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Ninon Choplin 14 ID
A de T design studio is based in Los Angeles, California, designing and fabricating lighting and furniture locally since 2010. A de T looks for the familiar and the timeless in design, inspired by an early mode of handmade and industrial fabrication.
Lighting  CA  LosAngeles  FurnitureDesign  furniture  IndustrialDesign  alumni 
april 2015 by risdtalent
David Gaynor 04 FD
David Gaynor Design is a design build furniture company dedicated to a contemporary exploration of modernism, material awareness and industrial ingenuity. With a strong emphasis on process, DGD carefully evaluates elements such as proportion, scale, material, technique and context in every piece we make. Whether producing objects from the DGD line, custom residential pieces, or contract projects, these qualities are always adhered to.
FurnitureDesign  furniture  alumni  IndustrialDesign  NY  NewYorkCity 
april 2015 by risdtalent
Sina Sohrab 12 FD
Visibility is an industrial design studio based in New York City. It was founded by Joseph Guerra and Sina Sohrab in 2012. The studio focuses on the purity of an idea, as well as its material and formal actualities. The constant ambition is to move forward while looking back, drawing on observation and innovation as instruments of development. Visibility aims to distill an object to what it wants to be, retaining what appeals to our human sensibilities.
FurnitureDesign  furniture  IndustrialDesign  alumni 
april 2015 by risdtalent
Alex Chow '14 FD
Alex Chow (b. 1992) is a product designer from Los Angeles, CA currently based in Brooklyn, NY. For Alex, design is an opportunity to interact with a mass audience through analyzing and addressing needs and wants. He strives to create work that invites user interaction by merging a strict focus on function with subtle playfulness and unexpected forms.
alumni  FurnitureDesign  IndustrialDesign 
april 2015 by risdtalent
Christopher Moore 96 SC
Innovative use of materials, superior craftsmanship, great style. A stylist and a sculptor respectively, Molly FitzSimons and Christopher Moore started Noble Goods in the basement of their house on Noble Street in Greenpoint Brooklyn.
Sculpture  HomeGoods  FurnitureDesign  furniture  alumni  IndustrialDesign 
april 2015 by risdtalent
Brit Kleinman 07 ID
AVO is a Brooklyn based art and design studio founded by Brit Kleinman. AVO’s mission is to inspire a new appreciation for the beauty of objects and their use in the home. Brit takes an anthropologic approach to design, studying how objects that surround us reflect the culture in which we live. From travels around the world to daily adventures, Brit gathers inspiration from the ingenious ways people find different solutions to similar problems.
IndustrialDesign  Accessories  alumni  InteriorDesign  HomeGoods 
april 2015 by risdtalent
Pete Oyler MFA '09 FD
Assembly is the collaborative work of Pete Oyler and Nora Mattingly. Founded in 2012, Assembly creates high quality objects with a forward-thinking aesthetic. Assembly values art and craft based practices. From one-of-a-kind furniture pieces and objects to small batch production and site-specific interior installations, our approach to design is interdisciplinary in spirit and process.
Tabletop  FurnitureDesign  alumni  IndustrialDesign  furniture  InteriorArchitecture  InteriorDesign 
april 2015 by risdtalent
Andrea Claire '89 BArch
Andrea Claire is an artisan, licensed architect, and surfer. She was born on Long Island NY, and went to Rhode Island School of Design (BFA & B. Arch) and California Institute of the Arts (MFA). She currently lives and works in Brooklyn. Since its launch in 2011 Andrea Claire Studio has quickly evolved into a trusted partner to interior designers and architects all over the world. We work closely and personally with our clients to design and hand fabricate scalable mobile light-art. We tailor the dimensions, colors, and materials to suit the needs of each particular space.
alumni  architecture  IndustrialDesign  Lighting  bfa 
april 2015 by risdtalent
Grain - Designing the Business of Sustainability
Grain is a practice dedicated to social and environmental responsibility. Our work unites current manufacturing technologies and age-old craft techniques. Goods are produced in small batch runs at our island studio or through special collaborations with expert artisans in the US and abroad.
IndustrialDesign  FurnitureDesign  Seattle  WA  alumni 
april 2015 by risdtalent
Evan Cabots - '04 ID
Nonlinear Studio, founded in 2010 by Evan Clabots, is a multi-disciplinary creative studio that brings together a network of collaborators from a range of industries, including industrial designers, artists, filmmakers, photographers and architects. Our breadth of experience allows us to offer brand-enhancing services in any medium, be it a product or a campaign. Our combined skill sets allow us to not only design for different sectors, but also facilitate the execution. Closing the gap between concept and reality we are able to better preserve the integrity of an idea and see it realized quicker.
NY  FurnitureDesign  alumni  IndustrialDesign  ProductDevelopment  brooklyn 
october 2013 by risdtalent
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