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Apple's Winning iPhone Formula Is Perfecting Its Rivals Best Ideas
While Apple invented the modern smartphone, it has since mostly played catch-up with competitors.
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august 2017 by rmateu
Mac OS X 10.2: Audio Balance Unexpectedly Drifts
In some cases the audio balance may unexpectedly drift towards the left or right channel. This can happen if you rapidly press the volume up or down keys while the computer's microprocessor is under heavy load.
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july 2017 by rmateu
Apple AirPods satisfaction at a remarkable 98% for customers
> New Experian survey explores consumer satisfaction with AirPods and other voice-first hardware.

Doesn't surprise me at all, the AirPods are my favorite Apple gadget in a long time. But, curious about how many use it as a _voice-first hardware_. First thing I did was turn-off Siri on double-tap.
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may 2017 by rmateu
Apple’s Devices Lose Luster in American Classrooms
> The shift toward Google-powered devices is hurting Apple’s revenue. Of the $7.35 billion that schools, colleges and universities spent on mobile and desktop computers in 2016, sales of Apple devices fell to $2.8 billion in 2016, from about $3.2 billion in 2015, according to IDC, a market research firm.

This is not like the smartphone marketshare debate, where the iPhone is _"loosing"_ – yet has by far the biggest revenue share. On schools they are _loosing_ in both areas.

> Then there is the keyboard issue. While school administrators generally like the iPad’s touch screens for younger elementary school students, some said older students often needed laptops with built-in physical keyboards for writing and taking state assessment tests.

Either physical or touchscreen, the iPad needs more space for the keyboard if you're doing common work. I know that for emails, messages and browsing the on-screen keyboard is fine. But to do a paper or report you can't have the keyboard obscuring half of an already crowed space.
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march 2017 by rmateu
Apple used to care about iBooks
Daniel Steinberg:
> I've joked that if Eddie Cue loved reading the way he clearly loves music, then iBooks, the iBookstore, and iBooks Author would be amazing. Not only aren't they amazing, they aren't even good.

In 2013 I helped out creating ebooks for a family friends. I first did the Kindle's version, and it was a painful experience – similar to making a website in the early days. I left the iBook for last, looking forward to the experience. A few days letter, I was back using the epub generator and converting it to the Apple format.

Sad to hear not much has changed.
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february 2017 by rmateu
Associate — Squibner
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may 2016 by rmateu
shutterpro.uk - beta software signup
shutterpro.uk - mac os x photos client!
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may 2016 by rmateu
dupeGuru - Duplicate file scanner
dupeGuru is a tool to find duplicate files on your computer. It can scan either filenames or contents. The filename scan features a fuzzy matching algorithm that can find duplicate filenames even when they are not exactly the same. dupeGuru runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
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may 2016 by rmateu
Iconic: Classic Edition
Iconic: A Photographic Tribute to Apple Innovation is a coffee table book that celebrates the history of Apple products, taking the reader on a breathtaking tour of some of the most visually stunning and important products from the wizards of Cupertino, starting with the Apple I through a wide range of Apple classics, including desktops, portables, peripherals, iDevices, product packaging, and even prototypes. You can see more detail about the book at iconicbook.com.
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july 2014 by rmateu
Steve Jobs Unveils Mac at Boston Computer Society, Unseen Since 1984 | TIME.com
Exclusive: Watch Steve Jobs’ First Demonstration of the Mac for the Public, Unseen Since 1984

Read more: Steve Jobs Unveils Mac at Boston Computer Society, Unseen Since 1984 | TIME.com http://techland.time.com/2014/01/25/steve-jobs-mac/#ixzz2rZltEX2X
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january 2014 by rmateu
CharlesSoft — software you always wished someone would write
Pacifist is a shareware application that opens Mac OS X .pkg package files, .dmg disk images, and .zip, .tar, .tar.gz, .tar.bz2, and .xar archives and allows you to extract individual files and folders out of them. This is useful, for instance, if an application which is installed by the operating system becomes damaged and needs to be reinstalled without the hassle of reinstalling all of Mac OS X, or if you want to inspect a downloaded package to see what it will install before installing it. Pacifist is also able to verify existing installations and find missing or altered files*, and Pacifist can also examine the kernel extensions installed in your system to let you see what installer installed them, and whether the installer was made by Apple or a third-party.
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october 2013 by rmateu
Bluelounge - Saidoka: Docked by your side
Meet your new sidekick. Saidoka is the ultimate iPhone-charging companion, docked by your side, for full accessibility. A sidecar for iPhones, Saidoka plugs into the USB port of your computer or adapter to charge as you work. Saidoka is the ideal accessory to help streamline your digital behaviors. Saidoka rests beside your keyboard so you never miss a call or text and can tap-in to your apps when you need them.
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september 2013 by rmateu
This is a QuickLook plugin for Mac OS X 10.7 / 10.8 to display the dimensions of an image and its file size in the title bar.
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august 2013 by rmateu
Days since last release
About ~ days until next release
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august 2013 by rmateu
Make JPEG droplet – Simon Heys – Freelance iPad / iPhone / iOS app developer in London
The droplet accepts PhotoShop files and in fact anything with one of the following extensions: tif, tiff, png, pict, pct, pdf, bmp, eps, psd
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july 2013 by rmateu
rudix - Rudix: The hassle-free way to get Unix programs on Mac OS X - Google Project Hosting
Rudix is a collection of Unix software packages for OS X Lion (plus Snow Leopard). OS X Mountain Lion is in test now, but there are reports that many packages here runs on Mountain Lion without problems.
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december 2012 by rmateu
Classic Mac Icons
After the enormous success of the Apple II, and the utter failure of the Lisa, Apple followed up with the Macintosh. The Macintosh desktop icons were based heavily on the Lisa, but were more streamlined and held a 32 x 32 pixel footprint that became commonplace in the PC industry for years (Again, heavily based on the Xerox Star). The monochrome icons were designed by Susan Kare (who later went on to design the icons for Windows 3.0). The document icons were similar to those from the Xerox, while applications relied heavily on the diamond shape. These icons were the building blocks of each Macintosh system software that followed, but were ultimately userped by the new style of Mac OS X icons.
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november 2012 by rmateu
svnx - An OS X open source GUI for most features of the svn client binary. - Google Project Hosting
SvnX is an OS X open source GUI for most features of the svn client binary.

It allows you to browse your working copies, spot changes and operate on them but also to browse logs and revisions of your repositories.

It's written using Panther's new bindings mechanism for maximum flexibility and user experience.

SvnX is brought to you by La Chose Interactive.
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october 2012 by rmateu
Dribbble - Minimalist Clock Screensaver for Mac by Robert Padbury
To Install: Download your preferred composition and place the file into /Library/Screen Savers.

You can also drag the file into the preview thumbnail on the Screen Savers panel in System Preferences.
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may 2012 by rmateu
William Hertling's Thoughtstream: How To Generate an Kindle TOC from Apple Pages
However, it is possible to do manually with Apple Pages. It takes about ten minutes. Here's how to generate a Kindle table of contents or TOC on the Mac, using Apple Pages:
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february 2012 by rmateu
Hack your MacBook Air Software Reinstall Drive to install Lion
I got pretty excited at the idea and started messing around. I was able to get it done and can present to you now: How to Hack your MacBook Air Software Reinstall Drive to install Lion!!!
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february 2012 by rmateu
Home - handleOpenURL:
Expose your app's capabilities and leverage the power of cooperation on iOS
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february 2012 by rmateu
Create A Bootable Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Flash Drive - SubRosaSoft.com Inc.
To create your own bootable USB device using your own flash drive (note that the device must be at least 4GB or larger), follow the instructions below.
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july 2011 by rmateu
jailbreak iphone tool
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february 2011 by rmateu
Erik Hinterbichler » Herald
Herald is a notification plugin for Mail.app, Apple's Mac OS X email client. Inspired by the excellent Mail.appetizer plugin, Herald shows you popup notifications whenever you receive new Mail. It also allows you to perform common actions directly from within the notification window, including deleting messages, initiating replies, viewing messages in Mail, or marking messages as read.
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december 2009 by rmateu
Lithoglyph - Mondrianum
Powerful plug-in that enables Mac apps to leverage the color themes of the kuler community
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december 2009 by rmateu
ianhenderson.org - megazoomer
Megazoomer makes windows full-screen. Just press Command-Enter, and the front-most window grows to fill your entire monitor. Press the same keys, and it shrinks again. Like Graffiti, you have to download SIMBL in order for it to work.
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november 2009 by rmateu
GoogleMaps (emanuele.t@gmail.com)
GoogleMaps is a application for Mac OS X that allows users to interact with Google Maps™ mapping service.
It provides maps, satellite imagery, driving directions, traffic info, local search for numerous countries around the world.
Features include geocoding service, the ability to create and export customized maps and save a default location view.
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october 2009 by rmateu
Apple Mail plug-ins and tools
A repository of plug-ins and tools that extend the functionality of Apple's Mail.app (v. 2.0 and above). New plug-ins and tools are periodically notified on the site update notification list (see below)
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april 2007 by rmateu

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