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Use MailDrop when you don't want to give out your real address.
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june 2013 by rmateu
feross/SpoofMAC · GitHub
SpoofMAC installs a command-line script called spoof-mac. You can always see up-to-date usage instructions by typing spoof-mac --help.
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february 2013 by rmateu
Share private information with others that self-destructs after first viewing. | OneShar.es
Sending confidential information such as passwords, account information and other sensitive data in emails and IM is not necessarily safe. That data is typically stored with remnants of the bits in places you don't need it to be.
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march 2012 by rmateu
What Actually Changed in Google’s Privacy Policy | Electronic Frontier Foundation
What really changed in Google's policy; it shouldn't take a Congressional letter to get straight answers
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february 2012 by rmateu

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