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Radiant Player
Turn Google Play Music into a separate, beautiful application that integrates with your Mac.
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june 2017 by rmateu
Apple’s Devices Lose Luster in American Classrooms
> The shift toward Google-powered devices is hurting Apple’s revenue. Of the $7.35 billion that schools, colleges and universities spent on mobile and desktop computers in 2016, sales of Apple devices fell to $2.8 billion in 2016, from about $3.2 billion in 2015, according to IDC, a market research firm.

This is not like the smartphone marketshare debate, where the iPhone is _"loosing"_ – yet has by far the biggest revenue share. On schools they are _loosing_ in both areas.

> Then there is the keyboard issue. While school administrators generally like the iPad’s touch screens for younger elementary school students, some said older students often needed laptops with built-in physical keyboards for writing and taking state assessment tests.

Either physical or touchscreen, the iPad needs more space for the keyboard if you're doing common work. I know that for emails, messages and browsing the on-screen keyboard is fine. But to do a paper or report you can't have the keyboard obscuring half of an already crowed space.
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march 2017 by rmateu
Free Website Monitoring Tool with Unlimited Email and Text Alerts
Most website monitoring services follow the “freemium” model – they have free plans for basic downtime & uptime monitoring of a website but need to pay for unlimited email or SMS alerts. You may also need to upgrade to monitor multiple websites. There’s a good alternate though.
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august 2016 by rmateu
yakyak/yakyak at producthunt
Desktop chat client for Google Hangouts
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june 2016 by rmateu
Create a Calendar event from web page info - Bookmarklet
This Bookmarklet will create a Google Calendar event with this info:

title            :  the title from the current web page.
where        : here will appear the selected text    
description : here will appear the selected text 
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september 2014 by rmateu
Google Analytics
Access all of your Google Analytics web and app data from your mobile device. Monitor recent changes with Real Time reports. Easily get your Analytics data anytime, anywhere.
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july 2014 by rmateu
Yo, yo, yo!
Sheetsee.js is a JavaScript library, or box of goodies, if you will, that makes it easy to use a Google Spreadsheet as the database feeding the tables, charts and maps on a website. Once set up, any changes to the spreadsheet will auto-saved by Google and be live on your site when a visitor refreshes the page.
google  javascript  spreadsheet 
august 2013 by rmateu
Get Chrome OS Linux RC & beta
The aim of this project is to provide a lightweight Linux distribution for the best web browsing experience on any PC, notebook or Chromebook.
google  linux 
june 2011 by rmateu
Google Earth Outreach
This tutorial shows you how to enter data in an on-line spreadsheet to generate a set of placemarks in Google Earth and Maps. Google Docs' web-based, collaborative editing allows your team members to simultaneously enter data and instantly publish updates.
google  maps  reference 
may 2011 by rmateu

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