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Static HTML Crypto
Download your encrypted string in a HTML page with a password prompt you can upload anywhere (see example).
encryption  hacking  html  security  webdev 
june 2017 by rmateu
HTML Extractor for Keynote
We thought the default HTML export in Keynote didn't fit our needs. Extract your slides alongside your notes using our super easy drag 'n drop application for macOS.
apps  html  keynote  tools 
december 2016 by rmateu
Social Media Sharing Buttons. No JavaScript. No tracking. Super fast and easy.
Super fast and easy Social Media Sharing Buttons. No JavaScript. No tracking.
css  html  sharing  social  webdesign 
august 2016 by rmateu
Embed Code Generator - JasonLau.biz
Upload your file to your web host, enter your file's URL address and your custom settings in the form below, press Submit, and the HTML code is automagically generated for you. HTML4 Adobe Flash, Real Player, Silverlight, SWFObject, Quicktime, and Windows Media Player, or HTML5 audio and video codes are generated according to your specifications.
html  video  web  webtools 
july 2016 by rmateu
Populr.me - Create a Page for Anything in 5 Minutes
Easily create and track online pages to share information, grab attention, and get results.
html  websdesign  simple 
january 2014 by rmateu
LinkFester is a tool to make it easier to put together a daily linkfest for a blog, or email rundown. Start by bookmarking the pages you want to post using Diigo, Instapaper, or another social bookmarking tool that publishes an RSS feed. LinkFester will read the specified RSS feed, and return it as a list of HTML links or markdown.
markdown  rss  html  via:Felipe 
january 2014 by rmateu
HTML Table Generator
Quickly generate the HTML code necessary for a table using the HTML Table Generator. This online tool will let you choose from a variety of sizes and let you customize the structure and visual look of the table with a standard selection of color and display options.
generator  html  tool 
january 2013 by rmateu
Littke.com: Inspiritas - a free Bootstrap theme
Ripple, the web agency I’ve co-founded, today announced the highly anticipated free version of Campaign UI not only as a PSD, but as a coded and free Bootstrap theme.
bootstrap  css  html  template  theme 
november 2012 by rmateu
It's been a long time since I've used Dreamweaver for web development. I only find myself missing it when I need to create a table, especially when I want to have all cells in a particular column have a class. So I created a tool to help create a table and throw in column classes quickly. I gave it a name so I can put it out there and let others use it, too. It's called kotatsu.
tools  html  css 
october 2012 by rmateu
Data Page Trick
If your data is in Excel, this is a quick and easy way to turn it into pages without all the bloated code produced by the automatic conversions and with more control over the final appearance --- able to tinker and tweak.
html  excel 
october 2012 by rmateu
Extract Links from HTML - Free Tool from Buzzstream
Paste in html containing links and this tool will isolate and seperate each url into a CSV file
Hint: If you are using firefox, highlight the desired links then right click and choose "View Selection Source". Then copy the html and paste below.
html  tool  reference 
october 2012 by rmateu
Strapdown.js - Instant and elegant Markdown documents
Strapdown.js makes it embarrassingly simple to create elegant Markdown documents. No server-side compilation required. Simply copy the HTML code below and modify the title and Markdown text (and optionally the theme). For example, the page you are reading was created by entering Markdown text in this snippet.
javascript  markdown  bootstrap  html 
august 2012 by rmateu
PubwichFork — Aggregate your Social Web content into a single HTML page
An open-source PHP web application that allows you to aggregate your published data from multiple websites and social services into a single HTML page.
aggregator  html 
july 2012 by rmateu
Create — A new kind of web editing interface
Create, from the Midgard Project is a comprehensive web editing interface for Content Management Systems. It is designed to provide a modern, fully browser-based HTML5 environment for managing content. Create can be adapted to work on almost any content management backend.
cms  html  javascript 
may 2012 by rmateu
ReMarkdown: HTML as Markdown text using CSS
ReMarkdown is a CSS experiment and reusable stylesheet for displaying simple HTML text as its Markdown equivalent. To get a feel of what it does, look at the HTML source of this very page.
markdown  web  html 
june 2011 by rmateu
Slides are HTML Content (can be anything)
Next Slide / Previous Slide Arrows
Navigation tabs are built and added dynamically (any number of slides)
Optional custom function for formatting navigation text
Auto-playing (optional feature, can start playing or stopped)
Each slide has a hashtag (can link directly to specific slides)
Infinite/Continuous sliding (always slides in the direction you are going, even at "last" slide)
website  code  html  pictures 
august 2009 by rmateu

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