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LeanBoard - Whiteboard with sticky notes for GitHub issues
Lean Board is a simple whiteboard with sticky notes that connects with your GitHub issue. Login with your GitHub account, create a board for an issue and a snapshot of your notes are embedded in the issue automatically.
24 days ago by rmateu
Kanban vs Scrum: Comparing 11 Board Features
Kanban and Scrum boards are usually associated with whiteboards and To Do – In Progress – Done categories. But how do you distinguish one from another? In this article, we collected 11 points showing the key Kanban vs Scrum board differences.
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7 weeks ago by rmateu
Phases and processes in Scrum project| SCRUMstudy
Scrum processes address the specific activities and flow of a Scrum project. In total there are 19 processes in SBOK™ Guide which are grouped into following five phases:
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7 weeks ago by rmateu

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