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With INBOX PAUSE, you can put new messages on hold, making it so they won't appear in your Inbox until you are ready for them. Paradigm shifted. Game changed.
Note: This was a hackathon proj
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january 2015 by rmateu
A Generalized OmniFocus Bookmarklet With Support for GMail
Long story short, after digging a bit through the GMail HTML and the OmniFocus custom URI scheme, I’m presenting you the improved, GMail aware, bookmarklet:
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september 2014 by rmateu
Icon: Gmail 2.0  ::  Bart Kowalski
Except it lacked an icon. There is a repository of icons for FluidApps online, but there is only one decent icon for Gmail. I used this one for a week, but seeing the Gmail’s web layout matches the new iOS app, I wanted the spiffy 2.0 icon for my desktop too.

So I made one. Well, actually two. And you can have them both for free!
There’s a straight version like the icon for the iOS app, and a tilted icon following Apple’s desktop icon guidelines (shown above). Grab the icons below!
gmail  icons  mac 
january 2014 by rmateu
Signal – Edit emails in your inbox
Signal lets you seamlessly edit emails in your Gmail inbox.
A perfect Chrome extension for those who use email as a to-do list.
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september 2013 by rmateu
Handle | The world's first priority engine
Take control of your inbox, identify your priorities, and make the most out of today.
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august 2013 by rmateu
google-email-uploader-mac - Project Hosting on Google Code
The Google Email Uploader for Mac is a desktop utility for Mac OS X that uploads email archives from Apple Mail, Eudora, and Thunderbird (along with other mbox and Maildir archives) to your Google Apps mailbox.
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january 2010 by rmateu

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