A fast, responsive and minimal theme based on the zh2 theme, inspired by our website's layout simplicity.

We made it more readable and faster through the use of system fonts rendered in bigger size.
It is only 138 Kb, and it has an archives page, a title with the tagline and includes full control of your content for easier, more straighforward blogging.
wordpress  theme  minimalist 
18 hours ago
Kite Uploader
That's where we come in. Kite Uploader is a frontend on top of Amazon S3 that makes it simple to upload your files. Set up your Amazon S3 credentials and then just drag and drop files into the upload box. There's no sign up at all required, and the service is free.
amazon  upload  server 
5 days ago
is the best way to record, transcribe & search important conversations like user interviews, meetings, lectures and video calls.
video  app  design  mobile  audio 
6 days ago
Mac OS X 10.2: Audio Balance Unexpectedly Drifts
In some cases the audio balance may unexpectedly drift towards the left or right channel. This can happen if you rapidly press the volume up or down keys while the computer's microprocessor is under heavy load.
reference  apple  bug 
6 days ago
is an online tool to learn, build, & test Regular Expressions (RegEx / RegExp).
Results update in real-time as you type.
Roll over a match or expression for details.
Save & share expressions with others.
Use Tools to explore your results.
Browse the Library for help & examples.
Undo & Redo with Cmd-Z / Y.
Search for & rate Community patterns.
video  code  tool  reference  learning 
6 days ago
Bookmarklet in javascript that prompts user for a URL Parameter and outputs the value of that parameter
Trying to create a bookmarklet that asks/prompts the user for a URL parameter and outputs the value of the specified URL parameter as an alert message.
javascript  bookmarklet  reference 
6 days ago
is a personal project. It scratched an itch I had for collecting recipes online in a predictable format.

The API can convert any marked-up recipe web page into easily consumable JSON data.
api  cooking  data  recipes 
7 days ago
Audm - Listen to feature stories from The Atlantic, WIRED, and more.
Audm presents the world's best long-form journalism, read aloud word-for-word by celebrated audiobook narrators.
podcast  audio 
8 days ago
Bulldock Browser | Convert websites into apps on your Mac
Why have a tab open for each of your important websites when you can have a Mac App that sits in your dock for each one.

$4.99 - Get The App
mac  app  web 
11 days ago
Record YouTube, Soundcloud and Bandcamp to beautiful MP3s. Fast, free, and with great features. No registration required.
video  tool 
14 days ago
View repository and user information, control your notifications and even manage your issues and pull requests. GitPoint is the most feature-rich unofficial GitHub
ios  git  tools  apps 
14 days ago
Make a bucket public in Amazon S3 [closed]
How can I set a bucket in Amazon S3 so all the files are publicly read-only by default?

"Version": "2008-10-17",
"Statement": [{
"Sid": "AllowPublicRead",
"Effect": "Allow",
"Principal": { "AWS": "*" },
"Action": ["s3:GetObject"],
"Resource": ["arn:aws:s3:::bucket/*" ]
reference  amazon  tool 
15 days ago
How to Alias a Domain Name or Sub Domain to Amazon S3
A few months ago, I noticed I was approaching my bandwidth limits on my hosting account. Switching hosting providers is a pain, so I decided to move some high-bandwidth graphics to Amazon S3, where the bandwidth is cheap and unlimited. All was well until I realized that Google was returning search results pointing to my bucket on s3.amazonaws.com instead of carltonbale.com. Luckily, AmazonAWS has a work-around. You can use your own domain name in an Amazon S3 bucket. Here are the instructions on how to do it, from beginning to end.
reference  amazon  toolbox  colophon 
15 days ago
Copenhagen Wheel
The Copenhagen Wheel is a complete replacement for your rear bike wheel and fits both single-speed and multi-speed bikes. The battery, motor, sensors, and computers all live inside the red hub. Human-enhancing technology analyzes your movements and seamlessly boosts your power as you ride. Just put it on your bike, connect your smartphone, and ride.
wishlist  tool 
18 days ago
Create dynamic websites automatically using data from your spreadsheets as content
cms  development  productivity 
20 days ago
is a Chrome extension to export data from Trello to Excel, Markdown, HTML and OPML.
excel  chrome  trello 
25 days ago
Markdeep Feature Demo
Markdeep is free and easy to use. It doesn't need a plugin, or Internet connection. There's nothing to install. Just start writing in Vi, Nodepad, Zed, Emacs, Visual Studio, Atom, or another editor! You don't have to export, compile, or otherwise process your document.
webdesign  markdown 
25 days ago
A lightweight, markdown based Blog/CMS application written in PHP
markdown  blog  php 
25 days ago
Simple Icons
Free SVG icons for popular brands
icon  webdesign  icons  free 
26 days ago
Based on the Movie Log, I present you Book Log
When you finished reading a book, this workflow is all you need to save it to Day One app. You type the name of the book and it uses Google Books API to get all relevant information plus a nice cover image.
27 days ago
Kill sticky headers
There is currently a trend for using sticky headers on websites. There's even a sticky header web startup.

I hate sticky headers. I want to kill sticky headers.

So I made this bookmarklet. Drag the link to your bookmarks bar:
bookmarklets  javascript  bookmarklet  web 
28 days ago
Bookmarklets are useful peices of JavaScript code that you can save in your browser's bookmarks. When you then click this bookmark it will run the code against the current page rather than the usual "go to the bookmarked page" behavior of bookmarks.
javascript  bookmarklet  toolbox 
28 days ago
A LaunchBar action for GitHub
github  mac 
29 days ago
For the research, thinking and planning behind your next great piece of work.
software  mac  service 
29 days ago
Convert to Title Case - JavaScript
I wrote some Javascript to convert text to title case in response to John Gruber's public call. Smart, properly-cased titles are now yours for the taking.
tools  mac  reference  colophon  productivity  software  code 
4 weeks ago
AirPlay Receiver on Windows and OSX
Cast iPhone/iPad screen to PC/MAC easily
Music, Movies and Screen Mirroring
tools  productivity 
5 weeks ago
Apple Newton MessagePad Unboxing
I asked my good friend and collaborator Patrick Saad of Fabula Films to do an unboxing and review of the nearly 25-year-old Apple Newton? MessagePad.
video  newton 
5 weeks ago
Music player with sleek UI and cloud compatibility
music  opensource  player 
5 weeks ago
Radiant Player
Turn Google Play Music into a separate, beautiful application that integrates with your Mac.
client  google  mac  music 
5 weeks ago
Google Play Music Desktop Player
A beautiful cross platform Desktop Player for Google Play Music
app  client  music 
5 weeks ago
Static HTML Crypto
Download your encrypted string in a HTML page with a password prompt you can upload anywhere (see example).
encryption  hacking  html  security  webdev 
5 weeks ago
Fix MacOS Sierra Bluetooth stutter ?
Hello everybody, I recently bought a bluetooth headset to use for both my phone and my MacBook. It works really great on my phone (Google Pixel...
reference  fixes 
6 weeks ago
Sitemod.io - Modify any website in real-time
Inject your code, Save your mod and Share it with the world.
reference  sites  design 
6 weeks ago
Stack for chrome
Stack is a key-value based store that enables you to
rapidly stack your notes within a new browser tab.
6 weeks ago
Split a CSV on Mac OSX
I've had to deal with uploading big data csv files a lot. It's a pain when you encounter timeouts and upload limits, sometimes your only choice is to split the file into smaller files.
reference  terminal 
6 weeks ago
Yosemite bluetooth audio is choppy/skips
EDIT 2 (2015-8-24): The above command does help in many cases and produces noticeable quality improvements. Unfortunately, however, Yosemite is very moody with regard to bluetooth audio. The problem compounds itself when in proximity of other bluetooth devices. To expand on my previous answer above, I highly recommend entering the following additional commands to increase other bluetooth audio parameters:
6 weeks ago
Docker's Restart Policy: Ensure Containers Always Run | Codeship
Getting a notification that Docker containers are down in production is one of the worst ways to spend your night. In today’s article, we’ll discuss how to use Docker’s restart policy to automatically restart containers and avoid those late-night notifications.
7 weeks ago
Swift Playgrounds now supports robots, drones, and other toys
> Swift Playgrounds coding app enables kids to program and control LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3, the Sphero Robot, Parrot Drones and more.

This is very, very cool. Can't wait until I can play with this with Robie (**and/or** Bettina) in a few years.

Also telling, next week's keynote must be very packed if none of these (literally) cool toys are getting a demo.
7 weeks ago
Developer earnings from the App Store top $70 billion
Apple announcing App Store numbers a week before WWDC probably means a packed keynote. Oh yeah.
7 weeks ago
Octopage - Blogging with Jekyll, Markdown and GitHub pages
Octopage is a dedicated markdown editor for GitHub-hosted Jekyll sites.
8 weeks ago
Jekyll Themes
jekyll-theme-bootstrap, sparrow, Millennial, jekyll-doc-theme, jekyll-theme-H2O, clean-jekyll-theme, cayman-blog, Soot-Spirits, Mekyll, -
8 weeks ago
Swiss is a bold Jekyll theme inspired by Swiss design and the works of Massimo Vignelli. This theme lends itself well to sites heavy on written content.
8 weeks ago
Compass jekyll
The Jekyll theme for your personal landing page

About Compass

Compass has been designed with something very specific in mind: to be a simple and elegant personal landing page.
8 weeks ago
is a Jekyll theme that supports single-page websites only, but supports them well. Yes, it’s responsive.
blog  theme  design 
8 weeks ago
Tale is a minimal Jekyll theme curated for storytellers. Checkout the demo here.
8 weeks ago
Mermaid Diagram live editor
An editor is available for creating diagrams. With it you can quickly start writing mermaid diagrams. It is possible to:

save the result as a svg
get a link to a viewer of the diagram
get a link to edit of the diagram to share a diagram so that someone else can tweak it and send a new link back
development  tools 
8 weeks ago
How to clear Twitter's storage cache on iOS – The Sweet Setup
From the main Twitter screen, tap Me → Gear icon → Settings → Data usage. In the Data usage screen, there is Storage section at the bottom. In each one of these options, tap Clear media storage to immediately clear the cache. Of course, it will continue growing as you use Twitter, so be sure to do this every few weeks.
ios  tool  app 
8 weeks ago
No, Soylent isn’t Healthy. Here’s Why.
> Is it worse than McDonalds? Probably not, but at least you don’t feel good about eating McDonalds, and that’s where the problem is. This idea that Soylent is healthy tricks you into thinking that if you have your Soylent, you’ve done your good-eating-deed for the day, instead of thinking of it as a last resort like a protein bar.

Good point.

I think that Soylent is a great alternative to _most_ lunch options around my office, which is why it's my default meal. But the combination of fasting and Soylent *does* make me go overboard for dinner sometimes. So will be giving this some thought.
food  snippet 
8 weeks ago
Whiteboard Sticker
Sketchcase whiteboard sticker is specially made for MacBook using super thin whiteboard film to help prevent air bubbles from forming around the curved corners.
wishlist  tools 
9 weeks ago
Buteo pixel glasses
Pixel Computer Lens (Clear Blue Light Filter) Anti-Reflective Coating Anti-Scratch Coating 100% UV protection Cellulose Acetate Frame Dimensions: 52 - 16 - 145 mm Free Shipping & Returns 30-Day Guarantee
9 weeks ago
Binging with Babish: Master of None Carbonara
Dev Shah is a man who cares a great deal about food - so much so that he spends the better part of his afternoons scouring the internet for the very best taco truck. With season 2 delving even further into a culinary storyline, it only seemed appropriate to welcome back Master of None with Dev's victory over pasta carbonara.
video  recipes 
9 weeks ago
CSV Explorer
Upload CSVs from 10 rows to 10 million rows. Search, filter, aggregate, plot, or export to Excel.
10 weeks ago
Microsoft Surface Laptop

Beautiful laptop, and _amazing_ introduction video. If this was the _new_ MacBook Air, I'd be excited. Sadly, regardless of Windows 10 S or Pro, I'd choose ChromeOS or Linux before first.
12 weeks ago
Hide menu bar icons on your Mac.
menubar  mac  app 
12 weeks ago
Apple AirPods satisfaction at a remarkable 98% for customers
> New Experian survey explores consumer satisfaction with AirPods and other voice-first hardware.

Doesn't surprise me at all, the AirPods are my favorite Apple gadget in a long time. But, curious about how many use it as a _voice-first hardware_. First thing I did was turn-off Siri on double-tap.
snippet  apple 
12 weeks ago
This is my homepage
Palin is an app for your menu bar that shows a green dot when you have an internet connection, or a red dot if you don't have an internet connection.
tool  networking  mac  app 
12 weeks ago
TagSpaces - Your offline data manager
TagSpaces is an offline, open source, personal data manager.
It helps you organize files on your Windows, Linux, Android or Mac.
organization  software 
12 weeks ago
An illustrated guide to setting up your website using GitHub and Cloudflare
You should read this if…
You want to setup custom redirects or other server configuration for free
You want to get your site on HTTPS but don’t know where to start
You’re overwhelmed with the amount of choices out there (like Netlify, Surge, BitBalloon, Now)
reference  guide  web 
12 weeks ago
Headset - Personal Music Player for YouTube
Headset is a desktop app that turns YouTube into a world class music streaming service. Listen to everything YouTube has to offer on a beautiful user interface that's built for productivity. Create collections, tune-in to a music subreddit or quickly play that song you’ve had stuck in your head all day!
mac  music  app 
12 weeks ago
Any calls to your Brix numbers will be sent to all the people in the relevant channel with UK or US phone numbers in their Slack profile. The first person to pick up and confirm they want the call by pressing 1 will be connected.
12 weeks ago
The Chrome tab manager you always wanted.
extensions  chrome 
12 weeks ago
PlantUML is a component that allows to quickly write :
Sequence diagram
Usecase diagram
Class diagram
Activity diagram (here is the legacy syntax),
Component diagram
State diagram
Object diagram
Deployment diagram
Timing diagram
12 weeks ago
Auphonic Audiogram Generator: Waveform Videos for Podcasts and Audio Files
> Auphonic can now generate shareable videos from audio files, including a dynamically generated waveform and your cover image (or possible chapter images) as background.

This is really cool[^col], it lets you create a video out of your audio. Which is easier to share and _way_ more catchy on social networks. If/when I do another podcast, this will likely be on the workflow.

[col]: [Auphonic](http://auphonic.com/landing) is amazing for podcasts. Did most of [Colofón's](http://colofon.audio) audio cleanup there.
snippet  podcast  tool 
april 2017
Spotify looking at hardware talent
> You will be leading an initiative to deliver hardware directly from Spotify to existing and new customers; a category defining product akin to Pebble Watch, Amazon Echo, and Snap Spectacles.

Spotify bluetooth/4G headphones? smartwatch? ~green discman?~ lots of fun possibilities.
snippet  music 
april 2017
'The Fifth Element' Returning to Theaters for 20th Anniversary
> A 4K restoration of the 1997 space epic will hit multiplexes on Sunday, May 14th and Wednesday, May 17th as part of Fathom Events' 20th anniversary re-release, Entertainment Weekly reports.

This is babysitter worthy. Will report.
snippet  movies 
april 2017
Steph Curry Eliminates 'Unnecessary Distractions' by Deleting Social Media Apps
> The Golden State Warriors superstar recently told Chris Haynes of ESPN that he deleted all of the social media apps from his phone before the playoffs began. The reason behind it, of course, is he wants to devote all of his attention toward winning another championship. 

I think the time for early adopters to adopt _no social apps_ is here.

/via [jamcnn](https://twitter.com/jamcnn/status/855492686723338241)
snippet  focus 
april 2017
Firefox 53 new minimal themes
{|<}![Firefox 43](http://5typos.s3.amazonaws.com/images/firefox53opt.png)
> That’s why today’s release of Firefox for desktop ships with two new themes: Compact Light and Compact Dark. Compact Light shrinks the size of the browser’s user interface (the ‘chrome’) while maintaining Firefox’s default light color scheme.

Enjoying the new themes, and _snappiness_ of Firefox versus Chrome. Will use it as my work default for a few days.
snippet  browser  design 
april 2017
Cal Newport on doing Deep Work and escaping social media — The Ezra Klein Show
> […] I’m a bit obsessed with Newport’s work right now, and especially his account of how the digital environment we inhabit is training us out of concentration and into distraction in ways that are bad for us, bad for our work, and ultimately bad for the world.

Halfway through the episode and I already deleted all social apps from my phone again – will use the websites for the next month.

/via coliver.
snippet  productivity  podcast 
april 2017
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