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Welcome to RxBar
The Whole Food Protein Bar - now available in 8 delicious flavors.
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may 2016 by rmateu
YouTube - Beach Body Workout
20 around the body passes (10 in each direction)
20 kettle bell swings
20 squat-to-overhead press
20 tricep extensions
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june 2013 by rmateu
BuddhaNet Audio: File Library
Insight Meditation Instruction - Ven. Pannyavaro (MP3 Files)
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february 2011 by rmateu
Mindfulness In Plain English
The subject of this book is Vipassana meditation practice. Repeat, practice. This is a meditation manual, a nuts-and-bolts, step-by-step guide to Insight meditation. It is meant to be practical. It is meant for use.

There are already many comprehensive books on Buddhism as a philosophy, and on the theoretical aspects of Buddhist meditation. If you are interested in that material we urge you to read those books. Many of them are excellent. This book is a 'How to.' It is written for those who actually want to meditate and especially for those who want to start now.
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february 2011 by rmateu
Hivelogic - The Paleo Diet: A Link Primer
This post, then, is an introduction through links to getting started with a Paleo diet.
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january 2011 by rmateu
danieltenner.com — How to lose weight
This article presents just one method of losing weight. It’s worked very, very well for me. It doesn’t require an extreme diet, it doesn’t require much money (you’ll save money, in fact), and it doesn’t require extreme amounts of willpower. All it requires is a bit of method and preparation.
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june 2010 by rmateu
Beginner's Health and Fitness Guide
That's what this guide is for. It's a basic guide to diet & fitness for beginners who want to get in better shape. If you want to look better, improve your overall athletic ability, or just improve your health, read on. If you're a bodybuilder or athlete, you probably already know most of this stuff.
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june 2010 by rmateu
John Graham-Cumming: The Colarie: A new way of measuring calorie intake
1 Colarie is the number of Calories in a single can of non-diet Coca Cola. It's easy to appreciate that a single can of Coke isn't very good for you and so comparing a food stuff to a can of Coke is an easy measure of whether you are eating something that's got too much fat or sugar in it.
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january 2010 by rmateu
101 Ways to Lose Your Gut - Men's Fitness
Spend more of each day burning fat than you do storing it, and over time, you'll bury your belly forever.
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january 2010 by rmateu

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