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Christopher Moore 96 SC
Innovative use of materials, superior craftsmanship, great style. A stylist and a sculptor respectively, Molly FitzSimons and Christopher Moore started Noble Goods in the basement of their house on Noble Street in Greenpoint Brooklyn.
Sculpture  HomeGoods  FurnitureDesign  furniture  alumni  IndustrialDesign 
april 2015 by risdtalent
Wolf, Alexandra '88 - Sculpture
2nd nature toys designs

actual things - manipulative toys, cards, and other games

and digital games - web games and tablet apps

Gameplay with plant and animal patterns and structures.

• Identify species better by shapes and patterns.

•See characteristics better and classify more easily.

• Learn the stories of species’ evolution through visuals.
Toys  Sculpture  alumni 
june 2012 by risdtalent
Martinez, Monica '09 SC
Don Bugito is one of the most ambitious projects of Monica Martinez, a native of Mexico City who immigrated to the United States ten years ago. Monica is an accomplished artist and industrial designer who has been inspired by street culture and food: "I have fond childhood memories of waiting with excitement for the young man who delivered bottles of water to my home in a broken-down homemade cart, or the older man who sharpened our knives pedaling his stationary bicycle that had seen better days, the ice cream man on the streets, the woman at the corner of the block who sold the best quesadillas in the 'hood, and my favorite, the corn on the cob cart just a couple blocks from home."

She has worked as an architectural designer in several design firms in the Bay Area, as an art educator in many art institutions around the country, and recently as a catering server for McCall's Catering Company in San Francisco, where she is perfecting her skills and knowledge about food service. Monic
alumni  Food  CA  SanFrancisco  Sculpture  mfa 
june 2012 by risdtalent
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