  software 
december 2009 by rmateu
namebench - Project Hosting on Google Code
Try out namebench. It hunts down the fastest DNS servers available for your computer to use. namebench runs a fair and thorough benchmark using your web browser history, tcpdump output, or standardized datasets in order to provide an individualized recommendation. namebench is completely free and does not modify your system in any way. This project began as a 20% project at Google.
web  technology  tools  software 
december 2009 by rmateu
The Setup
the setup is a bunch of nerdy interviews

What do people use to get the job done?
technology  tools  software  reference 
december 2009 by rmateu
Shrinker | Puffing Bear
Shrinker is a small, free app that can shorten URLs using a number of popular services. At the moment, there is support for is.gd, TinyURL, bit.ly and tr.im, and support for other services is on the way.
mac  tools  software 
november 2009 by rmateu
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